Before proceeding any further, let us inform you that GO Backup’s SMS, contact, app data backup, and silent installation features require root access. To learn how to gain root access on your Android device, please go through our comprehensive compilation of root guides. Once logged in, all you need to do is tap the Backup button at the bottom, and select whatever content you wish to include in that particular backup package.
Update: The developers have just released GO Backup Pro for Android, which brings in a slightly changed UI. I have been trying to backup my old phone using GO backup, and restore it on the new phone.
AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. How prepare iphone, ipad, ipod touch ios 9 - cnet, How prepare iphone, ipad, ipod touch apps installed device uninstalling current backup . Some iPad users had complained that the Safari bookmarks would disappear on their iPads while they want to keep the title or url of some web pages, especially, of some worth-saving bookmarks which can be used next time.
After clicking "Start Scan", all your iDevice data would be scanned as the following windows shown. Note: If you don't want to exist all items to be displayed, you can slide to the top of the window and click "Only display the deleted items". Firstly, open the program and choose the second mode on the left list - "Recover from iTunes Backup File". It is time for you to select an iCloud backup file on the list to restore and you need to click "Download" button.
There are many file types on the left of the screen and you can tick the blank before "Safari Bookmark". As you can see, iPhone Data Recovery can pave simple way to recover your deleted iPad Safari Bookmarks. If you've only deleted one or two contacts and have them on your computer, it's a lot easier to restore them to your iPhone manually. The latest Android operating system, dubbed Marshmallow, seems to borrow a few features from iOS, so Apple is now helping Android users make the big switch.
With Move to iOS, Android users dona€™t even have to backup their devices because the transfer is not happening over the cloud. When setting up their new iOS device, Android users can now select a a€?Move Data from Androida€? option in the Apps & Data setup screen. Move to iOS requires Android 4.0 or later, and if youa€™re transferring your Chrome bookmarks, make sure you have the latest version of Chrome as well.
Safari will immediately redirect your to the profile settings page, where you can tap on Install. After your device restarts, launch the Settings app and tap on General followed by Software Update.
It has been quite some time now that the iOS 8 has been launched and the users complained about a few issues while updating or using iOS 8.
Not enough space to upgrade iOS 8This is a very common issue about which many users have complained. A well-rounded technology and business journalist.Have been a journalist for more than 6 years.
June 13, 2016iOS 9.3 comes with a lot of exciting features including password-protected Notes, Night Shift mode, data-friendly Wi-Fi Assist, and many more.

Right now, it is simply a layer of security as well as a means to create different backup profiles on the same device, but as the app’s welcome screen suggests, cloud backup might be coupled with it soon.
More importantly the app now supports silent installation  of apps while backing them up or restoring them on Android 3.0 and higher, something that was missing in the earlier versions. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
In addition to bookmarks, other data like contacts, messages, videos, pictures, notes, calendars, etc. Then you need to choose the recovery mode - "Recover from iOS Device" > "Start Scan" to continue. You are allowed to choose "Safari Bookmark" that you tend to retrieve and press "Recover" so that the data can be saved on your PC. Then, choose "Recover from iCloud Backup File" and log into iCloud with your Apple ID and password. It is up to you to choose the suitable way among the three methods above to get back what you need.
Restoring a backup can take an hour or more and requires that you delete everything from your iPhone.
Syncing happens every few seconds, so you need to temporarily disable iCloud -- otherwise, iCloud will delete your contacts before you even see them. Instead, Apple syncs everything up by creating a private Wi-Fi network where the two devices can find each other (like modern-day star-crossed lovers but without the teen suicide). Previously the only options was to restore from iCloud backup, restore from iTunes backup, or setup as a new device.
Once the migration is complete, check to see that all the content has successfully transferred over. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. And even after you've attempted to fix the issue, there are times when you simply have to live with an app not working or a feature you used to rely on crashing your device. You'll need to revisit the Apple beta site from your iOS device and sign in to your acccount. My iPad was already trying to download the update, but you may have to tap the update button in this section. Every new software update has a few bugs, few problems like battery gets drained too fast, Wi-Fi connectivity issue etc.
However, some iPad 2 users have reported that they cannot activate their devices after upgrading its operating system to Apple’s latest mobile software. Using the app, you can create multiple local backup instances of all your contacts, text messages, apps and app data. That is, future updates of the app will allow you to upload your backups to your GO account, and restore them on any other Android device. The time required to complete the backup process depends upon the amount of included content. Just select the required backup file, and then the content within it that you wish to restore. If the last backup was done before your contacts disappeared on the iPhone, you can recover them.

You can then print the contacts, or take a screenshot, and then manually type the contacts back into your iPhone Contacts app.
That’s not all; the app supports ‘silent installation’ to restore your apps in the background (that is, without requiring you to manually go through the installation process of every individual` app). The premium (paid) version of this app will give you the option to backup your data to cloud and restore it as well.
Right-click to copy the file, then right-click inside the same folder and paste to create an emergency copy.
Your missing contacts should be back on your iPhone, your computer and in iCloud without the risk of being automatically deleted again.
You will need to input the code on your Android device to authenticate the transfer between the two devices.
And afterwards, Apple also uses this app-ortunity to remind you that you can recycle your Android device for free at any Apple Store. According to Apple, there are times when users cannot recall their password, their devices will remain inactive.There are some workarounds to fix the problem. In this piece, we will show you how to force your iPad into DFU mode and restore to iOS 9.3 afresh. Unlike most other backup and restore apps on the Play Store, GO Backup’s interface is, as should be expected, very neatly designed. You can use PhoneClean, a specialized iOS tool which can help you remove all those junk files, cookies, cache and other unwanted files on your phone’s memory. Besides, we are expecting to see the next generation Apple Watch and an Android version of Apple’s instant messaging service, iMessage at the event. As the upgrade will happen on your device but the download and installation process will be completed on your computer. Follow the steps below to upgrade from iTunes.Connect your device to your PC or laptop, and iTunes will be launched automatically. The result might be a loss of data.All you need to do is switch to the Recovery Mode on the device.
The PhoneRescue app recovers 24 types of iOS data including the messages, photos, videos, calendar, reminder, notes contacts etc. Apple gives you only 5GB of iCloud storage, so make sure you make the best of the free space.
You need to hold the Sleep and Home buttons together for a few seconds, release as soon as you see that your screen has turned black. If you see the Restore and Upgrade options you are on the right screen.Special Click on Check for Update. Specially if you are using 3G and 4G data services, your phone will consume a lot of battery life.
Simply restarting it can help sort out quite a few issues with the software on an iPhone, but it can also help with fix some battery life problems.

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