It is quite clear to extract the question from above post: how to recover only text messages from iTunes backup?
Come recuperare la cronologia chat di Wechat cancellata accidentalmente dal vostro iPhone 6? After scanning, you can click Select button in the top right of the interface and then, select all photos you need to download. In this post, we’re going to assume that you previously synced your contacts with iCloud.
If the Contacts toggle is already on but your contacts aren’t showing, just turn it off.
You can log in your iCloud account in your computer and then find your contacts from backups and download them to your iPhone.
Only do this if the above trick doesn’t work, and be sure you make a copy of the existing backup before removing the old one. This is particularly true if you have a damaged or fraying iPhone to USB cable adapter that is barely hanging together with some electrical tape or otherwise has wires hanging out.
If your adapter is physically damaged and barely hanging together, getting a new cable is often the solution to many issues pertaining to backups, power, charging, transfers, and much more. Well, i wasted at least 8 hours trying to get a backup but it kept giving the the ‘dissconnect’ error, sure enough i had a cable with tape on it LOL !!!!
I’ve tried everything recommended here but the iCloud backup which required my buying the 200gb plan. It may be due to some app that I installed in the past two weeks since the last successful backup.
I managed to do a backup after deleting the old backup, changing to an origial Apple cable and using the right hand USD port on my MacBook Pro. I hope this works for those like myself whom had been BEYOND frustrated with this issue but still loves our iPhones as much as we do! My problem was caused by a dummy app, I removed it through iPhone’s SETTING, GENERAL, USAGE, MANAGE USAGE.
Thanks for informative stuff, numbers of users from our group are appreciated the way described here. I had NO backups on my computer at all, and was getting the error when trying to back up any iDevice. If you want to recover found text messages back to your iPhone, you’d better turn on Airplane Mode when connect your iPhone to the computer, just in case messages transferring fail because of new text messages received during the process. This is how to retrieve accidentally deleted text messages from iPhone via iFonebox, so cool.

My iCloud doesn’t have the message icon and I only have the choice to follow instructions to restore backup on iTunes backup. Now just put them in an new-created folder firstly, and then, go to Google photos to migrate them to it. You’d typically need to do this if you got a new iPhone for example, or maybe if you performed a restore. You will get a confirmation message asking whether you want to keep contacts on your iPhone or delete them. If you accidently delete data on your iPhone, you may need to restore to recover deleted data from iPhone. Many of these adapters fail regularly and when they are damaged, they are more likely to experience connection issues with a computer. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
I have looked in my Time Machine all the way back and it looks as if it was never there in the first place. So I just browse into my iPhone’s directory using iExplorer, and create a folder with the same name. Updated iTunes, will try a different cable, but cannot locate this folder at all in the Application Support. When backing up my device on iTunes Windows 7 I am getting an error message that there is no enough memory while my laptop has lots of space. Generally speaking, when it comes to restoring data from iTunes backup, the easiest way is to restore data from iTunes backup directly. Recently she uploaded a large backlog of photos from her phone to the new Apple icloud photos service and I did the same from my Android to Google Photos. For some users, they just prefer Google photos to iCloud photos, thus they need to migrate those photos. Just wanted to jump on the silly bandwagon) ?? – information like this is good for new users to iOS.
Typically following the alert dialog instructions doesn’t resolve much, so if you do happen to run into an iTunes backup failure, try the following solution to successfully backup the device again.
It’s fast, efficient, and almost always works, particularly when iTunes is being finicky or just outright failing. Then & ONLY then was I FINALLY able to perform a backup (twice now after after just over 14 hours of not once) with NO errors!! The other issue by default it is ticking the encryption option and I can’t change it.

The only problem is that when restoring from backup, data from your iPhone will be overwritten by backup data. Please plug in your iPhone to the computer with USB cable so as to scan and retrieve messages back to it. Just run iTunes and then, connect your iPhone to the computer to begin the Restore from Backup process. Well, it seems we both agree that Google Photos is the superior cloud stirage system and we like the idea of it pooling our videos and images together to create books, collages, etc. The only way I found to resolve this was by download contacts backup from the App Store (select vCard in the app) and tap back up.
The issue seems to be in the network settings interfering with the iPhones’ ability to stay connected to iTunes via your USB port. Plus, it is possible to transfer recovered messages back to iPhone directly under the help from iFonebox, just like contacts and notes. The problem is when restoring from iTunes backup directly, you will erase or wipe other data not containing in the iTunes backup.
Remember to connect your iPhone to the computer so as to transfer found messages back to it directly. Thanks to someone who posted on a site, I was able to sign out, reboot, and sign back in and finally my App store purchases loaded!
Here I have found solutions to help you recover accidentally deleted text messages from iPhone directly. The problem is that we want all her old photos (now stored up in iCloud) over in Google Photos. In order to migrate photos from iCloud to Google, firstly, you need to download all photos from iCloud and put them in a folder on your computer, and then, you can select and transfer those downloaded photos to your Google photos.
I HAD tried to make new unencrypted backups, but if the old were encrypted, I can imagine how turning it off wouldn’t actually solve anything. Once all are done, those deleted messages have been in your iPhone safely and successfully.

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