Out of the box, we see that the WD My Cloud is only slightly larger than a standard internal hard drive.  A blue LED for power is the only light in the front that stays solid when it’s powered up and flashing when there is data activity. Connection was as simple as can be: Connect the WD My Cloud to our Netgear R6300 router and plug it into the wall. After making sure the network was online and able to reach the internet, the WD setup software detected and displayed the drive’s serial number and assigned IP address. The My Cloud software gave us the option of adding more users as well.  This is perfect for those of us with families or just want to have others with the rights to secured access to the NAS. And with those few keystrokes, we are finished and ready to start loading up the drive with our content.  Before we do that though, let’s take a look at some of the user interface that is at the heart of the My Cloud personal NAS. The WD’s My Cloud desktop interface will have six tabs on top for Home, Users, Shares, Cloud Access, Safepoints, and Settings that will take the user to more customizations.
The update process took about 5 minutes for us to complete (download, install, and reboot of the MY Cloud device). So I installed it using the quick guide and that was easy enough; however it installed a bunch of unneeded software including Apple Bonjour used by a useless utility showing the shares exposed by the drive and I came to realize that the remote access apparently goes through a Western Digital web server. Ok, so I read many horror stories about earlier versions of the Firmware of this device related to the IP address changing through HDCP and the first thing I did was go into my router and assign the WDMyCloud device a permanent IP address through my router’s HDCP reservation feature so the IP address won’t change. I copied a large library of files to it and got between 10 Mbs to 60 Mbs depending on whether I was copying many small files or fewer large ones, large files appear to copy faster. The Firmware in the drive is quite “brittle” meaning that it has a number of anomalies and bugs that may need you to reset or reboot the drive at times or to work around at times the Setup Web Pages may stop responding properly. On my local LAN, I don’t care much about security so I have made everything public without any passwords. Next I tried to set-up the SafePoint feature on the Settings Dashboard to make a backup of the settings and data on the device. Now I do not intend to use it for streaming data to mobile devices so I have not tried any of that. Yes, all computing devices can connect to the My Cloud, including Mac and PC systems (browser and My Cloud desktop app).
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If you had a look in the support forum of WD MyCloud you would have found out that there are a lot of user complaints proving that the firmware of that device is unstable since the first shipments in Oct. With My Cloud (single bay) each folder has a user control on it that only a particular user has access to it at a time. For My Cloud Mirror, My Cloud EX2 and My Cloud EX4 there is a document flow management feature – a check-in, check-out feature.
A White Paper that explains how the Vormetric Data Security Platform addresses PCI DSS 3.0 . Offer best in class cloud-based encryption, access control, and security intelligence to your customers. About two weeks ago I attended the Strata + HADOOP world conference, February 2015, in San Jose.  I think the most notable observation from an IT perspective is that people are getting serious about it. One example for security – Cloudera now says that “Security is Foundational” and the new default. With this level of emphasis on security at the platform level, as well as additional application related controls that can be applied, such as field encryption or tokenization, the environment is making progress toward overcoming the security and compliance risks that customers must address in order to harness the value of all of the data from multiple sources.
The conference, organized by O-Reilly and Cloudera, has grown significantly in size this year and was hosted at the San Jose convention center for the first time.

Walking away from this conference I would definitely say HADOOP and its ecosystem is “Big Data” and forms the Enterprise Data Lake. To wrap up, the pace of innovation and the value that the HADOOP ecosystem is bringing to the commercial world was definitely palpable. D-Link’s ShareCenter™ Pro 1100 enables users to safely share and back up missioncritical data with advanced features usually found only in higher-end devices: Snapshots, Replication and data Encryption are all included, with no need to purchase additional licenses. Businesses will appreciate the NAS file server in the DNS-1100-04 which takes full advantage of the accelerated performance provided by iSCSI.
The DNS-1100-04 offers several backup options which allow administrators and users to control how, when, and where their data is stored.
USB connectivity provides the option to establish a printer server, monitor a UPS, or connect USB devices such as hard drives and flash storage. The DNS-1100-04 features 4 Serial ATA (SATA) disk drive bays supporting RAID level 0, 1, 5 or JBOD configurations. The DNS-1100-04 incorporates D-Link Green Technology which provides ecofriendly alternatives without compromising performance. There are a few important things to keep in mind when returning a product you purchased.You can return unwanted items by post within 7 working days of receipt of your goods. 30 South Park Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94108, USA Please remember to ensure that the item you are returning is repackaged with all elements.
The rear panel has a gigabit Ethernet port, power connection port, and a USB 3.0 port which only supports connecting USB drives, not printers. The My Cloud goes through a self-test that is indicated by the flashing LED light on the front and is ready for use in under 30 seconds.
As experienced users, we normally just manually configure our network devices, but in this case we were not really sure what kind of configuration needed to be done so we just went followed what any typical user would do when installing the device. WD suggests 10 people at most, but mentioned to us that some users have told them that they have gone beyond that. However, if an Admin does enable multiple users to access the same file, and the users are both editing a file, there is a potential case that they could overwrite one another. WD does support applications on those devices such as Joomla for content (CMS) and Git for version control.
If it’s going to be an online device that’s holding your files I need to know how secure is it?
Cloudera also said that they created a data governance partnership with Intel and Master Card. I was told that it was a sold out conference, and my additional observation was that all the sessions were definitely buzzing.
Real time analytics were a very hot topic.  The hot item around this topic at this conference was a new compute engine called “Spark”, the hottest project at Apache and a potential replacement for Map Reduce.
ShareCenter™ Pro 1100 has an easy-to-use web GUI, so even users with limited IT skills can install their storage solution in no time.
The web file manager provides access to files stored on the NAS to users with the appropriate credentials. Share files across the network or over the Internet via FTP or access them via the easy-to-use web file manager. Administrators can quickly deploy a network storage solution using inexpensive SATA disk drives, and depending on storage needs, can add more drives as they go. If the hard drives become inactive or data is not being transmitted for a defined period of time, DNS 1100-04 will enter stand-by mode to save power.

You can download and obtain this charming pic that we gave by click the download button below to get our high resolution versions.
Can all of these devices be connected to one My Cloud drive, or do the Mac and PC devices need separate My Cloud drives? Items addressed included HDFS encryption zones, key management, Sentry unified authorization, data governance and authentication.  I’ve observed that the Cloudera distribution is addressing new security needs with every release, and this continues that trend. The expo hall was huge and packed as well and I would say there were at least 100+ exhibitors. Databricks, a company in SF, is commercializing the technology and is perceived as the hottest new data company.
They sponsored this conference, claimed they are the most deployed distribution in production, have many enterprise class features (replications, snapshots, mirroring etc.) etc.
Our fearless leader, President Obama, introduced DJ in a video clip, called Data Science a team sport and underscored the importance of Big Data. They said the adoption of HADOOP is real and happening across a number of industry segments. As well as this, the DNS-1100-04 addresses the need for ever increasing storage capacity and provides a variety of additional options for managing and securing business critical data. Remote back-up enables users to keep a copy of their files on a remote NAS for disaster recovery solution, providing extra data protection, and volume snapshots can restore a whole volume in a matter of minutes; in contrast to traditional backup schemes that can take hours.
Operations such as configuration, provisioning, and backup can be handled by the administrator in the same way they would be for directly attached storage. Another example – a session hosted by the security architect at VISA that I attended, where he definitely recommended using encryption in production deployments. The claim to fame for Spark is that it is a single compute engine that provides screamingly fast real time analytics and offers very simple APIs and programming paradigms (languages called Scala, R) that makes it very easy for application developers. They also seem to be investing in a lot of Open Source Apache projects (Mesos, Drill etc.) that have a great deal of customer and community buy in. However, the “Data Lake” vision is not yet realized due to political and organizational boundaries. By utilising existing Ethernet technology, resulting in easier management, the total cost of ownership of storage can be greatly reduced. This means you can drag and drop files between the computer and the server as though the two were on the same local network. A scientist from Databricks claimed that whereas time to sort 100tbytes with Map Reduce took 2000 machines about 72 minutes, SPARK could complete the sort using only207 machines in about 23 minutes.
As scientists, they said the Data Lake will derive the maximum value from data (from all sources and from all the Lines of Businesses) and they are evangelizing the Enterprise Data Lake with all their clients.
President, pointing to the executive order he’s issued to ensure that open and machine-readable data is the new government default policy. With the Data Lake comes the need for security, especially the need to zone the data and provide visibility on an as needed or authorized basis.

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