Let the iCloud restoration begin and finish itself, this may take a while depending on how much stuff you had backed up and how fast the internet connection is.
The appearance is slightly different from various versions of iTunes, but the process is always the same.
If you find that the last synced time is not particularly recent, you just need to backup your iPhone more often!
Note this process is the same regardless of the iOS version and iOS device, though it may look a little bit different depending on the versioning.
Restoring from a backup can be a meaningful troubleshooting trick if you’re experiencing many unexplained problems with the iPhone. BEWARE: restoring from a backup to a different device than the original backup device (like if you upgrade or get a AppleCare replacement) will NOT restore your non-apple application data. It says I need to put a password, I put my password in my iTunes account but it didn’t work. I upgraded to ios5, then do the restore from backup but it asks for password to unlock the backup file and actually, I did not set a password for it and don’t know what to do. Ho w do you stop that going on and why doesn’t it look for old entries and ask to update I now only update on my contacts on the phone but would love to know how you can replace all the ones on the computer with the ones on the phone, cleanly.
The first thing you need to do is to download and install iFonebox if you want to restore photos from iCloud backup. Notes: This process can only make sure that your photos are transferred to your computer in a folder. With iFonebox, it is convenient and functional to extract and restore photos you need from iCloud backup.
How to import contacts using Google ContactsNext, you'll import your vCard using Google. As it is known, Apple saves text messages in its iPhone backups, whether they’re saved locally on PC or whether they’re part of an iCloud backup — which you should have.
Tap the iCloud option at the left side of the window, type your Apple ID and password into the fields at the center of the window, then tap the Sign In button. Click the Download button at the right side of the window, then save the file to your computer. Double-click the downloaded file, then follow the instructions until the installation process has completed. Once the iCloud Control Panel has been installed, you can click the Start button at the bottom-left corner of your screen, then click the Control Panel button at the right side of the menu.

Click the drop-down menu at the top-right corner of the window, click the Small icons option, then click the iCloud option.
Type your Apple ID and password into their respective fields at the center of the window (these need to be the same values that you used when you set up iCloud on your iPad) then click the Sign In button at the bottom of the window. Check the box to the left of Bookmarks, then click the Merge button to merge the bookmarks on your computer with the bookmarks on your iPad.
Click the Options button to the right of Bookmarks, then select the browser that you want to use your iCloud bookmarks with.
You should now be able to open the browser that you selected and see all of your iPad Safari bookmarks have been exported to the chosen browser on your PC. What restoring from a backup does is pretty straight forward: it clears everything off the device, installs a clean version of the iOS system software, then recovers all personal stuff to exactly what it was like from the last backup.
Typically this is done anytime an iPhone has been connected to a computer through a USB cable, assuming auto-sync has been enabled. Keeping frequent backups is a good idea across all devices, whether its your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, or whatever. If things are just running weirdly, battery drains exceptionally quickly, apps are crashing or just aren’t working properly, and when there is quite clearly a problem with the iOS system software or some specific settings on the device. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! The restore is the one that worked for me, but it was pretty scary going through all the other options first and none of them working!
Questio I put my sim card inside the slot and it is searching’s for an internet signal how do I get it to find I try and let it find it by itself and try to type it in with no success.
After scanning, you can choose the one you need and then click Recover to PC to finish the whole process.
You are definitely not alone, as an increasing number of people are finding that the ease of using an iPad for normal Web browsing is far more convenient than getting out a laptop computer and waiting for it to boot up.
You will receive a few notifications about merging contacts and uploading some data to iCloud, so choose the options that you would like to use.
The next step is to get iCloud on your PC and configure that to store your iPad Safari bookmarks.
You actually need to download an extra program to your Windows PC called the iCloud Control Panel. Take note of this location, as you may be inclined to look for the program in the All Programs menu.

This is one of many reasons why making regular backups is recommended, particularly if you’re participating in any major iOS upgrades, adjustments, or tweaks (jailbreak or otherwise), because it lets you return to the last guaranteed functioning state of the device, with all of your data, apps, and customizations intact.
In most cases, a complete restoration will resolve such a problem, but if it doesn’t then you may need to take further actions through the official AppleCare line or Genius Bar. If you already have that checked, then all you do is use your password that you set for it. Unfortunately, they’re not readable, even though you can access them through the file system. As a matter of fact, I find that I use my iPad more frequently than my laptop, and tend to only use my laptop if I need to specifically use a powerful program on the computer, like Photoshop, or if I have to do a lot of typing.
Note that this process is also a good way for you to learn how to backup your iPad Safari bookmarks. Fortunately this program is available for free, and you can download it at Apple’s website from this link. But my increase in iPad Web browsing has led to the majority of my bookmarks being located on the iPad, which can make it inconvenient to find that bookmark later on my computer.
Click the Apply button at the bottom of this window to apply the changes that you have just made.
I last recall the rep telling me in order to first access or unlock it was to input a simple four digit code but don’t remember if it was my last four of social or last four of ph # but at the time I did it n it worked.
You can rectify this problem by using iCloud to export bookmarks from your iPad to your computer.
Now that I need iOS 5 I must restore n backup but since no password was recognized so I had no choice but to go with set up as new iPhone n now I backed up pics, music but NEED my notes n contacts.
This isn't always entirely accurate, so double-check your contacts after for duplicates.
If a new window pops up, you'll just have to select all of your contacts again, right click, and export again.

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