It happens to many people that when trying to delete SMS in a batch, they may tick the wrong one mistakenly.
Install and launch the program, plug your iPhone into the computer and then click "Start Scan" button.
After the scanning, switch to the category a€?Messagesa€?, all detailed infomation of your text messages will be displayed. Switch to the category a€?Messagesa€?, check the messages you want and click a€?Recovera€? to export messages files to your computer. Tips: For preventing text messages loss from happening again, please back up your iPhone data regularly. In the iPhone forums and Yahoo Answers, I often meet people who want to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone. Many of us may encounter the same trouble in our daily lives as Foxhound7 and charlenec123 do.
Step 1: Connect your iPhone with your PC or Mac via USB Cable and launch the iPhone SMS recovery software.
Step 3: As the analysis finishes, the iPhone text message recovery app will start to scan all the data on your iPhone and all your lost text messages will be listed as a category on the left of the window. Then your iPhone will enter the DFU mode successfully and the software starts to scan the data on your iPhone. Step 3: After scanning, all the found data including text massages and attachments will be listed on the left sidebar. Step 2: Once the software gets all the information of the iCloud backups, all the backups in the Apple ID account will be listed in the software.

Step 4: After a short while, the scan will be finished, and all the data found will be listed by categories on the left sidebar. Tips: If you want to recover the attached videos, photos, voice memos and contacts of MMS and iMessages, highlight the files in the a€?Message Attachmentsa€? subcategory also. While wiping your device and restoring it from backup may be an arduous process, if you really need some data back it may be worth the effort. Now you can preview the messages content in details  and choose the messages needed, finnally click a€?Recovera€? to save them on your computer. If you need to recover deleted text messages from Android phones or tablets, please follow the steps in Android File Recovery: How to Recover Deleted Files on Android. You can preview the messages, and select one or more to recover by clicking the "Recover to Device" or "Recover to Computer" button.
If the backup has been downloaded previously, just click a€?Scan Downloadeda€? to start the scanning directly.
We'll answer several questions here each week, and of course, you can always get help with more immediate concerns from the iLounge Discussion Forums. This means that you can restore your text message history as it existed on your iPhone when your iCloud backup was made, but you won’t be able to access anything that was already deleted prior to that backup. This requires erasing your device and setting it up from scratch, during which you will be offered the opportunity to log into your iCloud account and restore your backup from there. The best way to handle this is to create a new backup of your device using iTunes prior to wiping it and restoring it from iCloud. Once the connection is successful, you will be led to the screen with multiple data types for you to choose from.

When the iPhone is recognized by the software, switch to the a€?Advanced Modea€? with the button in the lower right corner.
It is recommended to back up your iPhone data regularly to minimize the loss in case something bad happens. Choose "Recover to Computer" and select a saving location, and in a short while, the text messages will be saved to your computer.
Select one contact to preview the conversions between you and this contact on the right if youa€™re not sure about the conversion content. This will allow you to return to your current state once you’ve restored the iCloud backup and retrieved any information you need from there. Similar to removed files in computer, your data in the iPhone are just marked as missed but still taking up room.
As for files of other types, the iPhone SMS recovery software will only save them to the computer. If you want to copy the selected text messages back to the iPhone, choose a€?Recover to Devicea€?. Certainly, you can also select the file types you need as you wish since the iPhone SMS recovery software supports to recover lost data of so many types.

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