Versioning :A With this feature enabled, it is possible to restore an older version of a file.
Encryption :A You can now configure file encryption so that all files stored on the server are encrypted, and thus only accessible with the correct password. Drag and drop uploadA : The ownCloud web service now supports the dragging and dropping of local files to a directory on the server. ODF ViewerA : Open Document Format files are now supported by the viewer, and can be read right in the web browser without the need for plugins or programs. Application StoreA : This makes it easier to install new applications, like the encryption or versioning application on the server.

MigrationA : Options to migrate user accounts between different ownCloud instances, for instance between a primary and backup server. GalleriesA : Control over galleries have been improved, including sharing per email options and sort oders.
Thanks for your very illuminating post, is very clear and easy to follow, but I have some problems with the dependencies. I have noted php5-sqlite is required even if you only like to use MySQL as database backend.
Major changes in ownCloud 4 include support for file versioning, allowing users to restore previous versions of a file or view a files history, and the addition of an integrated viewer for ODF file.

A core advantage here is that you can configure the versioninig feature, which you cana€™t do at third party cloud hosting and synchronization services.

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