Storage options in Intex Cloud FX includes 46 MB Internal storage and memory can be further Expandable up to 4GB via microSD card to store films, photos and videos. Best smartphones of 2014 which are still worth buying!2014 A?a‚¬a€? The year of smartphone revolution. Sony's own Eye Glass is now all cleared to launch!Sony Smart Eye Glass which was demonstrated at CES 2015 has been recently certified by FCC.
With the mentioned Price Tag, Intex launched a challenging device to all the Indian manufacturers in the entry level smart phone segment. The handset has 1250 mAh capacity Li ion battery, with standby time of 200 hours and 4 hours of 2G talk time. Intex Technologies has announced its foray into the wearables market in India with the launch of iRist smartwatch at the ongoing Mobile World Congress in Shanghai.
The iRist has a voice assistant that helps send emails, messages, dial numbers, open and close apps as well as a keyboard. The smartwatch has a 600mAh battery with a standby time of up to 200 hours and a talk time of up to 4 hours. Behind the sturdy and scratch free Sapphire glass of the iRist is a clear 240×240 Resolution display that reproduces 16 million colors.
The smartwatch will be available exclusively on ebay in early August and will be available in stores later. Firefox OS is a unique mobile operating system, which is based on the Firefox browser’s engine.
The interesting feature of the Firefox OS is that it doesn’t uses the native code for building apps rather than it is built in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript which are the same programming language used for making websites.

Firefox OS 2.1, which is a future version, is expected to ship with highly advanced features in upcoming days.
After selecting this feature a typical list will show the users what kinds of permissions an app has and it will also allow the users to set them to either Allow, Prompt or Deny. This feature would allow the phone user to set configure specific app permissions as to their liking.
We witnessed some great performances, some awesome hardwares and some really eye popping designs.
The iRist Smartwatch comes is a standalone smartwatch with a SIM card slot and will be priced at Rs 11999. The device is powered by a 1.2 GHz Dual-Core Mediatek processor with 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM.
Intex has developed a iConnect app that will sync with a smartphone if used without a  SIM Card. Bansal later added, “Consumers who already own a budget smartphone will find good value in the iRist smartwatch.
Not only does the IRist comes with a 5 MP camera, the best within wearable devices but also has a Face Detection feature. The future version of Firefox Os is expected to offer one of a kind customized app permission experience to its Android users, which it is not available in others yet. Mozilla security engineer Frederik Braun states that the new app tweaking feature in Firefox OS 2.1 is a boon for both the tech savvy and paranoid privacy enthusiasts alike.
Firefox Os would also allow the app developers to set three distinct levels rather than the just Android’s binary On and Off.

This planned app permission toggle would only work with the app downloaded from the Mozilla Marketplace. The display of Intex Cloud FX is a beautiful 3.5 Inches capacitive touch screen type for viewing contents. Camera used in Intex Cloud FX is a 2MP rear camera for obtaining high clarity images ad videos.
All in all it was a year of cut throat competition where every company was racing to bring out the best at the least possible cost.
The device comes with a Bluetooth headset and has everything that one can expect from a smartphone along with some features of a fitness band”. Intex aims to sell 15 million smartphone in FY 15-16 with equal importance to both online and offline sales”. You can also share the vivid images that the IRist captures with your friends anytime on the go. However making too many changes in the setting might also render the app useable or could break the app as well.
Please remember the price is same for major Indian cities named Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Chennai, Agra, Nagpur, Surat, Noida, Indore, Cochin, Mumbai, Manglore, Delhi, Bangalore).

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