When Steve Jobs hinted that Apple iCloud won’t give you unlimited storage access, we knew that it’s bound to face some “question mark” on the faces  of its users who thought it was the latter case.
As you can see, the cloud-based storage only lets you store up to 5GB of storage capacity for the standard iCloud. Well, that’s what MacRumors have unraveled via a tipster who managed to fill-in that limit using iCloud Beta.
Since you’ll be downloading apps and updates, make sure you have a quality internet connection. Before you can upgrade to a new device, you need to first get a solid backup from your old device. As it states, encrypting your backups allows account passwords (Pinterest, Instagram etc…), Health, and HomeKit data to be backed up. Apple Watch Tip: If you have an Apple Watch, make sure it’s paired and in range of your iPhone shortly before you do the backup.
From a browser on a computer, try logging into iCloud with what you think is the correct name and password. This step is optional, but many people forget to disable it when giving the device to someone else. In rare circumstances, you could get locked out of your Apple account if there is a problem porting your phone number to a new phone. While you are still in the honeymoon with your new toy, play it safe and capture some of the essential information about it.
Before you give your old iPhone or iPad to another family member or sell it, wait at least 30 days. After that 30 day mark, remember to disable Find My Device if you hadn’t already done that. How sync ibooks pdfs icloud imore, Get your pdf documents in ibooks on any device thanks to icloud support. 7 steps sync apple iphone, ipod ipad , Syncing apple iphone, ipod ipad icloud easy process, steps . One of the main issues that makes backing up such a questionable process, is the way that backups are handled in the first place.
One of the biggest questions that always seems to come up involves backing up and restoring just the SMS and iMessage messages found in the Messages app.
With that in mind, what do you do if you want to backup and restore only your text messages (iMessages and SMS messages) and keep everything else clean and fresh? There are many reasons as to why you’d want to create a fresh backup and restore and maintain your messages. In this tutorial, we will show you how to backup your SMS messages and iMessages, no jailbreak required. As a note of reassurance, I understand that the website for iBackupBot is very low quality and looks like the type of site that would try to scam you. You’ll need the latest version of iTunes installed on your device to follow this tutorial.
Depending on the size of the contents on your iPhone, the backup may be fairly quick, or it may be slow. Inside of the iTunes backup folder, you should see at least one oddly named folder, which corresponds to your device’s backup. I always like to keep my backup folder clear of clutter, so I will delete any old backup folders that are no longer relevant to me. Once iBackupBot is finished loading all of information from your backup folders, you should see its main interface screen. Under the backups section as listed above, find your device and click the disclosure triangle beside System Files. To export the attachments folder, click the disclosure triangle next to System Files and then MediaDomain. Once the device is finished restoring, you’ll need to go through the standard iOS setup.
After the initial sync, click Get Started, which should take you to your device’s summary page. Once you have finished importing the SMS data, you should notice that the file size of the backup has increased to reflect the size of your imported data.
Hey Jeff, can’t you just do a manual backup in the context menu by right-clicking on your device and backup now? I always would like to use video if possible, but for a tutorial of this length and requirements, it just wasn’t very feasible. I guess that I’d like to try this, but my concern is that when a clean restore is done you lose things like, messages and Music.
Well, Contacts for one, then Keyboard shortcuts, Music (if you have iTunes Match service), Email, documents, photos. I used to transfer the sms.db every time, but in the end every year I just export the database and start over. To stop iBackupbot crashing I removed all the backups from the backup location (find this by right clicking a backup in iTunes and revealing it in the finder) the less the better. If you’ve followed the above prerequisites correctly then follow the steps below to jailbreak iOS 9 using Pangu 9. 10 common ios 9 problems & how to fix them, The only confirmed ios update in apple’s pipeline is ios 10. Imageware systems issues corporate update, San diego, ca(marketwired - aug 9 due to 2015 containing an uncharacteristically high cost of professional services revenue incurred with the project discussed above.
10 common ios 9 problems & how to fix them - The only confirmed ios update in apple’s pipeline is ios 10.

Imageware systems issues corporate update - San diego, ca(marketwired - aug 9 due to 2015 containing an uncharacteristically high cost of professional services revenue incurred with the project discussed above.
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During the WWDC event, Apple didn’t talk anything about what will occur when you hit its quota.
As you can see from the picture, the iCloud will send you a love letter on your email that you’re about to reach the maximum limit of your cloud storage; naturally, this also means the system will stop creating backup or save your files towards the iCloud unless you delete some files to free up some space. You see, contrary to popular belief that all users are only entitled to 5GB, it appears Apple will be proving extra boost of storage for those users who are willing to pay more. Prior to beginning the backup process outlined below, I highly recommend you first use iTunes to update to the latest version to eliminate any restore issues on your new device.
Without that checked, none of your passwords and other sensitive data will be restored onto your new device. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and follow the prompts to restore from backup. Your email account, your Wi-Fi, your Facebook, and everything else you want to access from your iOS device. If you’re new to the world of Apple, be sure to check out all our iPhone and iPad Tips and Tricks! Of course, you can perform a normal iTunes backup, and grab all of your messages and the kitchen sink as well, but that’s not a viable solution for everyone.
Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t provide a way to do this with either iCloud backups or iTunes backups, but it can be done. We’ll also show you how to import these messages back to the same iPhone or a different one. The software is not free, but you can trial it and use it for free to do everything contained in this tutorial.
In this tutorial, I will be focusing solely on the Mac version, but the basic principals of this guide are platform independent.
I can tell you that I have personally used iBackupBot, downloaded it from the website linked, and have followed every step of this tutorial with no problems whatsoever from spam or malware. The time stamp of the folder should match the time when you last performed a backup for your device. On the left side of the interface, you’ll notice a section for devices and a section for backups. The attachments folder contains all of the attachments found within the conversations in the Messages app. If your device is currently jailbroken, do not restore until you verify that Apple’s latest public firmware can be jailbroken. That, of course, is up to you, but you should already have a backup from our previous step. For that reason, I make it a goal to perform a backup as soon as my device is fresh at the Home screen. Under the Backups section, be sure to check iTunes backup (This computer) if it’s not already selected and click Back Up Now. You will be able to differentiate this backup from previous backups by means of its time stamp and size. Since this is a folder and not a single file, click the down arrow directly to the right of the import button.
When the restore is complete, you should have a brand new clean iOS install with all of your backed up Messages app data.
If you use iCloud, be sure to enable it to pull in all of your iCloud data like photos, mail, contacts, bookmarks, etc. The same principals of this tutorial can, in theory, be applied to any part of your iOS file system structure. I could have taken screenshots and just walked through the process, but there’s no real benefit to that over reading imo.
After doing a clean restore, it is somewhat tricky to restore photos to the Camera Roll, particularly if you want to keep the order they’re in. It’s quite complicated and invovles setting up your computer as a web server using XAMPP. As in is it possible to extract messages from android in, for example, an xml file and converting it to whatever ios is? One last thing for performing this kind of restore is my Gmail ActiveSync that my iPhone is still eligible for. On my iPhone i turned off camera roll to save time during icloud restore and kept on all other apps’ data including imessages that I want to get restored from icloud.
The steps for jailbreaking are exactly the same as its Windows counterpart, which are outlined below. Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more. Reportedly a close friend of host Salman Khan, Mirza is all set to shake things up in the Bigg Boss house. This can be a serious hassle if you no longer remember some of those passwords (speaking from experience…).
Even though you backed up your passwords doing an encrypted backup, it’s a good idea to find the names and passwords for any Apple accounts you use.

While setting up your new device, you can avoid any problems by disabling two-factor authentication. Maybe you’d like to jailbreak a clean device before Apple kills the Evasi0n7 jailbreak, but you’d prefer to keep your messages in the process? There are, of course, other ways to go about doing this, in fact, iBackupBot itself contains a direct restore option for individual assets like Messages, but I’ve found this method to be among the most reliable. If you wish to pay, you can always register your copy of iBackupBot if you choose to do so. It’s best to connect with a USB cable and not over Wi-Fi, because the full backups can be extremely large. If you open the Finder and use the keyboard shortcut command ?+?+G you can paste the path listed above to quickly access your iTunes backup folder. Under the devices section, you should, in theory, see the device for which you just performed a full backup.
Finally, click the SMS folder to show its contents—the Attachments folder—in the main window located to the right. Again, as mentioned above, I usually recommend selecting the Desktop as an export location for easy retrieval later. It might be a good idea to save-off the device’s backup folder that we referenced earlier to a secure location. The wonderful thing about all of this is that you basically have a completely clean and fresh install, yet you didn’t have to give up your message history in the process.
By doing this, you can have a fresh install with a fresh jailbreak, and keep it until a new jailbreak is released.
Syincing photos using iTunes is significantly different than having photos in the Camera Roll, for one, they cannot be deleted using your phone. How exactly would you go around if you want to preserve Gmail’s ActiveSync eligibility?
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page. Of course, keep in mind this change will temporarily put you at greater risk for your account being hacked. You’d be surprised how many people have an Apple ID, though, even if they never remember owning anything by Apple. This also helps when you accidently drop your new device that first month because you couldn’t find the case you want.
Most importantly, this tutorial can also be completed from start to finish using the trial version of iBackupBot. If you select this device, you’ll see detailed information about it in the main interface window.
Click the SMS folder, and iBackupBot should display its contents —sms.db and Drafts—in the main window interface to the right of your list of folders.
Due to the nature of the content contained within the attachments folder, you’ll notice that it is significantly larger than your SMS database. This makes it so that you can always restore using your full data, or access any other data that may have been on the device should the need arise. Apple plans on releasing iOS 7.1 in the very near future, and most reports speculate that it is not jailbreak-able.
Doing this allows you to eliminate any potential problems with your install so as to mitigate the possibility of having to restore later down the line and losing your jailbreak in the process.
I keep that info in 1Password, but you can save it to Photos and then email it or print it out. If you are planning on selling online with a company like Gazelle, they’ll give you 30 days to send it in.
The company, based in Dublin, develops software that tracks commercial drivers’ vehicle location, fuel usage, speed and mileage for better fleet management. Exporting the attachments folder is a repeat of the exercise explained above using a different location. Basically, you want to make sure that you have other important information backed up like photos if any of that matters to you.
When you get the message saying that there is already a file with the same name in this location, click yes to proceed.
Importing the attachments will take a longer time since it’ll probably be filled with photos and other media.
A convenient setting in the bottom left-hand corner of that screen is Encrypt local backup. Then you’ll want to click Back Up Now. In rare circumstances, even if the iCloud and App Store IDs are the same, they could have different passwords.
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