Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server now available, the 20th Ubuntu Linux release, we look at upgrading our existing LTS server to Trusty from Precise. Installing Ubuntu Server The basic steps to install Ubuntu Server Edition from CD or USB stick are the same for installing any operating system. April 26, 2015 by Sharad Chhetri 7 Comments Owncloud which is now very very famous and considered as one the best free Open Source alternate of Dropbox.
Just hit the command as given below.We will first add Owncloud repo and then start installing owncloud.
After owncloud package get installed you will see a new file called owncloud.conf in Apache config directory. Wait for a few minutes, and you will see Owncloud dashboard and admin user by default get login on first time. This  guide will ride you for the step by step installation of own private cloud with ownCloud platform on an Ubuntu server. You can follow the guide for installation on Windows, Mac or Linux.
NOIP is a free dynamic DNS service which will replace your owncloud IP web address to your define domain name. I hope you have served this guide, I am very happy with ownCloud and am synchronizing files, calendar and contacts. Before directly jumping into this tutorial you must have running owncloud server in your system.

The method is applied to apache2 no matter it is Debian or Ubuntu.If still you have any doubt leave the comment. Step(1) Install openssl in server as we have already running owncloud hence installing of apache2 is not required. Step(7) Open the webbrowser and type the url of owncloud you will see it by defualt goes to https.
Watch the video for more understanding.In this video I have also shown Name based and IP based virtual hosting apache configuration.
So I got my cert and key up and running but since it’s a self signed key google and IE keep saying the site is untrusted. The log shows that the PHP session files were being written with no permissions so that they can not be accessed. August 8, 2013 by Sharad Chhetri Leave a Comment Seafile is a syncing and collabarative tool for team.
Rest of the option you can customize as per your requirement.I have taken all bydefault settings.
Port forwarding forward the any request coming from out of network to specific system, in our case this will be our OWNCLOUD server so that we can access it from anywhere. When you access your owncloud first you may got the error message “Cannot write into apps directory” you can resolve the error message with by visiting link.

I did not enable the forced SSL in Apache so that I am able to browse via the internal IP on my local lan. The answer is that processes can have their own permission modes in linux, and Apache2 and PHP both do this.
The team members can share the files among themself and can sync the file from seafile client. To connect with mysql , php require module called php-mysql, so it is also to be installed.
Open the terminal in Ubuntu & then paste the following commands one by one into terminal.
The permissions mode operates separately from owner and group and is set with the octal representation. Seafile is based upon python django.Many people compare it with owncloud and both have almost same functionality like file sharing but owncloud has many features. One important thing that you need to define here is web address of your dynamic web server.

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