For those not familiar with ownCloud, this is a tool that you can install on your server (there are also desktop and mobile sync clients) which comes with a web interface that provides access to file management, calendars, tasks, image gallery, music player, document viewer and more. Steam Client Beta Update July 29 was announced today, despite its name, and it only introduces support for the upcoming Windows Anniversary Update that will be made available on August 2, 2016, as well as numerous improvements and a handful of new features for the Steam Controller device.
Not sure why this failed, but I have followed everything as per the instructions but the output of step 8 is as follows.
I had the same problem as Jamie + Palen because i did not pay enough attention to what happened in the previous steps.

This fixes problems where mouse regions and cursor position settings would be wrong in some circumstances when the user was using high DPI scaling settings in some Windows OS revisions,” the Valve developers working on the Steam Client have explained.
Guys you need to redo the steps and pay close attention, type in a password where you have to (or certs wont generate etc), supply the same information in the ca-signing-request as you have previously did when you generated the CA or it wont work.
I can access owncloud using the same dynamic address as long as I use http as opposed to https.
The official owncloud manual did not mention anything about this ssl setup and their clients only talks to ssl server.

I’m a no expert on web server technologies, only a regular user, so I need a guide like this.

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