The IBM Institute for Business Value has a worldwide presence and is comprised of more than 50 consultants who conduct research and analysis across multiple industries and functional disciplines. The term a€?big dataa€? has been used to convey all sorts of ideas, including: huge quantities of data, social media analytics, next generation data management capabilities, real-time data, and much more.
Whatever the label, organizations are starting to understand and explore how to utilize such solutions to process and analyze a vast array of information in new ways. Cloud significantly expands the reach and availability of a wide variety of data and content, allowing consumers to share commercial and user-generated content across devices.
Our benchmarking data is built around a common, cross-industry Process Classification Framework, which means that business performance can be objectively evaluated.
People want to take a more active role in managing their healthcare a€“ both to reduce costs and improve their quality of life. For companies that are struggling to get an end-to-end view of their global supply chains, taking command of multi-enterprise visibility issues in ways that combine real-time information, event processing, and advanced analytics may provide the answer. Despite increasing attention to alternative energy sources, the world can't forget about oil and gas, as it struggles to meet ever-rising demand for clean and affordable energy. Health Care Of The Future: Non-Invasive Blood Tests, Brain-Connected Avatars, Digital Pill Boxes. Insurance and Financial Advisor: Insurance Shifting from Sellers' to Buyers' market, where trust rules.
The more knowledge people had about Electric Vehicles (EVs), the more viable an option it became. According to a recent study by IBMa€™s Institute for Business Value, therea€™s a significant divide between how companies want to leverage social media channels, and how their customers use them.
Technology-savvy and demanding, the new smarter consumer is an important demographic, explains Melissa Schaefer, from IBMa€™s Institute For Business Value. The chart above shows you the year-over-year revenue growth Global Technology and Global Business Services experience. Global Technology Services, or GTS, provides technology infrastructure and business process services.
Application Management provides support to the company’s packaged software products and associated maintenance.
To succeed in today's environment, businesses need to lead through increased complexity and volatility, drive operational excellence and enable collaboration across enterprise functions, develop higher quality leadership and talent, and manage amidst constant change. IBM Strategy and Transformation (S&T) integrates IBM's management consulting capabilities to enable client success through executable strategies, and deliver value through technology-enabled transformation. Innovation that increases competitiveness and differentiation, sparks customer centricity and drives growth. Improve your operating model and interconnect end-to-end supply chain functions for optimized process efficiency and effectiveness.

Improve forecasting and reporting, develop predictive capabilities, reduce enterprise risk, and optimize your finance organization.
Harnessing technology to drive business innovation and create sustainable growth while optimizing the IT organization.
Business insight, advanced research and technology provide a distinct advantage in today's rapidly changing environment.
Our Global Supply Chain Management leader Dave Lubowe and the IBV's Karen Butner present the findings of this new Supply Chain study. Author Richard Parry tells how progressive companies are now using project teams to both originate M&A deals and make them happen successfully. The IBM 2010 CFO Study identified a group of outperforming Finance organizations, which we call Value Integrators. Three new supply chain management rules help counter complexity and demand variability and help restore supply chain stability. Businesses today are undertaking digital transformations, rethinking what customers value most and creating operating models that take advantage of whata€™s newly possible for competitive differentiation.
Many countries are benefitting from increasing inward investment levels, either from the sheer number of investment projects or jobs created by foreign investors. Smarter commerce requires synchronizing the entire value chain to deliver consistent and predictable outcomes. The first step toward creating a robust ERM program encompasses understanding the scope of risk management and nurturing collaboration and preparedness a€” making it a "team sport" across the enterprise. To successfully exploit the potential of social media, companies need to design experiences that deliver tangible value in return for customersa€™ time, attention, endorsement and data. When the time is right for business model innovation, the Three A's represent essential organizational capabilities: aligned, analytical and adaptable. IBM analysis of 20 best practice cases revealed a set of clear, replicable strategies for operationalizing global integration.
While most organization have business have continuity plans in place, many don't address a company's most precious assets: its employees. Who does a global corporation, with a multi-billion dollar budget, ask when it wants to determine the future direction of its Supply Chain? Workforce analytics is enabling HR professionals to be more engaged in the formulation of corporate strategy. Experience the power of Business Analytics in a real-life business simulation a€“ and understand how planning, monitoring and analysis interlock smoothly. IBM Global Business Services delivers consulting and solutions for a rapidly changing digital world.
In doing so, a small, but growing group of pioneers is achieving breakthrough business outcomes.

Cloud's game changing attributes are revolutionizing the media value chain, and forcing media executives to adapt their business models at an unprecedented rate.
Yet, in the face of escalating crime, natural disasters and security threats, many systems are ill-eqiupped to protect the citizens they were created to serve. Its capabilities include strategic outsourcing services, global process services, integrated technology services, and technology support services and cloud services. Consulting services provide business solutions that span strategies, analysis, operations, sales, and supply chain–related issues. Of this, strategic outsourcing contributed 57%, Integrated Technology Services along with cloud services contributed 24%, and maintenance contributed 18.5% to total GTS revenues. Of this, outsourcing contributed 22% and consulting and systems integration contributed 78% to total GBS revenues. Achieve end-to-end transformation, from strategy to implementation, and gain efficiency in cross-functional collaboration.
Help your enterprise drive growth and innovation through a variety of Strategy & Transformation solutions.
Value Integrators excel at two capabilities: 1) Finance efficiency brought about by process and data consistency, which helps unlock the power of analytics and 2) business insight to drive enterprise performance. How does it make the transformation required to become the fact-based voice of reason and insight for the enterprise? The driving force behind the growing investment has been an effort by companies to position themselves for the realities of a new global economy. This paper is focused on helping those who want to emerge as winners in the new cloud provider marketplace. New competencies are needed for governments and agencies to be better positioned to improve public safety and enable enhanced growth and vitality. Our latest research, entitled Journey to a Value Integrator, profiles 15 high-performing enterprises from the CFO study and provides a new playbook for Finance Transformation. Additional research on 15 high-performing enterprises from the CFO study suggests some answers. Read our full study (PDF, 1.78MB) and explore our new interactive playbook for Finance Transformation which include more information on how IBM can you on your Journey.

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