Overall, using the centralized iCloud Manager is significantly easier than removing iCloud data manually by launching each respective app and deleting from there, and repeating until you’re finished. I see my docs in the manage storage section, but how do I actually access them for viewing and editing from my iPad??? My problem is I have 8g iPhone 4s I have run out of memory and storage but I have 200gb in iCloud and I’ve got 199gb left I went to my daughters wedding thinking it was sorted but wen I went to photograph my daughter it said not enough storage to take photo we’d?????
I want to delete an APP from Icloud, when I look at my documents it’s not there (facebook) I upgraded my IPhone 5 to a 6 and Icloud is remembering my password for Facebook, however on my PC I changed the password and the APP will only download from Icloud. You can configure your iThings to automatically Sync with a Mac and that does back up some data, but not a full back up. To fully back up your iThing to your Mac, tether it via USB and in iTunes > Summary, click Back Up Now. You can see when the last full iCloud and Mac back ups happened in iTunes > Summary (red circle).
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Next month, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 will debut in front of a live crowd in New York City.
The front of the Galaxy Note 7 has two cameras to handle iris scanning, which we’re not claiming as part of our exclusive information as other publications have covered it.
Iris scanning can be used in conjunction with fingerprint scanning or traditional lock screen layouts for quick access to the phone.
Both rear and front cameras are the same as what you already see on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.
Because of the special display, the Galaxy Note 7 will ship with the usual Edge screen features.
To lengthen battery life, Samsung is even allowing you to scale down the Galaxy Note 7’s screen resolution to 720p. This all sounds good to most of you, but existing owners of the Gear VR won’t be happy to know that the Galaxy Note 7 is not going to work with the original virtual reality headset from Samsung.
We can’t say anything about the processor, unfortunately, and that will vary by region anyways.
Samsung will officially unveil the Galaxy Note 7 during an event held on August 2 in New York City. Born and raised in New Jersey, Justin is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University where he studied marketing with a focus on digital marketing. So far I have not heard enough to make me inclined to trade up from my Galaxy Note 5 which I bought a year ago.

We corrected a typo this morning that was minutes after publishing, so it could be a caching issue.
Funny, I had a nightmare last night that Samsung actually chose not to include *one single feature* listed above, and instead released a crippled device that is still an overall downgrade from the Note 4. I hope this phone is thoroughly boycotted and sells 10% of what Samsung expects, because what it is vs what it should have been is absolutely tragic. Will the silver color have the metallic mirror finish like the GS7 or is it more of a dull color like the pix? Also will the gold option be available at launch or will it be carrier dependent and relased at a later date? If you were to remove app data for Civilization for example, you would lose all of your saved games as well as the recall ability that keeps the game consistently where you left off, even after closing the app. Because of this, it is fairly likely you will see apps and documents that are not specifically for the device you’re using at the moment, and if you have ever used iCloud to sync documents between Macs, there will much more visible here than what is accessible through any iOS app. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
I am using iPad so was not aware of this step so it will really help me to delete the unnecessary.
Apple should have a big think about this Bcoz I thought getting unlimited everything would be great I down loaded an app after deleting 16 which I didn’t want to do ) but got a camera app called anoxic put them in there freed up my camera now it won’t let me take a photo coz I still got no storage inn seriously thinking of throwing it at a wall and starting again !!!!!!
Yes, but there is a catch a€” only the iCloud will be a full and automatic back up while backing up to your Mac will be strictly manual. You can also choose to back to your Mac (this computer), but you will need to remember to tether it periodically a€” automatic back up is always best. Our information comes from a trusted source who has indeed used a consumer-ready version of the phone that will be Samsung’s flagship moving forward.
The Galaxy Note 7 is going to have a display similar to the Galaxy S7 Edge that was launched earlier this year. The iris scanner uses infrared technology to work in the dark but doing so with glasses will be tricky. This means you’re getting a 12MP rear camera with Dual Pixel technology and a 5MP front camera.
The S Pen is going to get added capabilities that allow it to act as a magnifying glass and a translator.
The company is going to launch a new virtual reality headset that will also work with previous Galaxy devices. He's very talkative and enjoys discussing anything from technology and sports to video games and television.

Adding back an accessible battery means a simple battery swap negates the battery drain of 4k. Nonetheless, if you delete documents from an app that isn’t on your device, it will also delete the documents from the device it was created on, meaning you can easily delete iCloud documents made on a Mac from the iPhone, and vice versa. While the phone will have a display with curved edges, Samsung is heavily toning them down for this phone. And next to the S Pen slot is a USB Type-C port that can still be used with micro-USB cables as Samsung is including an adapter with the Galaxy Note 7. Also, Samsung’s Always On Display feature will support the S Pen for instant note-taking that keeps notes on the display at all times.
Yes, the company is going to get into cloud storage and compete directly with Google Drive and Apple iCloud.
It also saves a costly repair bill when the built-in battery degrades after 500 charging cycles. Be aware of this when removing documents and iCloud data, since it’s possible to accidentally delete things you may not have intended to. This means Samsung is seeing what people are saying about its innovation that the Galaxy Note Edge brought and scaling it back to reach a comfortable spot for consumers. In the rare case that his phone or tablet is not in his hand, he is either flicking through cards on his Moto 360 (2015) or typing away on the Microsoft Surface Book. The move to 6GB of RAM comes at such an important time, with the multi-tasking built into Nougat.
Justin is patiently waiting for the day that Google replicates the Galaxy Nexus with modern day specifications.
I can’t blame Samsung for misleading rumors, but the phone seems to have gone from outstanding to a yawner.
Upgrading away from a fragile glass back means we don’t have to invest in a pricey case, and can use the phone as is, enjoying all its new colors. Thoughtfully bringing back the IR blaster means once again we have a universal remote in a device we always have with us. And an upgrade over the S7’s camera means a new level of enjoyment for the photographers among us.

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