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If you just got a new iPhone and you want to transfer all of your data including pictures music contacts and text messages to a new iPhone. This is by far the easiest method and it doesnot require a PC or Mac, but it relies on having iCloud set up on the original device. When finished, your new iPhone will have everything from the old iPhone and you’re ready to go!
If you are too eager to jump to your new iPhone before restoring it with your previous data, all you need to do is restore it to factory settings and then it will reboot back into the initial setup screen, letting you follow the two guides outlined above. I have looked at messages and other Apple apps that backup and it wouldn't reach the 800mb backup. I have also looked at the apps listed as backing up to iCloud (that I can turn on and off), there is about 80-100mb here max. Originally Posted by imgarysmith Yes my iCloud storage usage is being calculated correctly. My iCloud photos, for example, are using my iCloud storage but I wouldn't think they are also included in my device backup.
Originally Posted by imgarysmith My iCloud photos, for example, are using my iCloud storage but I wouldn't think they are also included in my device backup. Even if I include iMessage, calendar, contacts, reminders, notes and other things like that, it still comes nowhere near to 838MB. I know it can't include my images since iCloud Photo Library is turned on and is a number of GB in size, it is too big to be included. It seems like a very large file size to backup considering how little it shows to be backing up.

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Most websites only have instructions on how to restore the whole iCloud backup to the iPhone. Always make sure to keep a safe backup of iPhone calendars and other data too in case you need to restore it later. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).
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In the Saturn V launch sequence, what defined COMMIT, and what happened between COMMIT and LIFTOFF? The Backup screen in iCloud's settings also shows when your last successful backup completed. Backing up to iCloud automatically encrypts your data, which is great because unencrypted backups don't include your passwords, or health and fitness data. If you don't want to lose your health data, or have to reenter all of your passwords, be sure Encrypt iPhone backup is checked.
If you don’t have iCloud set up or you have a slower internet connection, jump to the iTunes method instead. If you don’t have iCloud or your internet connection is slower, the iTunes method is also quite easy. Just make sure you enable iCloud calendar sync by going to Settings > iCloud > Calendars > ON. Backing up to iCloud means all of that hard work your Apple Watch has been logging will still be there after you set up your new iPhone 6s.

Like backing up to iCloud, this option encrypts your data but on your own harddrive instead of Apple's servers. When it restores from your latest backup, everything should be just as you expect: Your apps and photos will be where you remember, songs and videos will be there, too, and all of your passwords and health data will get restored.
If so, you might enjoy hanging out with other like-minded folks on the Mac Geek Gab Facebook Group. That'll ensure you see everything you expect on your new phone after you finish the setup process.
If have a hard drive problem or accidentally delete a file some day, chances are you’ll be able to easily restore from your latest Time Machine backup. I backup to iTunes when I’m about to upgrade to a new iPhone simply because the restore will be faster. Other sites are invited to link to any aspect of this site provided that all content is presented in its original form and is not placed within another frame. The Mac Observer is an independent publication and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Apple, Inc. Something happened to their iPhones (they got wet, dropped, stolen, etc.) and ended up getting a replacement.

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