In addition to installing owncloud server 5 from source, You can also installing owncloud server 5 from ownCloud repository.
It is now easier to keep ownCloud updated with the channel of your choice via the built-in Updater app and our package repositories. To make ownCloud easier to use, documentation has been massively improved and integrated in the interface. As mentioned earlier, it is based on PHP and database combination, database can be any of from SQLite, MySQL, Oracle or PostgreSQL database. If you are setting up a MariaDB for the first time, here is the tutorial on Securing MariaDB.

This may be to late but just in case someone finds this useful, you can use either NAT or Bridged mode as long as you configured the IP correctly.
Right-Click icon owncloud that appear in taskbar at right top, and choose ‘configure’.
Data will be stored on the server and can be downloaded or access any time with browser or desktop client or smart phone app.
It provides almost all possibility of functions that are available on commercial suites; it is released under AGPLv3 license, so you can setup own cloud storage server without any additional cost. Browser will take you to ownCloud setup page where it must be configured before going to live.

My concern is that it won’t let me run the yum command to try to install MariaDB, it says it had an error downloading packages and there are no more mirrors left to try.

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Backup owncloud data backup


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