The third beta includes fixes for audiobook playbook and iCloud account setup with iCloud Keychain, but there are undoubtedly other tweaks that have not been documented by Apple. I, like a number of other security-minded Mac users, turned on FileVault 2 before my new MacBook Air was even out of the box.
Mac OS X v10.7 Lion and later include a feature intended to help users with oddly spotty memory. Worryingly, this was enabled by default on my MacBook Air as soon as I upgraded from the copy of Lion it shipped with. OS X also includes a feature called FileVault 2, as I previously mentioned, that encrypts your entire hard drive and requires your login password to decrypt it.
My Apple ID controls much of my data—especially the data I associate with my dealings with Apple, Inc. If the system is coming up from a cold boot, the option to use your Apple ID is not present, presumably because the system can’t load network drivers until it has decrypted them. Does this still apply if you opt out of storing your FileVault encryption key with your Apple ID? As mentioned, another workaround after experiencing the issue might be to decrypt (wait), make sure the checkbox is unchecked, encrypt (wait). The easiest solution in this case may be to take the Apple ID info out of your account's listing in Users & Groups.
Your Apple ID will no longer be associated with your account, which removes the ability to use your Apple ID to reset your password.
If the Mountain Lion upgrade enabled "Allow user to reset password using Apple ID" on your MBA, this is a bug specific to certain configurations. I heard that apple shuts down fw and tb drivers when user is logged out so that DMA access to memory is prevented. This sounds like the option to reset your password via your Apple ID is removed automatically when you use FileVault2. Since I wanted to see if the issue described in this post is still a problem with the current release of Mac OS X, I tried to reboot my MBP and I wrote the wrong password 3 times; the system though didn't ask me for the Apple ID access, just for the encryption key generated during the process (which obviously I didn't store with Apple). I just tried both logging out and running the screensaver (password-protected) and although I typed the wrong password multiple times, I've never been asked to login with my Apple ID. Rounding it all off, we point you to notable app sales, freebies, not-to-be-missed discounts and interesting software focused news items which otherwise wouldn’t warrant standalone posts. My fav feature is the rack focus which changes the foreground in focus: just enclose the distance to get the initial and final focal points of the shot saved with the Focus Range.
A great feature for mobile filmmakers, it lets one person focus on the framing with the other precisely controlling the focus and other parameters like in a real movie shooting. Confero — Tidy up your Home screen by eliminating the red notification badges that many people find to be an eyesore. Searchlight — This tweak improves Spotlight by letting you access the search interface from anywhere, even while within an app. Switchability — If you ever wanted to put the App Switcher in Reachability view on iPhone 6 Plus devices, this useful tweak gets the job done.
ReachApp — A tweak that brings true split-screen multitasking to iOS has received plenty of new switches to customize it to your liking. Alayer [$1 > FREE] — A capable image editing app which lets you stack layers of effects on top of each other, including textures, lens flares, light leaks, gradients and colors, to achieve some dramatic results.
Game Dev Story [$5 > $1] — A simulation in which you manage your own game publishing company and try to create a million-selling game has been slashed 85 percent in a limited-time promotion. Award-winning studio Damp Gnat drew inspiration from art, film and comedy to bring the game’s virtual world to life. Pocket Solitaire [$1 > FREE] — If you fancy a game of solitaire to kill a few minutes while commuting or waiting in the line to buy yogurt, Pocket Solitaire by Light Arts has been slashed to zero bucks for a limited time. Waterlogue Mess [$3 > FREE] — An excellent water color paint app that Apple featured in its latest “Start Something New” promotion is available at no cost through the official Apple Store app. Word Mess [$3 > FREE] — Featured by Apple as a Staff Favorite, Word Mess challenges you to find words in beautifully designed word clouds and improve your visual scanning abilities and vocabulary through engaging gameplay. 10 apps to start the New Year off right — To start off the New Year with a bang and keep to those resolutions, check out Lory’s list of apps that will help you shed that winter coat you gained during the holidays, stay fit, be more productive and get your life organized throughout 2015. Time tracking and productivity articles of 2014 — From the creators of Hours, a powerful time-tracking iOS app, comes this carefully curated list of some of the best articles that will help you get more organized so you’ll have more time to spend with your family and friends.
App Store growth continues unabated — According to latest stats from Fiksu, the App Store in November saw a 42 percent overall surge in app downloads year-over-year, passing eight million average daily downloads for the top 200 free iOS apps. Part of the growth is attributed to an increase in organic downloads but surely new devices have contributed to the surge. If you want to learn more about other trends in search, check out the Google Trends webpage and spend some time on an interactive “Year in Search” micro-site which lets you browse related stories that made headlines in 2014.

Twitter’s ‘While you were away’ feature appears in iOS app — Twitter has expanded its “While you were away” feature to more users worldwide so everyone can now check out a recap of tweets they may have missed. So, when you unintentionally delete your contacts or you just need to transfer your contacts from one device to another, you may concentrate on iCloud for help. Join us and get our newsletters for new product releases, major updates and special offers to manage your iOS devices and Smartphone.
Celebrities were the targets of the iCloud security breach, but rumors are spreading on Friday of a far more widespread hack of Snapchat accounts.
Snapchat says that its servers "were not the source of these leaks," and says its users "were victimized by their use of third-party apps." But there's also growing evidence that whatever photos are being leaked are probably old photos that were collected over time. Whatever the case, this latest security scare has already been dubbed "The Snappening." It comes in the wake of "The Fappening" ("Fap" is Internet-speak for masturbation), in which hundreds of personal photographs of celebrities were apparently stolen from iCloud and posted to websites such as Reddit, 4chan and AnonIb.
Blogger Kenny Withers was the first to report on the alleged Snapchat breach, based on conversations held on the anonymous forum-based website 4chan, although the original threads are no longer on the site. According to Withers, a 4chan user claimed to have accessed the accounts of 200,000 users of the app Snap Save, a third-party application that allows Snapchat users to save photos sent to them via Snapchat without the sender's knowledge. There are multiple apps carrying variations of the name "Snap Save" or "SnapSave" available in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
In addition, others are claiming the that the leak is fake and the photos that were being spread on 4chan were previous images that had leaked online, a trend that is not uncommon. Independent security and privacy researcher Ashkan Soltani performed a reverse image search on some of the photos included in the alleged leak. Snapchat was quick to wash its hands of the potential hacking, releasing the following statement to Mashable. We can confirm that Snapchat’s servers were never breached and were not the source of these leaks.
The statement implies users themselves are to blame, an unfortunate choice of words that borders on victim-blaming. In any case, it's Snapchat's responsibility to make sure that users aren't able to take advantage of security flaws. So even if the leak in question is not comprised of new photos, the fact remains that photos sent via Snapchat can be saved by the receiver without the sender's knowledge. Just as we know the iCloud Activation Lock is a very favorable safety measure to find the lost iOS device, and prevent thieves restore it. Course you can find your iCloud password through security question, but if not, you have to find other ways. If you’ve forgotten your login password, but remember your Apple ID password, you can reset your login password based off that. I believe this was an honest oversight by Apple’s engineers, and one that can be corrected in a point release. I'm not sure if this limits app functionality though--what *does* Apple use that setting for other than password reset?
My User & Groups preferences pane looks exactly like yours except for that one checkbox that mine does not have.
If you don't allow apple to keep a copy of your key during FV2 setup then this option will not be there and cant be accessed with your iCloud account password.
The files can be accessed using your Apple ID even if you didn’t share your FileVault key with Apple. The Apple ID security issue only applies if the Mac is already on but the screen is locked due to sleep, the screensaver, or being logged out.
Fans who frequent iDownloadBlog have grown accustomed to App Recap, our daily column that provides a summation of the most important updates to your favorite apps.
The 700MB download includes eighteen licensed cars and lets you play as any of the 17 official drivers to win a total of 13 official events of the 2014 WRC calendar.
With iPhocus, your iPhone becomes a powerful camcorder with manual controls for focus, exposure and white balance. You can enable features like viewing the Notification Center in split-screen view, take advantage of a much-requested app selector and more. Explore chilly vistas, deadly hazards and gorgeous post-apocalyptic frozen wonderland to unlock clothes for Dennis. Not only does it sync watch history, but saves your progress across multiple devices so you can start watching a movie on your iPhone and continue right where you left off on your iPad, and vice versa. As a bonus, players can enter the Gates of Shadows and prepare to start their tremendous journey through the shadow lands.
The Cost Per Loyal User Index (CPLU) declined 27 percent to $1.58 in November, a 12 percent decrease year-over-year. Through iCloud, you can store data such as photos and iOS applications on remote computer servers for download to your computers.

And if you need to preview and check the contacts at great length, and then selectively recover those you want, you cannot forget iPhone Data Recovery, which is a terrific iOS recovery program customized for all Apple users. Check contacts that you want to get back and click a€?Recovera€? to recover deleted contacts from iPhone. Bloggers and anonymous 4chan users say 200,000 Snapchat accounts may have been compromised, with photos stolen from a third-party Snapchat app called Snap Save.
Most of the searches pointed back to the same photos already posted on other websites, proving that these photos were previously released.
However, the company's statement does hint that the privacy of Snapchat users can be compromised with the use of third-party applications. Snapchatters were victimized by their use of third-party apps to send and receive Snaps, a practice that we expressly prohibit in our Terms of Use precisely because they compromise our users’ security.
Anyone using the official Snapchat app could still have their photos harvested by a third-party app — the sharer has no way of knowing if the receiver is using the real Snapchat app or not.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. However, in some cases, even you own are likely to forget your iCloud password, the worse result is that you the iPhone be locked after you accidentally upgrade a new firmware. The below is a viable way for those users who try to bypass or remove the iCloud activation lock, but only applied to jailbroken devices. The settings there should now be turned off, you can now fully remove the account that was associated with the iPhone you are using.
Check if a new connection has been formed by trying to play a sound on your iPhone from the iCloud page.
The update has a build number of 11d5127c and developers can download it OTA ( over-the-air ) or via Apple’s developer center.
The basic issue is that, with the default settings, if your Mac is asleep or booted up and logged out, anyone who has your Apple ID and password can access your encrypted FileVault 2 files. As I found out a few days ago, if the setting is enabled when you encrypt your drive, the checkbox disappears and you cannot disable it1. That said, FileVault 2 is explicitly designed to protect against attacks even when the user has physical access; whole-drive encryption is kind of pointless otherwise. I don’t want somebody to be able to decrypt my drive and see it because they have an unrelated Internet-facing password. But once the system is up, if you log out or turn on the screen saver or close the lid or somehow wind up at the login screen, the option appears and can be used.
That likely means that the accounts that are allowed to login to FileVault have been synced there.
VoiceOver compatibility and a fix for opening iCloud containers are include in this update as well. These trends should continue over the December holidays and even into January, as per Fiksu CEO Micah Adler.
This year, Apple sold its “Lucky Bag” for ?36,000, or roughly $300, with some big ticket items such as Mac notebooks, Apple TVs, Beats headphones, premium accessories by Twelve South and more.
In addition, iCloud acts as a data syncing center for email, contacts, calendars, bookmarks, notes, reminders, photos and other data.
From now on, there is no need for you to worry about the data lost especially contacts lost, because youa€™ve had a powerful recovery tool at hand. ET: Someone claiming to be the perpetrator posted on 4chan that no photos would be released. We vigilantly monitor the App Store and Google Play for illegal third-party apps and have succeeded in getting many of these removed. Snapchat's statement implies that as long as you don't use a third-party app, you're fine, which simply isn't the case. The only way to turn off Apple ID–based password recovery is to decrypt your drive, change the setting, and re-encrypt.
FileVault has already been unlocked) but asleep or logged out, all you need is the Apple ID and password (regardless of whether you shared the recovery key with Apple). Far more than 140 characters were needed to get the full picture, so I encouraged Jonathan to blog about it. There’s a backdoor that appears to have been accidentally built in by Apple, and it can be used by an attacker to gain root access on your system.
That process can take a very long time depending on the size of your drive and whether it’s a hard disk or an SSD.

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