If you want your camera roll backing up your photos and video or you have too many devices and need more iCloud storage you can buy it right on your iPhone. This is good, but my message is not to do with iCloud, it just says cannot take photo, not enough storage? In this video I can help you get rid of this message and I explain what the iCloud is and how to use it best. I would recommend watching the video before doing the steps below so you understand what the settings mean and do.

I have 3 receipts stating I bought 20 gigs, once for every month for three times, yet I can’t SEE where it is added, or HOW to see it added. Can you help direct me to where my (almost, at least 50 gigs SHOWS?) …please help me find where I can SEE the purchased gigs in my settings menu. Accept the terms of use of iCloud and in the next step, you will be prompted to merge all contacts and upload to iCloud. If you want to access your contacts online, you can choose Merge.Once you have completed this step, you can see all the options available for sync with iCloud.

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