Este video aprenderas como instalar un entorno de desarrollo web en la ultima version de Ubuntu 16.04.
YouTube doesn't allow the pointy brackets (Shift period and Shift comma) so make sure they match what you see in the video. The only time you would not want to disable the XMLRPC.PHP file is if you are using it to post to your WordPress site.

The vast majority of people don't even know this function exists in their WordPress site, so there's no reason to keep it active as an attack vector. If you do not see a .htaccess in the website right then you can make one by clicking Add New File in the File Manager or right-clicking and choosing Create New File via FTP. If you want more excellent WordPress information check out our website where we post WordPress tutorials daily.

Then find and click on the File Manager icon and choose the Document Root for the website that you are hardening.

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