You should now able to open your Owncloud web dashboard, create a new admin user, create new users and many other things. Ubuntu Tutorial, How to install LAMP on Ubuntu 14.04LAMP stands for Linux Apache, MySQL and PHP. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. Users have access to a full suite of file sharing features, and can work collaboratively at their desks, from their laptops, on their tablets and on their phones.
Now the installation is completed.Now you can start uploading,downloading,sharing the data in owncloud. I also used the instructions from owncloud to allow uploads of files larger that 512MB and it works well in HTTP access. May 22, 2014 by Sharad Chhetri 39 Comments In this tutorial we will learn about, how to install Owncloud 6 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server. In case you are looking for creating your Own file hosting Server, Owncloud is more suitable for you. You can find many apps developed by Owncloud team and many volunteers in owncloud apps repository.
In this practical, the installation has been done on Single Server, where Owncloud, Apache and MySQL are installed.

YOU HAVE TWO OPTIONS EITHER CONFIGURE WITH IP BASED VIRTUAL HOST or NAME BASED VIRTUAL HOST. My own problem is that installing OC in the way recommended in this tutorial does away with the default apache index page. In addition to installing owncloud server 5 from source, You can also installing owncloud server 5 from ownCloud repository. Because it is available via repository, installing OwnCloud 6 on the listed Linux systems is easy. While installation it will ask to give new password for MySQL root user.Hence give new MySQL root password while installation. I have followed your directions up to the point where you are supposed to install owncloud via apt-get. I am positive that I have installed the Ubuntu Server edition on the machine I am working on. Major changes in ownCloud 4 include support for file versioning, allowing users to restore previous versions of a file or view a files history, and the addition of an integrated viewer for ODF file. A core advantage here is that you can configure the versioninig feature, which you can’t do at third party cloud hosting and synchronization services. Right-Click icon owncloud that appear in taskbar at right top, and choose ‘configure’.

As you may know, OwnCloud is a web service that allows you to upload data via browser or by using a software client (similar to Dropbox, let’s say). Follow the instructions for your system exactly, in order to get a successful installation.
Your employees will love ownCloud’s clean, professional user interfaces; you’ll enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your data is under IT control at all times. You can self host the Owncloud very quickly in short span of time.You can access,share and sync the data from owncloud from computers and mobile devices.
The latest MySQL 5.6 version is available in Ubuntu repository, hence it can be installed via using apt-get command .
It avoids the dependency problems associated with installing individual packages (apache2, php, etc.) later. With over 1.3 million users, ownCloud is the preferred file sharing solution for enterprises everywhere.

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