Note: The data displayed in the scan result contains deleted and existing items on your device.
When 10 seconds have passed, release the Power button right away, but keep holding the Home button for another 15 seconds.
When you're informed that you've successfully entered the device's scanning mode, Dr.Fone for iOS will automatically begin scanning your device for data on it as follows. This data recovery mode lets you recover not only existing data in the backup, but also those data deleted from your device before you made the backup, as long as they were not overwritten. Note: Don't sync your device with iTunes when you realize that you've lost data, or the iTunes backup file will be updated after the sync, if you want to recover them through this recovery mode. After a few seconds, all data in the backup file will be extracted and displayed in categories. Note: Before you exit the program, you can back to the home screen to delete the downloaded iCloud backup from your computer, so that there is no way for others to access it on the computer. No matter which way you choose, the first step is to download and install the software on your computer. Meanwhile, you can use it to scan camera roll, photo stream, photo library, message attachments and voice memos that exist on your device. Any operation on your device can generate new data, which can overwrite your lost data and make it unrecoverable. Click the categories on the left side of the window like camera roll, contacts, messages, etc.
We never keep a record of any your Apple account info or content at any time during your sessions.
Once it stops, you can preview almost all data in your iCloud backup file, like contacts, messages, photos, and more.
If you want to separate them, you can use the button on the top: Only display the deleted items.
Dr.Fone for iOS is an easy-to-use tool that can help you easily recover data that you thought you'd lost forever, such as photos & videos, contacts, SMS, call logs, memos and more!

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