I received such an email and I think it is quite touching to retrieve those photos from iCloud backup just for a video, which may full of great memories of their university life.
In order to extract and retrieve photos from iCloud backup, iPhone Data Recovery is an indispensable software to do it. If you just got your new iPad, you're going to want to set it up and get it working just as quickly and effectively as possible.
For most people, most of the time, we recommend iCloud, but we'll walk you through both of them below. When you turn on your new iPad, you'll be greeted with a Lock screen that simply says "iPad". If this is the first time you've ever used an Apple product or service or just want a new one, you can create an Apple ID.
Agree to the terms and conditions of service by tapping the blue Agree button on the bottom left.
For the smoothest experience and longest battery life, we always recommend setting your new iPad up as new (see above). A progress bar will show you an approximation of how long it will take to download your backup. Once your iPad reboots, you'll be asked to re-enter all your passwords (as a security measure, iCloud will not restore passwords).
If a software update is available for your new iPad, a popup notification will let you know, and a red badge will appear at the top righthand corner of your Settings app. Just like setting up your new iPad, you can either do software updates directly on your device, over-the-air (OTA) or by plugging into iTunes on your PC.
OTA on-device updates are faster and more convenient since your iPad will only download the changes and update in place, so once it's done and rebooted, you're good to go. Striking the delicate balance between your Windows PC and your iPhone starts with picking and choosing the services that you like the best.
To get the best experience with your iPhone and Windows you’ll need some services to sync and be available to you on both devices.
Apple Music or Xbox Music & Groove This is one of the many situations where Microsoft barely puts up a fight. Mail or Outlook Many have made the argument that Microsoft’s Outlook app for iPhone is better than the Mail app that Apple includes with iTunes. Here are all the apps that Microsoft makes available to iPhone owners through the iTunes Store that directly integrate with Windows and the Windows experience in some way.
Make sure that every email account you check online or through Microsoft’s mail apps is available in your iPhone.
Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software. But since I no longer have my previous iPhone, I don't know if there still is a backup to restore. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged iphone icloud backup apple-id accounts or ask your own question. If time travel is possible in the future, no matter how distant, why haven't they come back to tell us? Feeling pressured to publish thesis results by advisor I don't want to work with anymore. Apple continues to surprise its users with its trademark software hiccups after launching iOS. Note that users face this issue when any download fails to settle down effortlessly in your iPhone. Reboot is a handy-dandy option, which comes first to everyone’s mind when he is in trouble. Then launch account settings in the iTunes & App Store and try to log out of your Apple ID. Try to turn off iMessage and FaceTime, though it is quite difficult to reconnect the two with Apple ID. Step #6: Once you enter your Apple ID and password, click on Edit button seen next to your Apple ID and primary email ID.
Step #7: Here, you will be required to change the Apple ID to the email ID iCloud asks you to sign in.
During backup restoration, if you are asked to type in your previous Apple ID password, skip the request.
Once again you need to confirm that iTunes Store is not making any effort to download, which is failing frequently.

About Latest Posts Team IndabaaTeam Indabaa comprises digital marketing & technology professionals, who work passionately to achieve a single goal – learn and share knowledge. So here's a layperson's guide to switching off iCloud, so your naked photos don't stay stuck in cyberspace where hackers can guess your password.
If you've used Dropbox or Google Drive, you probably don't have any difficulty figuring out "where" your stuff is online.
You delete apps from your iPhone but when you go to iTunes on your laptop, there they all are, undeleted. Nonetheless, you probably want to check that iCloud isn't hanging on to stuff you thought you deleted, and you want to make sure that iCloud isn't backing up your photos the next time you start drunk-texting your booty call. You may have noticed that when you take a photo on your iPhone, it saves a copy of the photo in your camera album and also a copy of the photo appears in your "Photo Stream." The photo stream is gathering your photos and preparing to send them to iCloud.
But the problem with mass upload backups is that users aren't as diligent about going through them all and deleting the ones they don't want stored forever. Those photos are about my roommates in the university and I meed to retrieve those backed up photos to make a video for them. With just a few mouse clicks, now, you can retrieve those pictures you need from iCloud backup with iPhone Data Recovery. Your iPad will show you the most common languages for the area in which you bought it, but you can tap the downward arrow icon to see all the choices. Location Services use GPS, cell-tower triangulation, and Wi-Fi router mapping to determine the approximate location of your iPad.
Even if you're on 3G or LTE, your iPad wants Wi-Fi because there may be a lot of data to move around and blasting through your data cap on setup is no fun. Also free, also incredibly useful to track down your iPad if you ever lose it or have it stolen. It's anonymous and helps make Apple make better products, but if you're uncomfortable with the idea, choose Don't send.
You still need to get apps and games, books, TV shows, and movies, set up your email, get iMessage and FaceTime up and running, and much much more. We've got a special, dedicated thread set up in our forums to deal with any issues you may have.
Having revolutionized the smartphone at just the right time, Apple controls the destiny of the smartphone, essentially. On one hand, you definitely want to use the iPhone’s App Store and Microsoft’s slew of apps to bring your favorite Windows experiences over to your iPhone. Microsoft and Apple offer an enormous line-up of apps and services that do everything from sync your contacts to provide streaming music. Chances are that if you’ve had an iPhone for a very long time, you’re already counting on iCloud to backup your photos, store your contacts and manage your email.
Microsoft makes a Cortana app for iPhone that the company hopes will entice you away from Siri. For example, avoid the Reading List in Safari on iPhone and use an app like Pocket, which is available on both iPhone and the web. Again, you can choose to throw the built-in iPhone Mail, Contacts and Calendar apps by the wayside and use the Outlook app if you’d like.
Just know that the app isn’t able to back up the photos or Live Photos that you take reliably without being opened.
Apple’s iTunes for Windows program likes to know where everything is – your music, pictures and more, so that it can sync that content whenever you plug-in your iPhone.
The two can work seamlessly together, just make sure that you put in the time now to get everything running the way you want.
She has been without work for 7 months but last month her pay check was $17925 just working on the internet for a few hours. If the download is not done properly, you may face some issues regarding Apple ID password. Go for a password reset from your Mac or personal computer and then log back in with the reset password. Installed it while transferring data from my old Android phone to new iPhone and it works wonderfully. With the amount of content and information posted online these days, it's really difficult to stay productive and work efficiently without the proper tools. You can delete your photos from your iPhone, but they stay inside iCloud, clogging up space. As an iPhone user you probably think that the reason your Android friends don't get your texts is because their phones are cheap rubbish.

And Apple also says it has fixed the password security flaw in Find My iPhone that can give hackers access to your iCloud photos. The company recommends that you go to Settings > iCloud, then tap to off iCloud features (see image at right). It's no good just deleting the naked selfie from your camera album a€” you have to delete it from Photo Stream too. Now go through all these buttons and menus, and turn off anything you don't want living in the cloud. If you prefer the old-school approach, you can also set up your new iPad using iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC. You have to look at the choices and tap one to check it before the Next button will even activate. This feature is used for turn-by-turn navigation (like Navigon, check-in games (like FourSquare), social networks (like Facebook), geo-tagging (like in the Camera app), and utilities (like Find my iPad, etc. It keeps all your data safely backed up and let you restore or easily switch to a new or additional iOS devices later.
Medium updates might add a few new features or support new devices (for example, iOS 5.1 released in March of 2012 with the new iPad). Millions more may have Android devices, but it’s the iPhone that sets the agenda and Apple that gets all the profits from smartphones sold. Unfortunately, Cortana on iPhone won’t allow you to change settings with a voice command and can’t be triggered without opening the app. If you’re partial to iCloud go ahead and download the iCloud for Windows syncing tool to your Windows PC. As iTunes is also a great media manager in general, don’t hesitate to copy all of your media to the iTunes folder.
Also check Updates section on your iPhone; here, you can check a number of apps need to be updated.
I made it for personal use because I travel weekly with the car and I needed this functionality. I use some of those you mentioned myself, like Bitly or Hootsuite, for instance, and find them extremely helpful. When you're in the consumer electronics market, those two conditions lead to the same result. Do the same thing a€” turn "off" any type of media that you don't want living in the cloud.
Please sign in with your Apple ID and Password, then choose one iCloud Backup file to download.
Unless you have a particular need to globally disable it, you'll want to turn on the Location Services feature at this point.
It’s a given that most of the people whom you see on every street corner with their iPhone 6s or later are also Windows users. If you’re a OneDrive user already, download the app to your iPhone and be sure to setup camera backups. Definitely go with Siri and maybe install the Cortana app as a backup for reminders you need to see everywhere, not just on your phone. In any case, you need to get rid of this problem and hence, we have listed a few possible solutions.
It's because iMessage is flawed a€” it's trying to find your friends in iCloud first before giving up and then a€” maybe a€” sending the text on to your friend's phone number.
But note that the photos setting is at the bottom and has a different button a€” turn that off too! Note that Xbox Music & Groove Music are only available on once you’ve downloaded the Windows 10 update to your PC anyway. Next, I will show you how to retrieve pictures from iCloud backup with iPhone Data Recovery. Outlook comes out ahead feature wise, but know that it’s a replacement for more than just the iPhone Mail app. You really won’t need Apple’s Contacts or Calendar apps if you choose to go with the Outlook app.

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