Before we proceed, you’ll want to download the latest copy of iTunes for either Mac or PC.
In the event of a fire, theft or event that causes damage to your home, your data could be lost. If you own a computer, there are still a great number of reasons why you’d opt for iCloud backups. Unfortunately, it’s also on the top of the list of things people neglect to do on any consistent basis. When you connect a device that has been previously paired with a computer, connecting that device will start the syncing process.
Connect your iPhone to your computer using the correct cable, either one that came with your iPhone or a MFi compatible third party cable. You can leave the Apple Store with your new iPhone 6 and immediately have all of your information restored. The below image shows each and every item that is backed up to your computer whenever a backup is completed.
Select a method that works best for you and be sure that your iPhone is backing up on a regular basis.

There is a reason for the increased storage and bigger screens on today’s smartphones. Beginning with the iPhone 5, all cables use a USB connection on one end and a Lightning connection that connects at the bottom of your phone, as shown below. If there are no messages, you can safely move to the next step, which is checking when the last backup was made. This often means that you downloaded an app from the App Store using your iPhone and these were never synced to your computer. If you’ve had your iPhone lost, stolen or damaged, it can be a terrible and costly experience.
These devices often act as our primary computing devices, in addition to completely replacing your old point and shoot camera.
You’ll have the comfort of knowing that you data is backed up both locally and in the cloud. Share your experience with us using comment box, your feedback are welcome to improve articles. At their core, these are mobile devices, designed so that you can take them virtually anywhere.

Below are directions for how to backup using either option, along with a few pros and cons. Unlike an old desktop computer that spends its life sitting on a desk, your iPhone goes everywhere.
If an app has been removed from the App Store and isn’t on your computer, that would be a rare case of not being able to access it.
I’ve had entirely too many friends and family come to me pleading for a way to get back photos of their sons or daughters as a baby, or a video that cannot be replaced.
It also has means that when you restore from a backup, these apps would be installed on your device. These directions will work for you, but I’d also point you to our article on how to setup a new iPhone.

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