Most of the iCloud user these days have question if they can access their iCloud login history or not?
This entry was posted in iCloud Help, iCloud Login Logout and tagged icloud login history, login history icloud account, my icloud id login on February 26, 2014 by admin. After spending months building up his collection, OriginalGuy suddenly decided to use the nuclear option. According to iOS researcher Jonathan Zdziarski, the conversations you have on WhatsApp may not be as private as the app led you to believe.
In a recent blog post, Zdziarski revealed that the messenger platform leaves plenty of digital traces when you delete your messages.
However, Zdziarski did explain that it didn’t seem that the company was intentionally retaining the data. In other words, forensic information of the message you sent or received remains on your phone.
This report is even more worrying as the iOS researcher found that other iPhone apps behave this way.
Then, he recommends disabling the iCloud backup – this feature does not fall under the encryption standards.
Some iPhone and iPad users have discovered their devices keep asking them repeatedly for their Apple ID to be verified with a password. A bit of jumping around, a possible iOS update, a reboot, and multiple logins for the same Apple ID and iCloud account, but for most users this resolves the issue.
If you reboot the device after this, you should no longer see the lock-screen error message requesting Apple ID password verification.
Quite a few users have experienced this frustrating issue as shown in various Apple discussion threads, another similar issue exists with some versions of iOS with constant iCloud backup password requests in the form of a pop-up. Apple’s fixation about passwords on mobile devices is annoying, just like their apps that you can not remove from the iPhone. There are frequent software update promoting user experience (basically to collect information on customers), games and yes, that constant pressure to buy more iCloud storage.
Not everyone is rich like our Little Johnny here to waste money and time on cheap and flaky Android stuff full of malware apps. If you are getting the Apple ID verification messages, it is because the device is trying to use iCloud service but can’t, so logging in to the Apple ID will make them go away. My cousins, uncles, friends mom made $20,000,000 last month proof reading email for Tim Cook. Steve Jobs did run a more sustainable ship that is for sure, their computers are rock solid still as far as hardware goes!
What the hell is the point of TOUCH ID if you can’t even use it for an Apple service?

My suggestion you should try to completely Log Offf your Apple’s ID from your idevice and then try to Login again. Apple refuse de supprimer mon adresse mail de ce compte AppleID etranger qui est bloque par des questions de securite que je ne peux repondre, et un numero de telephone mobile en ITalie qui n’est pas le mien. Le support Apple REFUSE de supprimer mon adresse email et mes infos personnelles de ce compte cre par un tiers.
Cet utilisateur a aussi usurpe mon compte iTunes avec son iPhone5 en se connectant avec mon adresse email !
The other method is to reinstall the app that is crashing in your iPhone by reinstalling it via iTunes.
The first way to clear cache in iPhone quickly is to double press the Home Button swipe away the running apps to clear memory. This comes after the company launched end-to-end encryption in April, meaning private messaging for all users. His tests on cleared, deleted, and archived conversations showed that the data behaved exactly the same in each case. According to Zdziarski, they could start by setting up a really strong password on their phones. Lastly, he believes periodical deletion of the app from the device is a good extra measure that helps clear out the message data completely. If you have this issue, this Apple ID password verification pop-up appears at random but frequently, and you’ll see it appear anytime you reboot the device on the lock screen, and often when unlocking the device after a period of going unused. Contrary to some other reports on discussion boards, you do not need to log out or change the Apple ID to resolve the issue, simply verifying the password and rebooting is usually enough.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Makes Apple users an easy target for phishing and hacking, since Apple is training people to mindlessly enter their passwords over and over and over and over and over for no reason at all! Now their software is becoming more like Windows bloatware that makes you susceptible to hacking etc. Well I guess I experienced it once but after I entered the password for verification that pop-up never coming back. With this buggy software, difficult to figure out whether the hackers or Apple are my Nemesis. You can restore your iPhone by connecting it to computer and selecting ‘restore’ option from iTunes. For some this shouldn’t come as no surprise but whereas for some this could be the surprising factor.
Nevertheless, if your iPhone keeps asking for your Apple ID password and verification, now you at least know how to fix it.

Take a good look at customer concerns and try to address them before the realize that you are not the only game in town. The Apple ID is an iCloud ID, thus all Apple ID features are also dependent on iCloud, and vice versa.
Going to so be great, cost will be $50,000 for the junk model and $200,000 for the aspiring d-bag model! Just imagine you are driving happily with your car on the highway and then it asks you to get out, and unlock the door to continue driving. But there are many that just love griping rather than learning how to use a device, who are better off simply watching the Tube: click on click off.
Sometimes, iPhone app which seem to be working fine for months starts crashing, and there is no apparent reason for this. The phone goes in the loop or the app keeps crashing because it could not make its way in the system cache, thanks to the already full primary and storage memory.
That means the only thing that you can do is look at all the content that you have on your iPad. Judging from the large number of published negative comments, one would expect some attempt to resolve this issue but with an estimated worth of almost ONE TRILLION DOLLARS, why the heck should Apple care about customers satisfaction.
If we allow the same SW companies to install SW in our cars, we will end up with the same crap.
I had this problem escalated to the SW engineers at Apple and they were at a loss on how to fix this problem.
You (Apple) think all you have to do is to release your next product and watch your loyal customer line up around the block to get it. Even makes me wonder whether the software is mimicking the DOS attacks and filling my logs with security alerts. One would think Apple would learn something from former smart phone market leader Blackberry who ignored customer complaint and ended up below the floor-mat. Several times I changed my password to move on, copied and pasted the new password into the login box, only to have Apple tell me it wasn’t the right one. I’m sick of having to figure out how to get around their intrusions into my equipment.

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