Even the edits that you make on your devices go up live to the iCloud Photo Library, and sync with all devices, including the Mac. You can even upload videos, and save the original and full resolution versions of both photos and videos.
The new Photos app in iOS 8 brings a bevy of awesome new features to the photo managing and photo editing experience in iOS 8.
As you might have guessed, being able to store such massive amounts of data comes at a cost.
So for less than $50 bucks a year, you can have 200GB of storage space for all of your photo and video content in their original form. Just because you have full versions of all of your photos store on iCloud doesn’t necessarily mean that you need those full versions downloaded to your iOS device to enjoy them. Previous versions of iOS have allowed you to perform basic edits on your photos directly from the stock Photos app, but iOS 8 takes that premise and strengthens it. These tools allow you to do things like automatically adjust photo rotation to straighten horizon lines, or crop the image in at just the ideal ratio. Yes, the Photos app has been opened up to other developers, which is huge news for anyone who likes to mess around with Photos directly on devices without syncing to a Mac. I don’t think anyone saw this coming, but you can now create time-lapse videos directly within the iOS 8 Photos app. Needless to say, the stock Photos app in iOS 8 is a pretty large upgrade over previous iterations of the Photos app.
Could you explain why they said “photos NOW sync with iCloud and are available on all devices” ?
Photo Stream was like a dumbed down version, which didn’t include all of your photos, let alone videos.
Easy enough, but what if you don’t want to add a yearly expense to your iCloud account? Option 1 really just thins down the backup size, but it’s not always a reasonable choice. For those with multiple iOS devices, it’s probably best to just upgrade the iCloud storage. My iPhone 4 just has the error message and doesn’t even let me change settings etc or anything, just leaves me locked out!

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Copyright © 2014 Special Gift, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Most importantly, Photos now sync with iCloud—a feature called iCloud Photo Library—so that users can access all of their photos from all devices at any time. Apple is working on a new build from the ground up photos solution on the Mac, which will be shipping later next year.
Users can max out at 1TB of data, which is a lot, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that much for prolific photographers. The new Photos app is smart enough to download screen-optimized lightweight versions of your content for optimal space savings and performance. With that in mind, Apple is introducing a suite of smart tools to help you get your Photos looking right. Starting with iOS 8, developers can now create their own app filters and editing tools for use directly in the Photos app. The camera will snap photos at dynamically selected intervals, and compose a finished product all by itself.
Apple has done an awesome job of adding the needed glue between the joists and therefore has created a more solid product. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
Once I dropped backing up the photos on my iPhone and iPad, my data requirement dropped to almost nothing.

In fact, iCloud can store more photos on the cloud that your physical device can hold, meaning you can get to all of your photos and any time courtesy of the cloud. Even photos show in RAW format, which can be notoriously large, are saved in the original format. All you need to do is place your iPhone in an ideal location, swipe over to time-lapse mode, and have at it. You can also selectively remove other apps from the backup list, though outside of photos and movies you likely won’t save much space using this method.
Pressing and holding the top button and the round button for a few seconds until it shuts down solved my problem. All of these files can be accessed from any device, and all of your changes, albums, favorites, and edits are synced everywhere.
There’s really two choices, one is the most obvious and involves upgrading the iCloud account, and the other is free and relies on you more actively managing your backups. Just hit download, iTunes will recognize you’ve previously paid for it, and start sending you the file. My other concern is that Apple is said to be building new apps for the Mac but that’s not scheduled until next year. According to some reports online, Apple plans to change this system to something more akin to their App Store. Apple has been asking record labels to allow the option of a buying once and downloading an unlimited number of times for music on iTunes.
Essentially turning it into the App Store, except this time you download songs instead of apps.
If things go according to plan, this change in the iTunes music store policy will be a welcome one.

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