With the release of Nokia Lumia 1020 equipped with a 41-megapixel camera, it's not hard to predict that more and more cameraphones with more powerful shooting functions will come in the near future. Though iPhone camera cannot compare with a professional digital SLR camera, the photos it takes fully satisfy our daily needs.
If the iCloud backup files have been downloaded previously, there is no need to download them again. Nowadays, much software for PC and Mac can back up photos on iPhone automatically once the iPhone is connected to the computer. As the iPhones succeed one another, their cameras becomes stronger and stronger so that you don't need to take an extra digital camera or heavy SLR camera with you when you need to capture some important moments. There isna€™t any harm to the current data on your iPhone since no needs to a€?Erase All Content and Settingsa€?. It may take some time to retrieve iCloud backup file information, download the backup file and scan the data in the backup file.
Click "Recover to Computer" and and set a saving path to save the found photos to your computer. The software will start to scan the whole iPhone automatically, and after a short while, all the data found will be listed, you can check the "Photos" and "App Photos" categories and use the "Only show the deleted" Filter to find your deleted iPhone photos quickly and preview them before recovery.
Select the photos that you have deleted and want to retrieve, and then press the "Recover to Computer" button to save the photos to your computer. Then you'll be told "Restore is complete." When opening the Photos app, you'll see the photos are downloading to your Camera Roll album.

Go "Settings" > "iCloud" > "Storage & Backup", you can check whether the restore is complete.
Connect your iPhone to a charger and leave it connected until the recovery process is complete. Before the restore from iCloud backup, you'll have to erase all the content and settings from your iPhone. The restore process have many steps, and the iPhone will restart at least 2 times, plus iPhone will take a long time to download files over Wifi, all the restore process will be a time-consuming job. The most annoying thing is that you may have to re-enter the email account passwords, Wi-Fi passwords, and passwords you enter into websites and some other applications. You have to make sure the iCloud backup is up to date, or else, your iPhone will probably be restored to old content and settings and the new ones will be removed due to the erasing process.
If you have found that the photos on your iPhone are deleted, don't try to use iTunes to sync again since new sync may overwrite the previous backup. No need to input a password again to restore apps from multiple iTunes accounts without tripping the restore limit that comes with iCloud restores.
If the backup is out of date, you may lose your new content and settings since your iPhone will be fully erased, and go back to the previous status.
There is no way to preview the content to be restored, you can only make a decision on the basis of the time and date of the iPhone backup.
In reality, iMessage will not replace traditional SMS conversations which work over the carrier channel.

As the most popular smartphone in the world, iPhone plays a more and more important role in taking photos. After selecting the file types that you want to download from iCloud in the pop-up, click "Next". Dropbox) on iPhone have the same feature as iCloud, and your photos will be backed up to cloud services automatically and opportunely. However, a good number of users have reported having problems with sending or receiving SMS text messages on their iPhone. The backup file will be downloaded and the software will automatically scan the data in the backup after the download. Check or highlight the photos that you want to get back, and then click a€?Recover to Computera€? and specify a storage location to save the photos to your PC or Mac. In addition, you can also copy the Camera roll photos on your iPhone to your PC or Mac manually when your iPhone is linked to your computer.

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