The CTERA Portal is a hybrid cloud-based storage delivery platform which provides remote centralised monitoring of cloud attached storage devices through a dedicated interface as well as provide protection to all subscribers with complete control and minimal operational overhead.The CTERA Portal allows service providers to manage multiple thousands of subscribers as well as controlling all aspects of hybrid cloud attached storage. Hybrid cloud storage is very secure and few vendors will offer cheap cloud storage, because they tend to duplicate at the back end using their customers as the feeds. Cloud vendors have to prove that the security of the data is better and stronger than other premises.
Before placing all your data on the cloud, it is always good to get some advice on cloud security. The cloud storage providers should invest their money to arrange for a consultation with the customers before using the cloud.
The security and advice guidance crew says that such services are becoming more available, with the vendors offering made to measure hybrid cloud models that comes along with integrated security models. Securing a hybrid cloud involves some steps, but you have to make a right choice to choose the best provider. After securing few data with thorough research your off-site data will be more secure after verification.
Many vendors try to sell out the hybrid cloud storage system, but the users should make proper security before using the cloud system. This strategy and product focus is the reason SME has connectors to over 50 storage clouds and why we have focused on letting companies install our entire EFSS stack on-premise, on IAAS or in their own data centre. As more and more companies use the Cloud to replace their existing file server the need for similar functionality to that which existed on-premise becomes important. File locking simply allows a user to lock a file whilst updating to prevent another user editing the same file.
Storage Made Easy private enterprise file share and sync solution fully supports file locking through all of its web, desktop and mobile clients. The problem with current file sync and share solutions is they miss many of the features needed to really use them as a file server replacement.
The Storage Made Easy is storage independent and promote interoperability and integration, working with any combination of storage points, be they public or private, so if you have existing solutions that require global locking, versioning, event Audit, Cloud Governance, amongst other things, SME can help. In summary For companies that have data stored in the cloud, in one or more storage providers, global file locking and versioning should be considered a mandatory feature for enterprise file share and sync. With the recent celebrity photo scandal fresh in the minds of companies who are either using or anticipating moving to use Cloud questions regarding security, architecture and governance are fair  ones to ask.
Without a doubt cloud computing offers advantages to companies that encompass ease of use, productivity and cost savings, however companies have concerns about if, how and where they store their sensitive data. The benefits of a hybrid cloud strategy are that it addresses the security concerns of sensitive data whilst offering a dual strategy, unlike a pure private cloud implementation. File Sharing is a key part of a companies ability to collaborate and share corporate data, which increasingly can be stored in many disparate services. Point 4: Compliance, Compliance Compliance – Compliance is fast catching up with all verticals when it comes to storing and accessing corporate files off site. Now that 2012 has drawn to a close and we are in mid January we thought it would be useful to reflect on what we have seen through our own business as trends and pointers, look at some of the things we have done over the course of the last year and finish by looking at what Storage Made Easy brings into 2013. A key trend for our business was a switch from online personal and SMB clients to more direct channel and corporate clients using our hybrid Appliance.
We’ve been asked many times from our Cloud File Server clients how they can customise their accounts to incorporate a unique link and logo branding.
Branding your Cloud File Server is straightforward, when logged in as the Cloud Admin, just navigate to the Option setting and upload your own logos.

Once you have updated the graphics you will be given a unique link to access your Cloud File Server for your company. Once you have completed the branding exercise your Cloud File Server can be accessed using the unique home page and your brand will be displayed subsequently after login. Microsoft's Takeshi Numoto updated the TechNet blog with the news that the new Azure StorSimple 8000 series enterprise hybrid storage arrays will be made available on August 1. This new series includes the StorSimple 8100 and the StorSimple 8600, according to the report.
According to the specs, the 8100 model has a usable local capacity of 15 TB, a usable SSD (eMLC) capacity of 800 GB, an effective local capacity of 15 to 75 TB, and a max capacity (including the cloud) of 200 TB. Don't miss each week's most important technology trends, insights and decision-making advice, right in your inbox. This can work well when there is a massive set of data files and the compression can be in excess of 80%. The risk of data stored in the cloud is very less than those in some parts of the business.
If locking does not exist then at worse conflicts occur, at best file updates get overwritten and perhaps even lost. Versioned files are files that have been superseded by newer files but which can be kept for audit or archived purposes and which can later be promoted to replace newer version of a file if needed. This do not just include locking and versioning, but also CIFS access from the desktop, file event audit, access over common protocols such as WebDav or FTP, ability to be deployed private and to work with other storage clouds or data points, solve the shadow IT problem etc.
Hybrid Cloud essentially continues to offer businesses all the benefits associated with the public cloud whilst enabling them to continue to have choices of storing certain types of data privately.
As  a control points Storage Made Easy can be configured to audit log all file events which can be exported as an excel file or as Syslog events for use with Business DashBoards.
It can function as a public and private cloud data control point and can also be set to enable users to add their own consumer cloud accounts if this is a company policy, and it can track which corporate documents are moved, or shared, into a users consumer cloud account. For example Storage Made Easy enables users to share files using links that can be password protected and in which the link can be set to expire. Consider whether your strategy should be a point solution or whether it works with your existing data sets.
Consider whether the solution works how you work so that it does not get in the way of business or productivity. The work we are doing with Huddle on the channel side and Xtime and Finser on the direct side are great examples of this trend.
Companies want to stop staff using un-authorised services and have come to the conclusion that they need to put structures in place to not only prevent this but to offer an alternative.
Companies are focused on the data legislation and governance of structured data so that they can track all file events, a mandatory requirement for certain verticals, such as government and healthcare for example.
The ability to search across disparate data sets easily and also on the move is becoming more and more important for companies as they try to make productive use of their core corporate asset, their data ! Enabling easy IaaS deployments so that users and companies can easily deploy their own personal or company cloud onto IaaS infrastructures. They're the most powerful yet, he says, featuring an even deeper connection with the cloud than seen in previous StorSimple models. What's more, they use Microsoft Azure as a hybrid cloud tier, which enables off-site data protection and automatic capacity expansions. The 8600 provides larger capacities; a usable local capacity of 40 TB, a usable SSD capacity of 2 TB, an effective local capacity of 40 to 200 TB, and a max capacity of 500 TB.

In case of a disaster, this feature will provide full images of virtual volumes in Azure to end users and applications for accessing data as soon as possible.
This is essentially StoreSimple technology running as an Azure virtual machine, allowing StorSimple 8000 Series users to run applications in Azure that access snapshot virtual volumes in the cloud. Offering the most comprehensive hybrid cloud storage delivery platform on the market, CTERA Portal is already a popular choice amongst enterprises. If you do not like yours and other people’s data being used together in this way, you should need a dedicated service where only your data is being duplicated.
One of the researcher and analyst of cloud storage states that the without proper cooling devices and using of out-of-date servers may harm your cloud storage data. Storage Made Easy EFSS solution provides full support for both of these features using its unique visual versioning feature. Public cloud solution examples are Amazon S3, RackSpace Cloud Files, Google Storage, Azure Blog Storage, Salesforce etc. It also enables encrypting of sensitive files through the gateway that reside on public cloud Apps, or the choice of keeping these files entirely private behind the firewall but still accessible. Many vendors may purport to promote managed secure file sharing but often you find you have to move your data to their Cloud to have the solution work for you. For example Storage Made Easy integrates directly in the desktop as a network drive with simple right click options to share files. Also for companies, the ability to search against historic file sharing or data access should be just part of an overall joined up corporate security policy.
You should be able to decide how you manage data or metadata associated with storing files and sharing files.
We already do this for Linode  but we will be expanding this to Amazon EC2 (and maybe one other provider we cannot discuss yet) and making the whole process an easier click through process. If you take reasonably secure data storage in the cloud is far less risky and backup, which they do not have. GEO location tracking and restrictions are also built into the platform as is secure file sharing across all data stores enabling a common file sharing policy to be set.
The file link can be set to expire on first download for example or set to download after 24 hours (or any other specified time period).
We have tried to be as flexible as possible with what we provide to users but we find that this can result in users being paralysed by the paradox of choice so we will be making these much easier to understand. He also says that it feels higher risk to put things in the cloud, no matter how flexible the things are. If the file is password protected, even if the file is forwarded by the recipient then the file cannot be accessed unless the password is provided. Similar integrations exists for core productivity tools such as Microsoft Office and Open Office or Libre Office.
A control mechanism promotes best practice security management of files and reduces operational risk.

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