Using iCloud is by far the easiest method, but you’ll obviously need to have iCloud set up and configured for this to work. How long the transfer takes depends on how much stuff you keep on the iPad and how fast your internet connection is. Restoring from iTunes may actually be quicker than restoring from iCloud, depending on the size of your backups and the speed of the internet connection. Note: If you already set up the new iPad, you can easily return to the original set up and configuration screen required for the transfer by tapping from Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings, this will reset any iOS device to factory defaults. My brand new iPad hd went fine for synching about the first 20 of about 80 apps and has stalled for 4.5 hours now on the same app – any suggestions about how to fix this problem so that I do not have to sit and wait for the rest of the night for the update?
I can’t seem to transfer my game data from gardens of time, fashion story, bakery story and restaurant story, everything else came on to my new iphone 5 from my icloud back up. Hello, did you get a reply to your question of new “ownership” for your old iPad?
Tried to load info from old ipad to new Ipad 2 but not everything transferred like all my pictures.
I have transferred all my games on to my new iPad vie iCloud but they have all returned to level one why?
This only removes the backups that are stored locally on the computer and it will not impact iCloud backups, which won’t even show up in the list.

Again, we will reiterate the importance of this; only remove backups like this if you have a recent backup available somewhere, or you plan on making another backup immediately within iTunes.
In fact every website you use, every instant messaging client you chat with and every email you send knows exactly where you are.
You’re not obliged to label yourself with your previous location if you walk into a store in your local area or in a foreign country so why should you be on the internet? Every IP address in the world is registered in a massive database which contains the location information. Identity Theft – By piecing together the information you are clearly displaying through all of your internet activity your identity could easily be stolen and used for illegal activities. You can use several different methods to change your IP address.  These are discussed further below.
Place yourself in another country so you benefit from services not available in your current location. There are many ways available to secure your internet activity.  The methods listed below are categorized based on level of technical experiences required, speed, cost and reliability.
Well i think it is quite impossible to be hide on internet because at some place your identity is visible, you can be tracked and your data may be hacked etc etc.
Doing this is easy, you can go the post-PC route with iCloud (recommended), or the old fashioned way with iTunes, we’ll show you both.

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With this method, you’ll see what devices are backed up to iTunes on a Mac or Windows PC, and then you can choose which one(s) you would like to delete from the computer. This means that a RAR file may contain multiple files or folders compressed into a single file.
This service is simple, reliable and well priced.  It takes about 5 minutes to get up and running and works on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, PS2, Boxee and DD-WRT routers (or any other router with VPN capability). When i do that, can i still use the old ipad with everything on it, or can i simply use the old one like a kindle with only books and music?
I can take a backup with my Mac, but I certainly don’t want to start syncing her music, apps and stuff.

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