For those of you who don’t know with Xbox Live account you get 512MB free storage which you can use to store you game achievements, saved games, game profiles and any other data. Step 8: Now simply login into your Xbox Live account and you will have all your data available Cloud Storage. At E3 2011, Microsoft confirmed that the upcoming November dashboard update for Xbox 360 will bring "Cloud Storage" to the console that allows easy cross-system management of save files and user Live profile.
So after knowing this, we hope Sony might think to increase their limit of 150MB Cloud Storage space per user. Major Nelson announced the release of a new update for the Xbox 360 today which adds a range of functionality, chief amongst them being 2GB of cloud storage. The cloud storage on Xbox 360 has been increased to allow room for players to upload their save files for games they wish to move to Xbox One, when they become backwards compatible. Other changes include being able to connect your console at locations which require the acceptance of terms of use e.g. I've been playing games for the past 25 years and have been writing for almost as long.

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You can now move games saves, profiles, achievements and other data you want to Cloud Storage. Now you can log into your Xbox Live account and have everything you stored in Cloud Storage available to you. This is very useful because later on you can use these files from any other Xbox console that have internet access. Sony offers 150MB Cloud Storage space to its PS Plus subscriber, but Xbox 360 users will get a total of 512MB of Cloud Storage space. Major Nelson recently tweetedA that the update would allow users to view backwards compatible games in their library and marketplace.

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I'm mostly drawn to single player, story driven games and couch co-op, but will occasionally delve into multiplayer. This allows you to save your games and pick up where you left off from any Xbox 360 console. Your game saves, Microsoft points, Dashboard backgrounds, achievements and more are saved on Xbox Live servers.

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