Although there are a lot of other marketing methods available for communicating your messages to your target audience, Email Marketing is still alive and well. Email marketing has been around for a long time, so it might not have the same sizzle as newer, hotter marketing channels. Here’s a review of the basics of quality email marketing campaigns, and links to where you can get further information.
A process for adding new contacts to your recipients list and ensuring that people who unsubscribe are removed.
A plan for how frequently you will send your email campaigns and the valuable content you will include to keep your readers interested, so that they open your email each time and do not unsubscribe. A method of tracking the results of your campaigns including how many people opened the email, clicked on the links and ideally any outcomes from the campaign such as sales generated. One of the keys to getting people to regularly open and read your email is providing content that they find valuable.
The Call to Action (which is the main thing that will drive the value your business gets from the email campaign). Make sure you use text as well as images, otherwise people who have the images automatically turned off when they first view your emails will have no idea what your email is about.

A lot of businesses build a list for a few months before they send their first campaign, or they only send campaigns infrequently, for example more than six months apart. Like all methods of marketing, it’s important to measure the results of your email marketing campaigns and always aim to improve.
Keep a track of how many new subscribers you attract, how many people unsubscribe from your campaigns and your open rate (which will probably be between 20 and 40%). Outlook style emails might be OK when you are starting out and your list is small, but never ever ever share your list. Find out what you need to do to comply with Australian anti-spam laws in our article on Do you have consent from your subscribers?
Kick Start Your Website Today!Get the ultimate guide to attracting more people to your website. Grassroots GalsGrassroots Internet Strategy is a partnership between Serena Star Leonard and Melinda Samson. Grassroots was created by Serena Star Leonard and Melinda Samson to provide eCourses, Tips & Resources to make your website sing! This gives people plenty of time to forget about where and how they gave you their email address, which can lead to complaints and unsubscribers.

Ideally the next step is to measure the business value of the email campaign based on how many people took action.
MailChimp lets people unsubscribe and be removed from the list automatically, so there is no chance that you’ll accidentally email then again in future. Qualified in both Google AdWords and Analytics, Mel is committed to never using an acronym without explaining it first. Consumers are more open to email messaging than most other digital marketing and it still gets results. It also means more email addresses will be out of date, and will therefore bounce, making your list less effective.

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