The camera on the iPhone takes great photos that it’s not hard to fill up the internal memory with all your favorite videos and snapshots.
Hi there, in this post I’m going to show you four easy ways to transfer the photos and videos on your iPhone to your PC’s desktop. One way to transfer your iPhone photos to your computer is to use the “My Photo Stream,” feature in iCloud. Then, as soon as the magic starts flowing, find the photos on your computer and move them locally to the drive. To start using Carousel on the iPhone, download the app from the App Store and sign up for a Dropbox account. Online Cloud storage services have their perks, but one drawback to this option is that it requires access to a Wi-Fi network. To get around situations where Wi-Fi is not an option or if you don’t want to use your precious cellular data. Another mobile friendly method to transfer your photos off your iPhone, but without the need to be near a computer is to use a memory flash drive. And to further extend their capabilities most, (if not all) flash drives have downloadable apps. For managing photos off the iPhone, these are the Flash Drives that I like (and recommend). If you’re planning on visiting a secluded island in the middle of nowhere on your next vacation. Well, there you have it, You have just learned four ways to transfer the photos on the iPhone to your computer, so don’t wait until the memory is full to get your photos backed-up. If you have any question or would like anything further explained, please let me know in the comments. I’m committing to making more videos like this one to help you navigate the iOS platform and help you to get more done on the go with your favorite Apple Mobile device.
I write stuff about technology and share my views here on getting more done on-the-Go with the iPhone, the iPad, and on the web. One of the major reasons that a user may need to disable Find My iPhone is if they have forgotten the passcode to their iPhone.
Another reason that someone might need to disable Find My iPhone is if they gave the phone to a friend or relative and forgot to delete their data off it first.
If you accidentally purchased an iPhone that still has this enabled, this will not help you reset it. Under the All Devices tab, select the iPhone that you are planning to remove from the list.
After the device has been removed the only your other devices that are online should appear in the Find My iPhone list.
It is important to note that after removing the device from Find My iPhone you can no longer track it. If I want to erase a phone from “find my iPhone” app, does it erase all the info I have stored on my phone itself or does it just remove it from the app itself?

I just got into this situation with my test iPod Touch running a beta of iOS 9 which expired. Hello, My iPhone 5c has a water damaged screen but everything else works… Siri talks, ringer buzzes etc.
Removing the Find My phone from your device from cloud isnt enough to back it up from icloud or itunes. Most of us geekier folks instantly know if our iPhones are CDMA or GSM models, but not everyone pays as much attention to the largely insignificant technical details of their phones. If the model number isn’t entirely clear, or it has worn off, you can still identify the device through iTunes to find similar information about the phone. Wow I must have ordered my iPhone 5 so early that when i took it out of my case right now and looked at the back i just noticed that it only says iPhone on the back and no other information whatsoever.
This displays a screen showing the info that is on the back of the phone and then some – including the Model number. This displays a screen showing the info that is on the back of the phone and then some – including the Model number. My phone is a Verizon phone but according to the Apple site my model # (A1532) is GSM or CDMA?? This is a permanent iCloud Removal service in which you can set up a new device with a new Apple ID, and the previous Apple ID will be removed and the option for Find my iPhone will be deactivated. All you have to do is to read the below instructions and send us your device iCloud activation + IMEI, ICCID screenshot showing the device Activation screen process and the device stuck on the iCloud Activation. If your iPhone is blacklisted, it will not work in the same country in which it has been reported blacklisted, but it will         work on other country networks. The unlock ratio of this service is 90%, but In case the service goes down or we fail to unlock your device, you ll get         100% full refund. Wait until the specified time and you ll receive the confirmation email that your device has been successfully                     Unlocked. So, it’s essential to know how to transfer the photos from the phone to a more appropriate place like to your computer. And we’ll look closely at the options that automate the task, and can free up memory on your phone. If you’re using Windows, you’ll need to install Windows for iCloud first, then follow the same. For example, the iXpand app can be set to auto-save photos and videos to the drive when connected and play music and movie files directly from the flash drive. The device should appear offline, if the iPhone still appears online refresh the page and check that is the correct device you want to remove.
By removing the device you also cannot erase the iPhone’s data, or have sounds and messages sent to it. When i pressed the button to restore iphone it told me to turn off Find My Phone… So i did using this web and it still asked me to turn off Find My Phone!

If you do a hard reset (power+home buttons held down until reset) WHILST CONNECTED TO USB you will get prompted in iTunes to restore the device. Not to worry, it’s extremely easy to find out if an iPhone is GSM or CDMA, all you need to do is look at the model number of the device. For customers in the USA, another easy way to tell if it’s GSM or CDMA is just to find out what cell carrier the iPhone uses. This is really mostly helpful to those who use IPSW (IPSW is iOS firmware, basically the iPhone system software) to either update a device manually, for jailbreaking purposes, or for restoring a device in the event of a significant software failure.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! If you are unsure about the activation mode to which your     device is locked, please write contact us via email or chat with us on Skype. You can get the IMEI# from phone by               dialing *#06# or from the about menu in the settings. Carousel, in a nutshell, is a Photo Managing app provided by Dropbox, that allows users to share and sync their digital photos and videos stored in their Dropbox account with anyone and from anywhere. There’s always the old school method of connecting the phone directly to your computer. Once the two are connected, you could either use iTunes or your preferred photo management app of choice to transfer the photos to the desired location on your hard drive. There is a setting under iCloud on the iPhone itself to turn off the service, but there are other ways to disable the service. If you have restored your iPhone from a backup there may be additional iPhone’s in the all devices list, it is safe to remove them as long as they appear offline.
In that case, knowing which model a device is important when downloading IPSW files for iPhones. I have a Verizon 5c and have used ST AT&T and ST Tmobile SIMs, getting LTE, as well as am currently using ST Verizon LTE service. After the completion of your order you can use any other GSM carrier without any restrictions. But NOT to worry, all of Carousel’s photo managing features have been added to the Dropbox iOS app.
So, capture all the moments that you want, but just remember that they’re not waterproof. I went to my iTunes and the it showed up to setup as new or restore from back and I choose restore from back and it is restoring now. If you want to use the Verizon LTE services on ST, you’ll have to upgrade to the 5c, 5s, 6, or 6+.
ST just started offering CDMA LTE service recently and now I use the Verizon LTE SIM with excellent reception up in Washington State.

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