Merely run the bypass icoud software, lock your iphone to workspace besides click “originate input”, hang around a tiny number of succeeding besides your iphone is prepared to leave.
This post is based on a new video from the vietnam webpage team, they are a mobile developers based on removing icloud via hardware method. But this is not about iphone 4 this is about all ipads models, release a YT video with a machine can print a new IMEI on the ipad chip, so you can use it as a new ipad .
Hello friends we discuses  bypass icloud activation 2016  we are Losing iPhone or iPad can be one of the most horrible experiences in your life as both of your devices may have many personal and private details of yours.

Beginning so as to peak on, your open sesame settle on be present at mandatory previous to anyone be able to rotating place My iphone on your ios machinery, get rid of your ios machine, if not reactivate on top of make use of your ios machinery.
For example, if you have forgotten your Apple ID and password or no longer have access to your old itunes-email account then its impossible to regain control of your Apple Product!! To use doulCi you must add a line to your hosts file that directs your computer to look to their server instead of Apple's activation server.
If the device is your own and not a stolen one, this may compromise your information.It's very simple.

Just Add the "MAGIC LINE" to you "hosts" file on any operating system you are using, and then you are just in one step forward to make the device bypassed. They say their motive is not to make money but to make users aware that the iPhone and iCloud online storage is not safe.

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