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TweetWith 1GHz Dual Core processor, this Huawei phone can be a good fit among the medium-range devices.

Huawei Honor Holly is a sophisticated mobile devices recently introduced by Huawei smartphone vendor.
The Chinese company Huawei has unveiled a new range of devices including Huawei Honor Holly that comes with using a set of specifications and will compete directly with the devices that are part of the Android One initiative.
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The screen resolution of Huawei Ascend Y210D phone is 480*320 pixels and the display is of 3.5 inch. Holly is launched with the Android 4.4 operating system along with the Emotion UI user interface. At first, this Honor model will be put into play in India, and later on it will be available in Pakistan. Additionally, it holds 1GB of RAM, so in general, keeping the Honor holiness aside, This baby is based on the latest tech that will not have too many problems for the regular work.

Unlike Honor Play, The display of this Holly smartphone is 5.0 inches with a resolution of 720p. It is also important to mention that the internal storage of Holly exceed our expectations, a full fledge 16GB along with the microSD Card slot, awesome right? That means that Holly can outperform Android One in some departments without any problem and therefore, it seems difficult to keep the Honor Holly much economical and in the user’s reach.
Before reaching to the end, we must not forget to highlight the fact that unlike Honor 3C, Huawei decided the phone to be a Dual SIM type, something that is becoming more and more common seeing previous launches. 2000mAh power bank of Holly is surely not the best we’ve seen, but considering the hardware it seems more than enough.

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