That is why we would like to offer you our service to fully Bypass iCloud Activation lock and Remove it Permanently.
Although the Activation Lock has greatly improved the security of the Apple devices there is still one major disadvantage. You need first to Download the Unlock Tool witch is not the same Unlock Tool of iPhone 5s, 5c, 5 and for iPhone 6, 6plus.
1. After downloading the tool on your pc or mac double click and Run the iCloud Unlock tool. You can download the Unlock Tool by Small donation (Buy me Coffee) on Paypal (2, 5, 10)$, or fill simple survey and the download will begin immediately. If you have any problems or questions please fill this contact us form in any time we will respond to you in next 6-12h.
Log in to Reply aswadarmansyah July 29, 2016 at 4:58 pm how to get the link and download this app to my pc? Log in to Reply rubeng11 August 5, 2016 at 5:59 am Can I get the link to put in my Mac as well? If you’re not too satisfied with this clean new look, and want to remove text and the grabbers at the bottom for Control Center and at the top for Notification Center, then two new iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks let you do just that. TabLess is a new jailbreak tweak that lets you remove the grabbers for Control Center and Notification Center from the lock screen. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. The "Other" category on your iPhone and iPad is basically where all of your caches, settings preferences, saved messages, voice memos, and… well, other data is stored. You can quickly see what apps are taking up space on your iPhone or iPad by checking out the Usage folder in the Settings app. Hover your mouse over the Other section at the bottom of the iTunes window to see how much space the category is using. Some culprits that takes up Other space on your iPhone and iPad are history and website data in Safari.

When you use the Mail app, a cache of all the documents, pictures, and videos you have viewed on your iPhone or iPad are stored on your device. It should go without saying that you will need to know your email login and password information before following the steps below (I'm looking at you, Mom). Similar to emails, all of the pictures and videos you receive through MMS are stored in the Other category in your storage. If you are experiencing a serious issue with an excessive amount of Other storage, you may have some corrupted data on your iPhone or iPad that needs to be removed.
If you've got other questions about clearing your Other storage, or you have some best practices of your own, let us know in the comments! Read the latest deal finds from Canada's largest bargain hunting community, or sign up and join the discussion yourself! Moreover there is the option of bypass icloud lock when it’s necessary to enter the iCloud username and password and you do not have the iCloud log-in credentials or you have forgotten them. A lot of buyers and sellers who purchased their devices in legal way have issues with the iCloud Activation lock screen due to lack of communication. But due to lack of knowledge many people are unaware of the Activation lock and it actually works so due to this many Apple iPhone and iPad devices end up being sold without having this feature disabled.
If you know the proper Apple ID and password you will remove the Activation screen Lock easily.
The Installation Wizard will appear and do all the work for you just need to click Next until it’s over. Press Check, now iCloud Unlock tool can scan and find connected device(iPhone 6 or 6 Plus) and enable connection with the mimic Apple server. On this way you are completely protected from stealing your new Apple ID send to your email and you are done, use it wisely this tool because if you use twice on the same email it will result an error and you must report all process from the beginning with new email address.
Apple got rid of the iconic slide to unlock slider button, and replaced with just the “slide to unlock” text and a subtle animation that highlights the text which hints at the direction in which you need to slide to unlock the lock screen.
With options like iCloud tabs across OS X and iOS, it makes it an excellent choice across platforms.

You can delete entire conversations, set messages to delete after a certain period of time, or delete individual images and attachments.
Then relax because we have found a way to remove the iCloud lock, Bypass iCloud Lock from your device even if you cannot contact the previous owner and you do not know his Apple ID and password.
And once you obtain a device of this kind you as a buyer will not be able to use this device. On you Desktop you should have posted a shortcut of Bypass iCloud Lock Unlock Tool, double click and Run As Administrator. Safari, like most other browsers, gives you the option to save passwords so you don't have to enter them each and every time. You'll have to enter your admin password in order to view all items in your keychain, but Safari will physically show passwords if you ever have the need for it to. With a bit of patience, you can reduce the amount of space it takes up on your iPhone or iPad. But, you don't necessarily want to reopen that kitty GIF that your coworker sent you two years ago.
All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. If there are passwords you've either accidentally saved or no longer want Safari remembering, you can selectively delete them instead of clearing all passwords. To easily remove the iCloud Activation Lock credentials from the former owner you will just need to follow a few simple steps which will enable you to remotely complete the process.
It is very troublesome when you own a device of this kind because you may not realize it at first but owning a device of this kind is illegal. So basically this means that you are not allowed to use it and without the proper info you cannot activate the lock screen so you will have to return the device to the seller.

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