Geelong Telephone Company has recently partnered with iiNet to become an authorised Service Integrator throughout the Geelong, Bellarine and Surf Coast. Renato Trentin, Geelong Telephone Company’s Managing Director said the new partnership with iiNet is the next step in enhancing the company’s portfolio and offerings to its valued customers.
Mr Trentin mentioned that the partnership will see the company provide local business an alternative to the options currently available on the market. Ryan Mistry, iiNet Victorian Sales Manager, welcomes Geelong Telephone Company to iiNet’s Service Integrator portfolio.
Having operated within the Geelong, Bellarine and Surf Coast for over 35 years, Geelong Telephone Company provides telecommunication services for hundreds of customers across all sectors. The company is the preferred suppliers to clients such as Deakin University, City of Greater Geelong and Barwon Health.
Despite the growing amount of articles explaining the benefits VoIP can bring to businesses, there are still a number of myths that may be holding business owners back from finding out more or making the move.
With an internet connection that meets the minimum requirements, cloud-based phone services can offer higher quality and fidelity voice than compared to a traditional landline.
Whilst there is truth that larger companies experience great benefits from a VoIP solution, many small businesses can as well, and this is true even if it is for a single location office. You are a busy business owner and don’t have time to deal with setting up a brand new system. VoIP service providers can offer lower rates on all calls because you are sending voice data over the internet. The great things about using a hosted VoIP service plan is that you don’t have to worry about any upgrades – your service provider takes care of all of that. There is also the additional benefit of having the system scale with your business – adding new lines or removing current ones as your require. If you are still unsure about how VoIP would benefit your business, then get in touch with one of our experts at GTC and lets work together to find a solution that will works best for you. Are female video game characters becoming more complex and layered, or are they still little more than sexualised decorations? This year’s Supanova Sydney produced some truly epic cosplay (indeed, my Facebook feed is still filled with it). We’re not big fans of Click Frenzy here at Lifehacker, but some of you seem to enjoy it. Any CEO, in this case Village Roadshow's Graham Burke, that can't speak or write correct English, and accuses a company (iiNet) of lying when it is only making a prediction, is not worthy of my respect. You'd think the human race would have sleep down to a science by now, but many of us are still sleeping poorly (and so we need top 10 guides to getting better sleep).
As market trends reflect a more remote and mobile workforce, increased usage of smartphones and mobile devices, growth in broadband speeds and the need for data security and privacy, many businesses have adopted the use of unified communications. Unified Communications encompasses collaboration through the integration and use of multimedia communications through a centralised client to reduce complexity and streamline business processes. The technology allows employees to interact in real-time via audio and video communication independent of physical location.
The unification becomes evident in the integration between concurrent communications consisting of telephony (VoIP), video and web conferencing, chat and instant messaging and non-concurrent communications like fax, SMS, email and voicemail.
The unified communications solution is made up of multiple elements, rather than a single product. You can get the plans without a bundled modem and save yourself $5 per month , but you won’t be able to get yourself the 5GB plan.

This essentially means businesses are able to bring all internal and external communications into one user-friendly interface. The key functionality of any communications system is by providing the ability to make and receive phone calls. Having progressed from the days where employees were only able to make or receive calls from a desk phone, many businesses have issued mobile phones to improve the connectability and mobility of staff. Unified communication solutions allows these mobile phones to make use of softphone applications so that any work number can be redirected to the mobile automatically and calls made from the mobile appear as if they were made from the office.
As part of the unified communications process, the platform aims to bring the features and functionality of instant messaging and file sharing tools into the workplace and the teams that operate within.
The aim isn’t only to foster collaboration by itself, but improve productivity and help members focus on the required projects as well.
With a traditional phone system, a business would need to use their traditional PBX system to setup an audio conference call with their clients and off-site employees. Utilising VoIP technology, there is no longer the need to rely on phone lines which can enable a much larger number of participants (given enough internet bandwidth). The use of internet delivered communications also means video conferencing can be utilised at a much easier and greater scale.
The advent of cloud technology has helped spread the popularity and adoption of unified communications in businesses today by making the process to migrate much simpler.
Cloud technology simplifies the process by allowing businesses to integrate the applications they are already using (i.e.
Another big benefit of cloud technology is the reduced usage costs in order to use the communications solution. One of the key decisions you need to make when implementing a Unified Communications solution in your business is whether to host it yourself or to use a cloud-based service instead. As part of a business’s strategy for unified communications, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. You need to ensure you know what tools and functionality you want for your business and employees and then making sure those tools get to the right people. Every dollar counts and you need to ensure that the amount of time and money that is invested into your Unified Communications solution delivers quantifiable value. As with any platform or service connected to or functioning over the internet (such as email), security needs to be front of mind in order to keep content and intellectual property secured.
Another key factor to consider is whether to have all IT support on-premise with your own staff or have it outsourced to an external team. A Unified Communications solution is primarily designed to eliminate the need for buying and managing several communications technologies to collaborate and exchange information within an organisation or among peers.
Whether you have decided to go with a cloud-based over a premise-based solution, vice-versa or you are still undecided, Geelong Telephone Company can help you choose the best option for your business. To speak to one of your experts on which Unified Communication solution would suit your business needs best call us on (03) 5221 5644 today! The stakes are high given this will create Australia's second-largest provider of fixed-line internet services behind Telstra's 3 million subscribers and ahead of Singtel-Optus's 988,000. But for iiNet shareholders the future of their company has come to this crunch point a€“A theyA either hold out for more in the hopes that TPG is willing to give more cash and scrip under pressure from M2, or they declare victory and walk away with a healthy payout. Many of the IP Phone Handsets come HD enabled, leveraging the quality available on the service.
A small business can still make use of the abundance of features such as a call forwarding, an auto-attendant, messages on hold and being able to have all phone ring at the same time.

The great thing is, is that many service providers (such as GTC), preconfigure all your devices so that when you receive them all you need to do is plug in your phones and you are ready to go. This allows you to focus on running your business whilst leaving the system updates and upgrades to the service providers. If you don’t have problems with power outages, service interruptions or latency, then you won’t have these problems with VoIP.
Women sticks the boot into background video game characters, Village Roadshow CEO: iiNet is lying about piracy, best cosplay from Supanova Sydney. The latest fightin’ words come from Village Roadshow CEO Graham Burke, who has accused iiNet of lying to hamper the anti-piracy movement. Here’s a video of the coolest creations captured by a 360 degree Matrix-style camera. I expect him to use correct grammar for a start, so that I don't mistake him for an illiterate idiot. Part of the problem is we have outdated information and beliefs about this all-important health need.
To avoid any embarrassing commits (or commit messages), you can grab yourself an Arduino and a script called "gitdown" to act as a sobriety gatekeeper for your repository.
As all communication methods are integrated, users are able to have a consistent experience regardless of the device used. Due to the complexity that can arise from successful integration and what a business requires, finding and working with a provider that can tailor a solution to suit the needs of the business is key. If I'm on say a $20 mobile plan with them and get a 4G phone, will it work over LTE without me doing anything or will I need to contact them to activate it? With the unified communications platform, teams can interact, review and work together to finish tasks and projects much easier and quicker.
Employees located in different geographical locations (national and international) can use video conferencing to collaborate on projects, make use of webinars and connect and engage with multiple people (employees or clients) visually at the same time. Google Docs or storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive) and making use of management tools to make additions and changes as required. Originally only enterprise companies could afford to use and host their own platform, however with the software-as-service model, many businesses can get the range of features they need at an affordable cost and at a means that is scalable too.
Whilst both options are suitable for both small and large enterprises alike, the decision process and resulting choice will depend on elements such as your budget, availability of IT staff, long term business goals, number and location(s) of employees etc. With the increases in broadband speeds and bandwidth, the issue with sound quality isn’t what it was when the technology was still quite new. Service plans generally come at a low monthly costs and as with GTC’s GT Cloud, come with a ‘no lock in contract’.
Many service providers also offer service uptime guarantees to ensure virtually no downtime. Just as you would invest in security for your computer and solid passwords for your WiFi, so should you for your VoIP. And I expect him not to use inflammatory language, so that I don't mistake him for an illiterate thug.
Many service providers can safe you up to 50% off your telephony expenditure if you make the switch – what’s not to like about that!

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