Welcome to here’s the thing, your source for practical tips, advice, and how-tos about the gadgets you use each day. As a Google Calendar user, the default Calendar app on the iPhone just doesn’t do it for me.
If you love Pinterest, you’ll love how easy it is to endlessly scroll and quickly pin anything and everything that you desire.
Then later on when you’re on the bus or at an awkward family gathering, you can open the Pocket app and find all of your saved-for-later sites to help you avoid eye contact. One of the most comprehensive photo editing apps for iOS, I’m always really impressed with Afterlight. The thing I like best about Reminders is it’s sync-ability and integrate-ability (yes, I probably did just make those words up). I organise my work tasks, my blog post ideas, my home improvement plans, and my course modules on it, and check it religiously, with apps on my phone and iPad, and an entire monitor on my desk at work dedicated to having it permanently open and in sight. Open up Safari on the page you want to create a short-cut of, and press the square with an arrow at the bottom of the screen.

I’m so happy I have Dropbox now that I have experienced what it’s like to lose all my files! Sign up and get weekly post round ups and be the first to know about giveaways & contests. Thus, a calendar app that chooses to ignore the difference between my blue work events and pink social events doesn’t get a look in.
I’d put off backing up my files for ages, waiting until iCloud Drive upgraded so that I could use that as a backup system. It has all the functionalities I want, has a pretty good capacity in its free version, and I love being able to access my files from absolutely anywhere. It has all the editing options you realistically need when editing on your phone, as well as plenty of customisable filters to suit your fancy. I think it’d be fun if there was a section where you could share tips and advice, as well as important milestones for your pet. It’s just like a really fancy, in-depth to do list, but honestly keeps me so organised!

I’ve never used trello but honestly, how on earth did I get through life without it?!!
IMDB also has a section with trailers of all the new movies coming out that month, which is great if you’re trying to decide what to watch at the cinema. Of course, I could open up Safari and type it in to the search bar, or open up a bookmark, but why would I want to expend that unnecessary energy?
I didn’t know you could also install it on your browser – that makes it 10x cooler!

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