The search for 31-year-old Maple Shade resident Thomas Cerveny, who hasn’t been seen by family and friends since October 3rd, continues without too many helpful clues. To recap, Cerveny, who goes by “Thomas James” on Facebook, is described by police as 5’9?, 155 pounds, with blue eyes and sandy-colored hair.
I agree 100% – the main focus should be getting the word out there that he is missing.
You have to come home Tommy , Its killing us inside , Please , if you need help Reach out , There are Millions of Hands that will help you any way possible, Were Asking if anyone knows anything Call the police ASAP. We reserve the right to ban impersonators and remove comments that contain personal attacks, threats, or profanity, or are flat-out offensive.

While nothing bad should happen to even the most vile person, his dissapearance can likely be partially credited to poor judgment.
Although, of course, this is a difficult time for his family, these facts are important in finding him.
Someone who is struggling with a similar situation may have run into him recently or know him from the circuit. Mackenzie tells me that authorities have done a thorough check of Cerveny’s email accounts, iCloud, bank account, call logs and all social media sites without any clues as to where he could be. Anyone with information should contact Maple Shade police by dialing 856-234-8300 and referencing case 14-15432.

Addiction is an inherently difficult disease to overcome and this family has been going through it for a while, it seems. Often times, especially with Crystal Methamphetamine (aka Tina), week long benders are not uncommon.

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