As mentioned earlier, it is based on PHP and database combination, database can be any of the above four.
When there’s a valid RPM, isn’t installing software like owncloud via the untar-and-spraypaint method a little like buying a 4WD car and ripping out the 4WD option?
NetBeans requires having the Java VM installed on machine; either Sun Java 6 or OpenJDK should be installed on machine.
Step 5: The package will start the graphical installer, click next or customize the installation packages.
Data will be stored on the server and can be downloaded or access any time with browser or desktop client or smartphone app.

To enable it, open your virtual host file and make AllowOverride is set to All.For example, here i used external config file instead of modifying main file.
Browser will automatically take you to ownCloud setup page where it must be configured before going to live. I’ve learn this post and if I may I want to recommend youu few fascinating things or advice. The project is based on PHP and a SQLite, MySQL, Oracle or PostgreSQL database, so it can run on all platforms that meet these requirements.
For demo purpose i installed both SQLite and MySQL on CentOS, we will talk about reason behind later.

The release also provides significant Swing GUI Builder enhancements, CSS3 support, and tools for visual debugging of Swing and JavaFX user interfaces.
It provides almost all possibility of functions that are available on commercial suites; it is released under AGPLv3 license, so you can setup own cloud storage server without any additional cost. Additional highlights include Git support integrated into the IDE, new PHP debugging features, various JavaEE and Maven improvements, and more.

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