Apple would like people to use its devices and platforms exclusively, but it does at least acknowledge the sheer number of Windows users around the world. It goes without saying, but before you can share anything to your Windows 10 PC you need to make sure you've enabled everything on your iOS device.
If you didn't take care of it already in the first step, the next thing you need to do is to enable iCloud Photos in iCloud for Windows. In the box you enable Photos in during the previous step, you'll also see a button labelled "Options" next to Photos.
The steps above will leave you in a position where iCloud will sync your photos to your computer. Once you open up iCloud Photos and you're viewing either your folders or Photostream you can add new photos right from your computer. The photos you've just selected will soon be available on the devices and to the other people you've allowed access to.
If you want to share a specific set of photos with friends or family who also use iCloud, there's a really easy way to do it. Now, all the photos you added to the folder will be synced to the devices of everyone you shared to.
If someone has shared a folder with you through iCloud but you're done with it and want to unsubscribe, you can do that too from iCloud for Windows. You may not get as wide a range of features as perhaps on Mac OS X, but Apple does at least provide a comprehensive, if a little rudimentary, way to keep your iCloud Photo Library in order on Windows 10. For more on iCloud Photo Library as a service, be sure to visit our pals at iMore and check out their ultimate guide. By default you get 5GB for free, but the iCloud plan prices are reasonably cheap if you require more storage. This is the internet as long as your point is made let those control freaks waste their time typing. Use a period inside parentheses only if the enclosed material is meant to stand alone as a sentence. I think it’s pretty ridiculous that the bloody update took over an hour to download, install, configure, and reset both computer and phone several times.
But the most annoying thing is Newsstand, which can’t be deleted, hidden, or grouped into a folder. It keeps saying my login is wrong even though I know it’s right and it works in Itunes.
Now, if you can just tell me how to delete a couple of pictures I took that will not leave PhotoStream?
Thanks to iCloud physically plugging your different devices in so you can sync them has become a thing of the past.
Apple’s iCloud is a web-based service that stores data and syncs it across multiple devices.
Once you have entered your Apple ID you are then free to scroll down and browse all of the different options you have as far as syncing goes.
When you scroll to the very bottom of the screen you notice an option for Storage & Backup.
Get in the habit of backing up your data to iCloud frequently so that in the event that anything should get erased from your device you will always be able to recover it. One of the first decisions you'll have to make is between a unified, shared iCloud account for the whole family, multiple, individual accounts, one for each family member, or a mix of both.
If you decide to go with one joint family account, and separate accounts for each family member, you'll need to set them up (if you haven't already). Once you're done setting up your free iCloud accounts, you can start using them across your devices. Also decide who you're comfortable having the password for this account, because it will be used to make purchases. You can turn on and off automatic downloads or the ability to download purchases over the cellular network here.
If this sounds like a hassle, you might want to leave the children on separate accounts and either set them up with an iTunes allowance for purchases, or make them responsible for paying their own iTunes bills. If every member of your family is using iCloud, you can share whole calendars with each other that will update automatically anytime anything is added, changed, or removed. From the list of calendars on the left hand side, click the share icon that looks like 3 sideways wifi bars. If someone has shared an iCloud calendar with you, accepting it will allow you to view events. Find My iPhone is a free service Apple offers to iCloud users that will allow you track a lost or stolen device via GPS.
Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else. You’ll run out of free iCloud space especially quickly if you have multiple iOS devices.
Open the Settings app, tap iCloud, and tap Storage & Backup to view how much space you have left in your iCloud account.
To use less space for backups, look at the apps in the list under Next Backup Size and disable apps you don’t think need to be backed up. If you have an old device you no longer use and it appears in this list, you can tap it and tap Delete Backup to delete the entire backup.
Install another app like Google+, Dropbox, or Flickr that can automatically back up your photos and have the app start backing up your photos. You may also want to disable Camera Roll backups if you do this, as your photos are being backed up to a different service anyway. Tap an app under Documents & Data on the Manage Storage screen to view the files taking up space.

I ignored the omission in that related "No iCloud isn't backing them up" article, but this article is brand new. Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. Create your note and then tap the “Notes” back link in the upper-left corner of the screen. On the screen listing the notes in your Gmail account, tap the back arrow in the upper-left corner of the screen.
Conversely, if you delete a note under your Gmail account in the Notes app, it will be deleted in your Gmail account.
If you disable Notes in your Gmail account on your iOS device, any notes under that account in the Notes app are deleted on your iOS device, but they remain in your Gmail account. Notes created in a Gmail account in the Notes app are only synced with your Gmail account, not with iCloud. So, this method isn’t really an alternative to syncing your notes with iCloud, but if you use Gmail a lot and want convenient access to your notes on your computer (Mac or Windows), this method can be useful. Lori Kaufman is a writer who likes to write geeky how-to articles to help make people's lives easier through the use of technology. DID YOU KNOW?The coldest air temperature ever recorded on Earth was -128.6°F at the Vostok Research Station, Lake Vostok, Antarctica on July 21, 1983. Microsoft Partner logo indicates that CodeTwo holds significant technical expertise in development of innovative and reliable software solutions for Microsoft platforms. Technical documentation, manuals, articles, videos, tutorials and downloads for all CodeTwo products.
Tips, tricks, solutions to known issues, troubleshooting articles and general information related to CodeTwo software. Purchase new maintenance contracts, extend existing ones and discover the benefits of having a valid support agreement for your CodeTwo product. Find out what we do to ensure the Highest level of customer satisfaction and product quality.
Want to know what recognized media outlets such as Windows IT Pro, The Guardian or Lifehacker are saying about CodeTwo? Office hours, holidays, phone numbers, email, address, bank details and press contact information. All the info you need about our conference appearances, webinars, product demos, Q&As, contests and more. Latest news straight from the horse's mouth: events, software releases, updates, Outlook help and more. Windows Server, Exchange, Office 365 and more – a spam-free diet of tested tips and solutions. Log in to the partner panel to manage your subscriptions, access marketing materials and monitor your partner status. It's a relatively easy way to share your iPhone or iPad photos with your Windows 10 PC once you've got it set up. If you need a helping hand with that, check out the guide linked below courtesy of our pals over at iMore. By default it'll be set to go into Pictures\iCloud Photos, but you can change that to any other that you wish. The photos themselves will reside in the folder specified in the previous step, but iCloud for Windows installs a 'desktop app' for quicker, easier management. To locate it you can either go into the "iCloud" folder in the Start Menu and find "iCloud Photos," or just open File Explorer. It's important to remember that you need to add their iCloud email address which may well be different to their regular email address, so always make sure to check if in doubt. It also includes things like Find My iPhone and Find My Mac, in addition to several web apps that let you get your Mail, Contacts, and Calendar while on the go, via any web browser.
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Clearly, iOS has major integration, and yet we can’t access it even if our system is a few months old? I want to know if my desired account name is still available and want to claim it before someone else claimes it.
Transferring files from device to device is a very time consuming process that isn’t fun for anyone. If you need extra storage, you need to pay yearly fees acording to the size of storage you need. There is no doubt that once you see just how convenient iCloud is and how much easier it makes your life you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Deciding which devices sync which services, and what if any parental restrictions need to be put in place are all important choices to make. Yes, different tastes will lead to strange and amusing Genius recommendations, but the ability for everyone to re-redownload music, TV shows, books, apps, and games will more than make up for it.
Since the free account limit is low, each family member will need their own account or it will quickly fill up. While it may seem like one account would be better for everyone, since not all family members will have identical appointments, the ability to share only specific appointments works out better in the end.
Unlike Find my iPhone, Find my Friends needs separate accounts to track separate people, especially when out and about or on vacation. That might mean only the parents get it, and the kids have to ask the parents to enter it if and when they want to download something.

If you have a low data plan, I'd highly suggest turning off the option to download purchases over the cellular network. Perhaps you don't need to share an entire calendar with someone but you'd like to invite them to a single event.
Device backups, photos, documents, iCloud email, and other bits of data all share that space.
For example, you might disable backups for apps like Pocket, Twitter, and Evernote because those apps automatically sync their data online anyway. By default, iOS 7 uses both Photo Stream to sync the most 1000 recent photos between all your devices and also backs up your device’s Camera Roll, which contains any photos stored locally.
It will back up your photos to a separate pool of storage — your Google Drive, Dropbox, or Flickr storage.
They count toward your iCloud storage, so you may want to delete any files you don’t care about. If it’s not set up, you can visit the iCloud website, open the Mail app in your browser, and delete emails with the web interface. Apple currently offers three paid plans — an additional 10 GB for $20 per year, 20 GB for $40 per year, or 50 GB for $100 per year. You can add your Gmail account to the Notes app and access any notes added to that account on any computer–Mac or Windows. Any notes created under this account will sync with your Gmail account and be available by logging into your Gmail account in a web browser on a computer or in the Gmail app on other mobile devices. A Notes label is added to the side bar in your Gmail account and any notes you added to your Gmail account in the Notes app on your iOS device are available under this label in a web browser, or in the Gmail app on other mobile devices. You can edit the notes under the Gmail account in the Notes app on your iOS device, but not in your Gmail account. If you re-enable Notes for your Gmail account, the notes in that account are synced back to your iOS device. Notes you want backed up to your iCloud account must be created under the iCloud account in the Notes app. The logo also demonstrates our high capability in the area of the cloud productivity and ongoing commitment to implementation and development of Office 365 solutions.
While creating a folder with 2 apps (not Newsstand), quickly grab the Newsstand app and drag it into the folder while it’s still creating. I predominantly want it to sync all my mail and contacts between my devices but my mac seems to want me to set up an iCloud mail count (then I guess use the other mail accounts via that). From here your next step is to configure any features that you will want to share automatically and wirelessly across your devices. In order to sync any of these features with iCloud you must move the slider to on for whichever feature you wish to use. Using iCloud Storage & Backup is highly recommended as it will make it much easier when you need to restore a device wirelessly. Make sure to utilize the Storage & Backup as it will come in handy not only when you need to restore a device but also when you update iOS. Now that you’ve got yourself set up it’s time to enjoy the benefits of all your information being synced wirelessly, automatically and effortlessly.
If each member of your family has their own iCloud account, simply make sure they have Find My iPhone enabled in settings.
You may disable Camera Roll backups if you’re using another method to back up your photos. This is a confusing system, which is why Apple has announced they’re simplifying things with a single iCloud Photo Library that contains all your photos in iOS 8.
You’ll have a backup copy of your photos stored online, but you get to keep all that precious iCloud storage for other functions. Be careful when doing this, as you could delete important documents and other files you might want to keep.
This is in addition to your 5 GB of free space, so the plans actually give you 15, 25, and 55 GB of storage space. For anybody with a Windows PC (which is a lot of people) it's a no-brainer since the synced photos just show up on your PC without automatically eating your disk space.
Enter the information for the Gmail account you want to add and follow the on-screen instructions. To create a note that will be synced with your Gmail account, tap “Notes” under the Gmail account name in the Notes app.
The problem is, i read a lot about iTunes getting confused by having one ID for this and another for iCloud.
To share an event on iCloud, you can view our detailed walkthrough on how to share individual events as well.
If you only really need to share calendars, having your own iCloud accounts will work out just fine. When you disable backups for an app, the data will be deleted from your iCloud storage online and won’t be part of future backups. However, you can delete notes under the Notes label in your Gmail account and they will be deleted on your iOS device as well.
Is it absolutely necessary to have an iCloud email to make the other email accounts sync please? This feature is mainly meant for individual users who have more than one iOS device personally. And if you still have questions or need additional help with managing iCloud for your family, hit the links below.

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