The Intex Cloud FX and Spice Fire One Mi FX1 were launched recently at Rs 1,999 and Rs 2,299 respectively. A wave of ultra low-priced smartphones seems to have hit the Indian smartphone market, with new Firefox OS smartphones being launched by Indian companies Intex and Spice. Talking about the Intex device, the Cloud FX is currently the lowest-priced smartphone available in the Indian market with a price tag of Rs 1,999.
Under the hood, there’s a single core 1 GHz Spectra SPD6821 processor along with 128 MB of RAM. Coming to the Spice Fire One Mi FX1 (in pic on left), the phone sports a similar 3.5-inch screen.

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About Celkon Campus Nova A352E Mobile Celkon Mobiles is a Hyderabad based handset manufacturer who is aiming to take advantage of the Smartphone market. What Plus features can be found in Lenovo A6000 Plus than its previous version Lenovo A6000? This phone runs on Firefox OS, which is an HTML5 and other Web technologies-based operating system that aims to cater to low cost hardware platforms.
It is the 6th largest handset manufacturer in India and is one of the members of the Android One Project.

It is powered by a 1,250 mAh battery unit, and comes with 256 MB of on-board storage expandable up to 4 GB.
The phone comes in black and white colour options and is available exclusively at Snapdeal.
The phone supports Bluetooth and 2G (EDGE), and will be available for Rs 2,299 (includes a cover) later this week from Snapdeal and later from various other stores as well.

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