Apple is beginning to bake Swift into some of its core software, instead of simply supporting it in third-party apps, senior VP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi said in a podcast interview. The iCloud team has been "completely champing at the bit to be able to apply it in many, many of the things they do," the executive told Daring Fireball's John Gruber.
The group said "they couldn't imagine going back and that they're more productive with it [Swift]," according to Federighi. He admitted that one problem Apple teams have is that they're often working with Swift in a prerelease state. On the subject of Swift going open-source earlier this month, Federighi suggested the move was because Apple wants Swift to be the main language programmers are taught.
The VP also commented that Swift is already the most active language on Github and that as a result, Apple's Swift group is more involved with developers than any other team in the company. I'm sure Swift is great and all,  but what do you expect him to say?The proof of the pudding is in the eating—let's see if it makes iCloud syncing more reliable and more speedy. A few things that are unclear to me:One major reason for Open-Sourcing Swift was to make it available for writing Server apps -- including the Server side of client-server apps.
No, I just read the article and saw red at the mention of integrating El Crapitan features. The Finder can't even handle utterly basic tasks like managing connected devices gracefully. My original query about the Finder crash loop never received a helpful reply.Now, also today, I tried to use two browsers on my phone that have a file transfer functionality using WiFi and a web browser on a PC. I am simply amazed at people who say they never encounter faults with El Capitan when I can encounter several in a day. For the past month, adults everywhere have found their text messages going to their children’s iPads. I was on the fence about jumping to Android, and the past few weeks have knocked me right over.
Who’s Nalts?Kevin "Nalts" Nalty the only career marketer who also is one of YouTube's most viewed entertainers.
This does not, however, help anyone who took it upon themselves to fix the Family Sharing bug on their own using the sage advice offered by The IT Crowd’s Moss and Roy (have you tried turning it off and on again?).
Anyone who removed family members from their Apple Family Sharing account, turned off the sharing feature, and restarted the setup process found that they were unable to re-add those family members for a calendar year. Yes, this seems stupid — the same kind of stupid that pushes people to justify piracy.
The iPad mini has arrived, and Jeff Carlson immediately focused on using it in his photography — not as a camera, but for reviewing, editing, and sharing shots while in the field. Next week is the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, so we won’t be publishing an email issue on 19 November 2012 as we get ready for family and food. Although the weekly email issue of TidBITS won’t appear next Monday, we’ll continue to publish to the TidBITS Web site. Next, we talked through the latest news about Apple potentially dropping Intel chips in Macs in favor of custom ARM-based chips along the lines of the A6X used in the fourth-generation iPad.
The Matias Quiet Pro keyboard doesn’t have quite the feel of the Tactile Pro, but Adam has found that it’s a whole lot quieter for those who don’t want their typing to be a public event.
As a self-described “truly terrible cartoonist,” Michael has been playing with a Bamboo stylus from Wacom along with the Autodesk SketchBook Pro app for making really bad cartoons on his iPad. In a confessional moment, Glenn admitted that while he enjoys the Letterpress game for iOS, he has discovered that he’s really bad at it.
Spookily, Joe has discovered that he has inadvertently been following in the life footsteps of Mac developer Jeff Holland, whose backup app is called, wait for it… Deja Vu. Let us know how you liked this staff roundtable, and if you have any suggestions as we continue to refine our approach. In iCloud on the Web, go to the Mail app, click the gear icon in the upper right, and choose Preferences. A year after returning to private ownership after suffering under a series of uninterested corporate owners, Retrospect Inc. Both new versions of Retrospect add a new Instant Scan technology that reduces scanning time on both backups and restores by tracking files and folders on the Retrospect client and server in the background, rather than as part of the backup process. Finally, mixed-platform users will appreciate the new Windows client software for Retrospect, which provides on-demand backup and restore like the Mac version, plus support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 clients. Glenn’s 127-page “Take Control of Networking & Security in iOS 6” is definitely aimed at a geekier audience. If you’re the de facto support person for your friends and family, though, “Take Control of Networking & Security in iOS 6” has loads of essential information that will help you set up and maintain networking configurations that go beyond the basics. The other major topic that Glenn covers in “Take Control of Networking & Security in iOS 6” is security, largely because many of the networking-related questions that we’ve fielded over the years involve securing network traffic.
There’s no question that Apple has done a good job with making iOS 6 easy to use for most things, but email and networking continue to need explication because they must interact with the outside world that Apple can’t control.
Enter Glassboard -- When my turn came to go with Dad to the hospital and keep everyone up to date, I remembered an app I’d used with friends at a conference many months back, Glassboard, which enables a small group to create a private social network in the form of a “board,” which is a bit like a chat room for a specific set of people. I had debated using a mailing list for this type of communication, but when I’ve tried setting them up in the past, it proved difficult to get everyone through the typical signup sessions and train them to use the list instead of sending to individuals. Like other social networks, you can share text messages, photos, videos, files, and locations with other people in a board, and it groups comments so you don’t end up with just a huge list of messages — you can tell which initial message started the thread.
Glassboard’s free version has no limit to how many people can be added to a board, though it does limit the number of boards to 10 and the amount of storage to 100 MB per board. Setting Up Glassboard -- I dug out the username and password I had used months ago and started a new board for my family.
As my father’s health issues have continued to improve, we’ve found other uses for Glassboard.
Overall Glassboard’s private group messaging system has proved a useful, and surprisingly easy, way to keep important communication channels open for my family when we’ve needed it most. Like a lot of other people, I’m getting familiar with a new iPad mini during this first week of its availability, and so far I can unequivocally state that my wife will steal it from me if given any opportunity. But while other writers are thinking about how it fares for average customers (my take: people are going to love it), I want to look at the iPad mini in terms of how it would work for photographers. After using iPads since the original model, I’ve become convinced that the tablet is a great addition to a photographer’s camera bag, regardless of whether you’re a pro or casual shooter. The iPad mini will appeal to photographers much in the same way it appeals to most potential customers: the smaller size and reduced weight is a draw for folks who want a better look at their photos when shooting in the field, but pros who need to show off their work in the best possible way may opt for a full-size iPad with a Retina display. Laptops make this process easier, but they also involve gear, especially if you’re shooting on location, or going on vacation where you may want to avoid any temptation of work. With 10 hours of battery life (which some people are reporting is a conservative estimate), the iPad mini doesn’t demand that you scramble for a power outlet after just a few hours of use. People accustomed to Retina displays will notice a difference when reading text, but photos look great, even when you zoom in to check whether an image is in focus or to spy details. For photos, the Retina screen fares better in terms of saturation and warmth, but not dramatically so.

You’re definitely paying more for a better screen in a Retina iPad, but for more casual use or for getting a better read on how images are shaping up in the field, the iPad mini is perfectly fine. It’s the Ecosystem -- Perhaps the most important aspect of the iPad mini is that it’s still a fully functional iPad. Many photographers may not be interested in the iPad as a photo studio or in-the-field reviewer, but they do see it as a great portfolio presentation device.
The iPad mini runs dedicated portfolio software such as Portfolio for iPad, so you can definitely keep your best photos at easy reach.
A Photographer’s Companion -- If your most important consideration is size and weight, the iPad mini is an easy choice — and it’s less expensive than a full-size iPad, too, although in either case we’re still talking about spending several hundred dollars. Two quick bits for you this week — the obligatory report from Apple on how wildly popular the latest iPads have been and a nicely detailed review of the iPad mini from Dan Frakes at Macworld.
Dan Frakes Reviews the iPad mini at Macworld -- If you’ve been pondering the purchase of an iPad mini, Dan Frakes’s detailed review at Macworld should give you the details you need to make an informed decision. This is TidBITS, a free weekly technology newsletter providing timely news, insightful analysis, and in-depth reviews to the Apple Internet community.
Non-profit, non-commercial publications and Web sites may reprint or link to articles if full credit is given. More importantly Federighi noted that the team that does Dock and window management for OS X implemented of all of its El Capitan features in Swift, and has worked on mass-converting its code. The company sees Swift potentially being "the major language for the next 20 years of programming in our industry," in Federighi's words. Apple has serious work to do in this regard in my opinion.Will Apple rewrite iTunes in Swift? The tech folks at Cupertino should be glad he’s dead, but still fear his wrath in the afterlife.
Well, it has to do with a restriction Apple is using to prevent Family Sharing from becoming a tool for pirating digital media. I get that Apple wants to feel confident that Family Sharing isn’t just an easy way to pirate media for close-knit communities, but not everything being shared is under copyright. Back upto your own drives, computers, and online with unlimited storage.With unlimited online backup, this is one resolution you can keep.Back Up Your Life Today! Many of us will again be consulting the handy worksheets from our own Joe Kissell’s “Take Control of Thanksgiving Dinner” ebook for our dinner preparations — no one lays out what needs to be done better or more clearly than Joe. To keep up with everything we’re writing, you can check back at our site, use the free TidBITS News iOS app, or subscribe to our RSS feed, Twitter stream, or Facebook page. Silver isn’t alone in this field, and while the Romney camp undoubtedly had analysts too, there’s a fascinating article at Time that looks at how President Obama’s quants helped direct his campaign. The staff consensus is that it would be totally in character for Apple to switch to their own custom chips. Retrospect estimates that on a MacBook Pro with 1 million files, Instant Scan can reduce the backup time by 10 minutes.
Retrospect 8 for Windows also gains the capability to restore an entire machine to a completely different computer, automatically adjusting drivers after the fact to account for differences in the hardware. Reading email on an iOS device isn’t the same as reading it on a computer, and Joe walks you through Mail’s strengths and limitations so you can figure out the best way for you to work with email on your mobile device. I can’t envision my parents reading the book simply because they’re not that interested in networking in general. To that end, Glenn explains the real security risks of using public Wi-Fi networks and provides suggestions for ways you can ensure that your data cannot be sniffed in transit. These ebooks offer exactly the sort of expert assistance that you won’t find anywhere else, so whether you need only one or both, we’re confident that they’ll prove useful.
My siblings came to town, initially to visit him in the hospital, and later, after he had returned home, to help our mother keep an eye on him.
The basic free version had worked well at the conference and I recalled it was multi-platform, offering iOS and Android apps, plus a Web client. Plus, Glassboard offers push notifications for both iOS and Android; in many email apps, push notifications are difficult, if not impossible, to set up. It might have been possible to use Facebook or Twitter to communicate, but Facebook defaults to being as public as possible, and making private information public is just an incorrect menu choice away.
For $5 per month or $50 per year, Glassboard Premium ups the per-board storage to 1 GB and allows unlimited boards. I sent invites to my siblings from within the Glassboard app, and then followed up with texts to let them know what the invite was for. Even the less technically savvy among us was quickly signed up, logged in, and started using the app to share text and photos. When Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast, we used Glassboard to keep up to date on my brother’s status in New York. If you’re looking for a way to keep in touch with a smartphone-using group, it’s absolutely worth a try. In fact, I was inspired to publish a book earlier this year, “The iPad for Photographers,” that goes into depth on the topic.
When I wanted to shoot the last day of my daughter’s soccer league, for example, I could have brought either model, but my instinct was to reach for the iPad mini. That could involve capturing photos with a point-and-shoot camera, or carrying a DSLR, several interchangeable lenses, a portable lighting kit, and more. Portability becomes paramount, and although the 9.7-inch iPad is a big improvement over laptops, the iPad mini is a revelation.
A sync cable and power adapter for charging, and some way to get photos directly from a camera onto the iPad.
Or, you can get an Eye-Fi wireless SD memory card for your camera and transfer photos via Wi-Fi. When you do have to recharge the device, it doesn’t take as long as the Retina iPad models, which contain massive batteries that can take 6 to 8 hours to charge fully.
And in general, I’m noticing that the more I use the iPad mini, the less I care about the reduced resolution compared to my third-generation Retina iPad; it’s a jarring adjustment at first, but my eyes have adjusted.
This comparison shot, taken with a Nikon D90, makes the effect more pronounced than it appears in person.
Too often we think of something “smaller” as having fewer features, and Apple certainly could have made a single-purpose device like an Amazon Kindle. It’s so much more convenient to meet a potential client in a coffee shop with an iPad instead of a bulky photo album. However, the larger screen of the Retina iPad makes for a more dramatic impact if you’re selling your photos and ability.
But really, serious photographers aren’t likely to buy any iPad for its photo-capture capabilities. The iPad mini isn’t using the latest, fastest processor, but I haven’t found areas yet that suffer from the difference. Support for PCD and PICT export from the 64-bit version has been added, along with the capability to import ECW files, though this latter feature is lacking in the Mac App Store version due to Apple’s restrictions.

I mean if he truly finds using El Capitan to be torture he is getting his just reward everyday (cause apparently trolls don't know how to rollback OS X updates).Back in the real world, every release has some bugs and frustrations, but El Capitan is a great update that is certainly as stable as any. When we started FoundationDB, many expertsthought it was impossible to build a distributed database with ACID transactions, but after years of work we proved that it could be done. So guys like me are at the office getting bombarded with texts from kids, and our own texts aren’t going through.
You just need to keep turning iCloud and iMessage off and on and eventually you will get lucky.
And families were getting by quite fine without needing synchronized messaging between devices. Family Sharing launched yesterday, and lots of people who rushed to set it up found that the people they added were unable to actually share digital media among themselves.
Also, Kevin van Haaren contributes an article about how his family used the Glassboard app and service to create a private social network to stay in touch during a family medical crisis. Plus, in a few days we’ll be pushing out a free minor update to the ebook, mostly to improve the EPUB version’s formatting for those following the recipes on an iPad in the kitchen.
For a number of us, that meant watching Web sites with election maps updating in real time, while simultaneously comparing the results against the state-by-state predictions from Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight blog at the New York Times.
We strongly suspect that Apple is compiling Mac OS X for ARM-based chips even now, much as the company did with Intel-based chips while shipping for PowerPC chips. Of course, if you wish to send replies from multiple accounts, the Account of Selected Mailbox option might be better, though even that isn’t entirely predictable (see Joe Kissell’s “Mountain Lion Mail Perturbs Sending Behavior,” 7 August 2012).
That’s a bigger deal than for most apps, since Retrospect is primarily used for backup by small and medium-sized businesses with mixed-platform networks. This is an issue because on larger networks, or installations with very large amounts of data to back up, the extra time can enable more systems to be backed up, or data to be backed up more frequently.
Specifically, Notification Center is now used for alerts related to backup status, and Retrospect plays nice with Gatekeeper thanks to an Apple Developer ID-signed version of the app.
So-called “bare metal” restores are commonplace in the Mac world, but aren’t easy under Windows. How do you deal with attachments, both those that arrive in email and those you want to send? And since even a properly set up account sometimes has problems, Joe explains how to diagnose and fix a number of common email-related problems in iOS.
That’s not to say they haven’t benefited from it — when my grandmother was in the hospital recently, my mother called for help because although her iPad was connecting to the hospital’s Wi-Fi network, she couldn’t get email or load any Web pages. Moving slightly further afield, he then talks about what data is at risk if someone were to gain access to the device, and what you can do to ensure that you don’t suffer the added insult of data theft on top of the injury of physical loss.
As his health continued to improve, we all returned to work, but everyone wanted to be kept abreast of his situation, especially during his frequent doctor visits.
I, and one of my brothers, did not have a texting plan with AT&T, so we had to pay $0.20 per text for both sent and received messages. That enabled my Android-using brother-in-law, and my flip-phone-using sister (at least when at a computer) to participate as well. Twitter is even worse, making everything public except direct messages, which can go to only a single person. Although we could have created a new board, Glassboard is focused around groups of people, and since the group was exactly the same as the people we had tracking my father’s status, it made no sense to create a new board and re-invite the same people to it. Because the iPad mini does everything the full-size iPad does, I had no concerns about being limited later when I would review and share photos from a coffee shop.
And digital photography — which has mostly become a redundant term — also involves a computer of some sort for storing and working with the photos you shoot.
It occupies less space and weighs far less than a regular iPad, while still giving you a screen for reviewing photos that is far better than the tiny LCD on the back of most cameras.
Apple now sells two camera adapters: the Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader and the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter, each priced at $29. The iPad mini’s screen has the same resolution as the iPad 2 at 1024 by 768 pixels, though the pixel density is higher, at 163 ppi, thanks to physically smaller pixels.
But the iPad mini runs the same software as its larger siblings, which gives you a portable photo studio in your camera bag. Developers must design their apps to work within tight memory and processor restrictions as it is, so it doesn’t feel as if buying an iPad mini means making a significant step down in terms of performance.
Belt out that you will not spend an entire Sunday being the damned tech support desk for the entire family. Apple has allowed this bug to exist, primarily to irritate us into establishing separate iCloud accounts for each device. This appears to be a temporary bug that goes away for most users soon after set up, but we’re reaching out to Apple for additional details. And what if you want to search for a message — you’ll use one technique if it’s not on your device and another if it is, but you don’t know which mailbox contains it. Of the four siblings, three of us have iPhones, meaning we could use iMessage for free texting. In Glassboard, communications on a board are automatically private, being restricted to just the members of the board, and one person controls the invites. I’ve not heard about that re-occurring from my brother, so it either went away on its own, or he deleted and reinstalled the app.
Glassboard worked particularly well in keeping everyone updated on my hurricane-struck brother. These are some of the more important unknowns right now.iTunes in particular has long needed a FCPX type rewrite, and in Swift, to completely clean up what they app has become and how people will use it in 2016 and on. Unfortunately iMessage cannot combine SMS text message recipients and iMessage users in a group session. I'd like to see them split the app in two: Music—jukebox, music storage + optional Apple Music functionality.
If one user can receive only SMS messages, all group participants will receive texts via SMS instead of iMessage, and for my brother and I, the texting bills were adding up quickly. The iPhone app works fine on the iPad, but it would be nice to have a larger view available. And for the love of God, remove the iOS App Store from the iTunes Store and put it into the App Store on OS X, making it the single repository for all your device app downloads when using that system. IBM offers a web site where you can interactively develop Swift programs through a web browser -- an online Swift Playground, so to speak.

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