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Given the extent of development both Google Apps and Microsoft's Office 365 have gone under recently, or just the sheer volume of features each service now offers, deciding which "office cloud" might be best suited for your small business or enterprise has become an extremely daunting task, abounding with risk. To help lessen the apprehension with choosing Google Apps over Office 365, or vice versa, I'll be creating a series of posts that will go over virtually every nook and cranny of each service.
First, we'll look at the most basic office applications, productivity and document management apps.
The applications that both Google Apps and Office 365 are most known for are their productivity suite apps that include a word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet software.
Seeing to it that probably most enterprise workers spend the majority of their day creating or collaborating upon word processor, presentation, or spreadsheet documents, this is where both Google and Microsoft have placed most of their emphasis in regards to development. Both productivity suites will get the job done, meaning that 99 percent of the principal work that the majority of enterprise users do can be accomplished with either set of applications. Most enterprise users work in teams, and not only need to share their documents with teammates, but also collaborate with them upon those documents in real-time. Document navigation and search might be a set of features formerly taken for granted, given that we all once used some kind of OS-based file managing software like Windows Explorer up until recently, when Internet browsers became necessary to access documents online.
Document revision could be known as the act of both storing old copies of the same document with the ability to store a revision on the whim, while versioning takes this routine a step further by giving the author the ability to understand the differences between each version, as with CVS (Concurrent Versioning System).

Enterprise Size (Small, Medium and Large) Columns: GA (Google Apps) or 365 (Office) indicates which is appropriate in each environment. Where warm air meets cold air the warm air is pushed upwards where it cools, condenses and precipitates (usually as rain).
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I hope Game of war cheats and hacks unlimited gold cheat this game of war cheat will provide you with unlimited gold, allowing you to have unlimited resources. It has been updated where necessary, along with its associated comparison spreadsheets, to reflect the latest information for both Google Apps and Office 365. There are a number of factors to consider in order to avoid actually harming an organization's productivity or drowning it in sunk costs and unforeseen expenditures.
These applications are known as Google Docs under Google Apps, and Office Web Apps under Office 365.
For the most part, Google has focused on stripping down what Microsoft has built upon with its Office desktop software for years, by making a simple yet intuitive interface that users of productivity software, like Office, can easily navigate, without much of a learning curve. However, for that remaining 1% of work that needs to get done, Google Apps is left behind, simply because Office Web Apps affords users the option of integrating with the desktop equivalent of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and even OneNote, just in case more advance tasks, like creating VBA programs, is required. There are a number of obligations one has to undertake in order to properly manage documents, and the data or information within them, effectively.
Both Google Apps  and Office 365 have the ability to share, collaborate, or co-author documents in real-time, or in Office 365's case, pseudo real-time.
Both Google Apps and Office 365 have ample means for providing all of these features, but all have their reasons for concern when it comes to the large enterprise. Although advances have been made in this territory, most will find that both services are lacking a certain "je ne sais quoi" - fluidity.
Although both Google Docs and Office Web Apps documents each have sufficient methods in place to keep track of a long history of revisions, any versioning feature is completely missing. Office 365: Download this tool to find out which online productivity suite is most cost effective for your business.
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Furthermore, there are other trade-offs to choosing one service over the other, which go well beyond the basic set of productivity tools each offer — SLAs, application support, and maybe, especially, user culture and adoption. I'll do this by way of a downloadable comparison chart (Excel format), which I'll describe briefly below. Both suites also include some supplementary tools to accompany these core applications that can also be said to have been designed to promote the idea of increased office productivity. Microsoft has taken a similar approach, but takes any learning curve completely out of the equation by simply reducing certain parts, or advanced features, of its desktop Office 2010 software. The real difference between the two might be a matter of preference — where Google Docs documents have a more straightforward approach to sharing and collaboration, Office 365 puts in place a number of mechanisms to prevent two authors from editing the same data at the time.
This might only be necessary for advanced users, such as developers, but is something that can certainly deepen the argument for moving entirely to the cloud. But perhaps, more importantly, the takeaway might illustrate how the Google Apps or Office 365 either lives up to what it aims to accomplish or even how one service bests the competition. This download is available for free as part of a TechRepublic Pro membership or may be purchased through our online store. For Google Apps, this includes its Form and Drawing applications, while Office 365 offers an online version of its desktop OneNote software. Microsoft's desktop and cloud versions of its office software are almost a spitting image of each other, somewhat analogous to how one may purchase a car. Both can be noted as suitable for even the largest of enterprises though, especially when considering that this kind of technology is rather new, and really not available elsewhere, at least on a wide scale.
You can also click the thumbnail below, if you just want to view a snapshot of the spreadsheet in a full-size view without downloading anything. Choosing Office Web Apps is kind of like opting for a cheaper model of the same car, but minus the leather seats, faster engine, sunroof, and other fancy add-ons.
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