IBM's later versions of Notes and Domino nonetheless succeeded admirably, eventually spawning Big Blue's range of collaboration software.
And of course the Notes vision lived on, as the application's developer, Ray Ozzie, was eventually appointed Bill Gates's sucessor as Microsoft's Chief Software architect. IBM's revelation of the brand's demise emerged in this blog post by Ed Brill, IBM's director for social business and collaboration solutions. Brill's post says the timing for the change of name was picked to co-incide with the announcement of betas for Notes 9.0. The Register has asked IBM if the Lotus brand will disappear entirely and is yet to receive a response, but a quick fossick around Big Blue's website reveals the company still maintains a web page dedicated to Lotus software, but sublimates the name 'Lotusphere' in promotion for the 'IBM Connect' event it will run in 2013.

A statement emitted by a nameless entity said "The updated branding of Notes and Domino is a continuation of our overall branding strategy across IBM to have IBM branded capabilities. See how National Geographic created a policy around employee logins, prevented rogue IT scenarios, and provided cost savings and end-user productivity benefits. Learn about the 6 Tips for Engaging the New Mobile Workforce and how they can make your workers more productive.
This guide is designed to assist prospective All Flash Array buyers evaluate the different options. Users often weren't so enthralled: Notes' whopping client strained the first-generation Pentium-powered PCs of the day.

But of late Notes has been a target, with Microsoft promoting Notes-to-Exchange migrations for both messaging and applications.

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