Source of news for electronic projects including Kali Linux, Wireless Security, KODI, SDR, Raspberry Pi, How-To- information, Guides and Tutorials. If you need more storage for your iPhone than there are a few ways to go, upgrade to a new phone, cloud service, or external flash drive. While there are different ways to get more storage possibly the cheapest and easiest is to simply get a external flash drive.
The USB 3.0 allows files to be quickly copied to a computer or other device that uses a USB slot. The app gives a lot of options from directly getting to files on the drive to taking pictures and storing them immediately on the drive without having to copy. If you are like most people and have a case especially a larger case with the extra rubber protection than the connector is not long enough to plug in.
The case size will no-doubt be different for everyone but it would be nice if they made the connector longer so it could reach even with a thick case. If you are constantly running out of storage like many do with a 16 Gb iPhone than a external flash drive is a good option. As with most any device it is not perfect and may require you to remove your case to get it plugged in. To me it is a handy device to have and nice to be able to get more storage space and backup files.
As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon or elsewhere to be sure it is the unit for you. All information on this site is for testing and educational purposes only; for use by network security administrators, penetration testing professionals, hobbyist and wireless enthusiast. is a source of news for electronic projects including Kali Linux, Wireless Security, Network Security, Raspberry Pi, How-To- information, Guides and Tutorials. So far EE has been the only network to offer 4G services, but its competitors now have the infrastructure in place and can also offer the benefits of high-speed internet. With operators urging business users to sign up to 4G and forgo the need for wired broadband, the mobile space is about to become more competitive. Vodafone –The operator is offering users an extra 4GB of data per month but only if they sign up before the end of October.
Three - Regardless of which iPhone 5s model users plump for, Three customers will have to pay an upfront fee of ?99.

For the 16GB device, prices start at ?37 a month, with the most expensive plan setting back users ?41. The 64GB device will set users back ?47 a month on the cheapest plan, increasing to ?51 for people who opt for the most expensive one. If you want to get the 5S for an upfront cost of ?9.99, it’s going to cost you at least ?46 per month. PhonesReviews UK- Mobiles, Apps, Networks, Software, Tablet etcAll about Mobile Phones Reviews & Updates. El Capitan is Apples twelfth version of OS X for the Apple Mac and has features for managing windows, faster performace and a more intelligent Spotlight search.
In this video from YouTubers Tech Reviews you will learn what the top ten apps for Mac OS X El Capitan are What are your favorite Mac Apps?
The surprising source of the failure is that the Dymo Label software is incompatible with the latest version of OS X.
You wouldna€™t think that a minor OS X update, one that makes no mention of any printing-related changes, would precipitate this error. Nothing at Dymoa€™s website offered further insight, so I initiated an online chat with Dymo support. To be fair to Dymo, I understand that a company cannot be expected to support older out-of-production hardware indefinitely. If my logic is incorrect here, and the required fix is somehow a big deal, I would at least expect Dymo to offer some explanation on their website.
Finally, Dymo's suggested solutions of either downgrading the OS X software or overpaying for a new printer, seem unhelpful at best.
The end result is that a functioning printer is headed for the garbage heap (or perhaps to a Windows user) because Dymo is unable or unwilling to fix a software incompatibility.
Update: I am pleased (and pleasantly surprised) to report that Dymo has fixed the incompatibility Ia€™ve written about below.
Her work has been syndicated across a number of media outlets, including The New York Times, and MSNBC.Kristen Nicole published her first book, The Twitter Survival Guide, and is currently completing her second book on predictive analytics. If you’re opting for the 4G service, prices start at ?47 per month + ?79 upfront for the 16GB device.
Those that plump for the latter plan will also benefit from 5,000 free minutes when making calls to other Three customers.

This includes unlimited minutes and texts, 6GB of data along with a 6 month subscription to either Sky Sports Mobile or Spotify Premium. However, Three is the only network to offer all-you-can eat data and has promised to upgrade customers to 4G without any additional charges. I inquired as to the possibility that Dymo would soon release a software fix to address the conflict.
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This bundle includes unlimited calls and texts, six months of Sky Sports or Spotify and 6GB of data.
Thata€™s why, when the problem first appeared, I assumed it was a temporary glitch with the Dymo softwarea€”completely unrelated to the OS X upgrade. He even introduced me to a couple of new ones, including how to remove the faceplate of the printer, so as to clean the printhead and rollers. Knowing that in advance would have saved us both a lot of time.a€? It would also have helped if Dymo posted this information to their websitea€”or at least made certain that their technical support staff was aware of the matter. The tech replied: a€?This printer has been out of production for some time, so it will depend on how complex an issue it turns out to be. Not only does their site make no mention of any of this (at least not as of the time I was dealing with it), but their first line technical support staff has similarly been kept out of the loop. And, at least superficially, the differences between the Twin Turbo 400 and 450 seem small. So I went through the familiar drill of suggested fixes: unplugging and reconnecting the printer, deleting and reinstalling the driver, and ultimately completely reinstalling the Dymo software. It thus seems reasonable to assume that creating a fix would not be a significant drain on Dymoa€™s resources.
After further discussion with higher-ups, he later acknowledged that a€?some devices are indeed incompatible.a€? Postings at Apple Support Communities offer similar stories. So I declined Dymoa€™s not-so-generous offer and, with some reluctance, ordered the printer from Amazon.

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