Pangu jailbreak program is usable only on Windows computers and it’s entirely based on a Chinese interface, so you might need our assistance getting through the Jailbreaking process on the latest PPHelper software. Apparently, Pangu has released the latest PPHelper jailbreaking software only for the 64-bit supported Apple devices, and that really limits the supported device lineup to a very limited number. Jailbreaking using the PPHelper tool is easy, however you have to prepare your iPhone and iTunes installed on the computer before you proceed. And when the restoration is done, make sure you have disable Find my iPhone feature, as well as the Touch ID feature. Double-click onto the icon with Chinese texts that you have downloaded from the link we have provided above.
Open the PP app and allow push notifications, and there should be a green check mark on the app’s interface which you should uncheck.
Much to our delight, the Pangu Team made the big move today and released the Pangu 9 tool for Mac OS X users around the globe.
By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies to enhance site functionality and performance. The quickest solution is to back up to a location with enough free space like a drive on your PC, an external hard disk or even a USB drive.

Now that you safely backed up iPhone to your PC, it’s time to get rid of the iCloud popup message.
When you disable a backup element, the information from that element is immediately deleted from your iCloud storage. Krasimir is an avid marketing aficionado and a tech-support specialist in charge of the English-speaking market. Jailbreaking is essentially like rooting an Android device, with some differences of course – these are two very different software environments. From Settings & Security on your iOS device, allow this profile to make changes to your device.
However if you did not sync your photos, perhaps you might want to consider that in the event that your iOS device gets stolen and the thieves aren’t particularly bright.Over in Texas, police have arrested two individuals suspected of stealing the iPad belonging to a Stewart Schaefer, who had made the mistake of leaving it in his car unlocked. Just like its Windows counterpart, the Mac tool works exactly in the same manner, and we’ll show you how to use it still.
Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more. This article explains how to back up iPhone without subscribing for paid extra iCloud storage.

To reduce the total footprint of your iPhone backup in iCloud, you can alternatively remove some photos and videos from your Camera Roll. He grew up in Bulgaria and on the island of Mauritius where he became passionate about windsurfing and photography.
Now Schaefer probably thought all was lost until he noticed that a series of photos taken after his device was stolen started to make their way into his iCloud account.The photos were that of the thieves who took a selfie using his iPad while holding fans of hundred dollar bills while in a Burger King. Simply disconnect your device from your Mac, launch Cydia, and start downloading tweaks to your heart’s content. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page. This way you don’t have to immediately decide what information to delete to free up iCloud space and can still back up the iPhone on the spot. Schaefer then shared those photos online until a Reddit user contacted a friend of Schaefer with the details about the two thieves, who then took those details to the police which ultimately led to the arrest of a Dorian Walker-Gaines and Dillian Thompson, with the former admitting that him and Thompson had stolen the iPad, $5,000 in cash, a laptop, and other items that they found in Schaefer’s car.Filed in Apple >Tablets.

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