Apple’s iPhone event on Tuesday brought us the two new devices we expected — and not much else. The iPhone has always had one of the best smartphone cameras, and Apple is hoping to keep that primacy. Apple has also confirmed the weirdest rumored feature of the iPhone 5s: a fingerprint sensor built right into the home button. The long-rumored iPhone 5c starts at $99 on a two-year contract ($79 from Walmart), and marks Apple’s return to color. As of September 13th, the iPhone 5c is available for pre-oder from Apple, carriers, and some retailers. Most of iOS 7’s features were revealed at WWDC back in June, and there weren’t any big surprises this time around. If you’re considering selling your iPhone, you probably know to delete all your info off of it. Lastly, unregister the phone and call your network to make sure your number is no longer associated with it. August 3, 2016: Pokemon Go has begun rolling out to Central and South America, including Brazil. Pokemon Go is launching in more and more countries, so if you originally downloaded it from the U.S. Follow the set up steps for Pokemon Go, and log in using the same Google (or Pokemon) account you used while playing the U.S. You should now be up and running on Pokemon Go from your local App Store, and be able to update easily and as usual. Though the new color schemes are flashy — you can get the phone in silver, gold, or a darker "space gray" — the biggest changes are internal, with a new A7 chip that’s been reengineered for 64-bit architecture.

Called Touch ID, it’s a substitute for the traditional PIN or password, with a thin capacitive sensor layered on top of the button. But we did get one very important date: September 18th, the day that customers with existing devices can get the latest version. Here's how to switch to your local App Store version without losing any of your progress! App Store so you could play faster, you probably want to switch over to the version from your local country as soon as it's available. Get helpPassword recoveryRecover your passwordyour email A password will be e-mailed to you. Apple has paired the hardware with a series of software features, adding things like a 28-megapixel panorama creator and a "burst mode" that captures a series of pictures and picks the best one. While the obvious use is unlocking your phone, it can also be used to verify purchases and can handle multiple fingerprints from different users. Also available are custom, soft-feel rubber slipcases for $29 each based on the iOS7 color scheme. Those interested in the iPhone 5s will still have to wait until launch day on the 20th though, as there's no pre-orders being offered from any carrier or company this time around.
There are tons of secret places on your phone where data hides, and if you resell it without checking everything, you’re opening yourself up to some serious security issues. The camera has been updated with a new, larger Apple-designed sensor and a host of other features, and as rumored, the home button is now also a fingerprint scanner. Apple may not be emphasizing camera quality quite as heavily as competitor Nokia, but if today’s demos are any indication, it’s still significantly upping the ante. In light of the current fears about data security, Apple’s promising the fingerprint will only be stored locally; the company says you’ll never see it uploaded to iCloud or any other Apple server, though that’s unlikely to completely quell privacy concerns.

Though it is indeed a cheaper iPhone, the difference is more dramatic on contract; if you want to buy it unlocked, it starts at $549, in comparison to the $649 5s.
But have no fear: Here’s your definitive guide to making sure absolutely everything is wiped off your phone. In Settings, go to General, then Reset, then click “Erase All Content and Settings” and your phone will clear itself out. The iPhone 5s is competing against its cheaper, "unapologetically plastic" counterpart, starting at a heftier $199 on contract for a 16GB model. This release date is a couple days before the iPhone 5s and 5c come out, but nobody’s really getting a sneak peek here — plenty of early adopters have been experimenting with the beta for months. Switching accounts and back isn't a ton of work, but it's work, and it can sometimes confuse your other iTunes or iCloud settings. That’s should be access only with the same apple ID and Password used before Erase in the same device. But Apple’s hoping to make it worth the money with high-end design and a laundry list of fancy specs. Might be after big upgrade your must need to enter your old iCloud ID and Password, But many folk forgot older Apple ID completely. Get info For EU Cookie Consent -> Privacy PolicyThis website uses cookies to improve your experience.

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