Microsoft SkyDrive has emerged as a powerful tool in the cloud for those looking to connect e-mail, pictures, videos and more online. When you set up Windows with your Microsoft Account, it automatically configures SkyDrive to work that information. If you have uploaded or worked with Microsoft Office-based documents on SkyDrive, they will appear here. This is where you will receive documents, pictures and more that have been shared with your through SkyDrive.
This will open a pop-up that gives you a basic breakdown of what is going on in that folder, such as the date it was last modified, size and who else it is shared with. If you have not synced folders to work with SkyDrive, you can manually upload files this way. ABOUT USAt TechNorms, we focus on covering tech, products, and services that impact our daily lives.
Chromecast cast your favorite entertainment from your phone straight to your tv for $35 discover. A new feature introduced in the november update for windows 10 allows you to cast media to a wireless display device directly from microsoft edge.
Chromecast supported apps for windows 8 and windows 10 the best way to find chromecast supported apps for your windows phone or pc is to search the apps store like i.
If you start getting a blinking red or amber led light on your chromecast you are not alone.
Above you can read our explanation about How To Connect Chrome Cast Device To Windows Phone. Copyright © 2015 World Economic News, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Release Date & Specs: Laplet Coming Out in Different Sizes in July 2015? Christian Times says that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which is believed to be the next flagship laplet from the mega tech company, will be out by July this year. Moreover, rumor has it that it will be out with an eight-inch mini version to go head-to-head with Apple's iPad Mini, Samsung's Galaxy Tab series, and Google's Nexus 9.
Previous reports indicate that the Surface Pro 4 will keep the 10.1-inch screen its predecessors sported. Plus, PC Pro also stated that the 12-inch version might sport a 2160 x 1440 screen, an Intel Core M Broadwell chip, and 16 GB RAM.
The Core M Broadwell chip will be a wonderful upgrade for the Surface Pro 4, particularly because it will be improving the device's portability and power, according to Gospel Herald. Christian Times says that the Surface Pro series is actually one of the most successful lines Microsoft has created for the world, together with the Xbox One and the Xbox 360. Luxury Condos in Brooklyn: 'Fourth Avenue Could Be The Park Avenue of Brooklyn' Says Carlo A. Outlook is a very powerful email and scheduling client used by many companies and individuals. Syncing your Outlook Calendar to GMail is the easy part. Download and install Google Calendar Sync.

Getting your Outlook contacts and calendars to your PlayBook requires a little bit of work. Microsoft Office is naturally designed to work seamlessly with OneDrive, saving files to Microsoft's cloud service by default if you're signed into Office with your Microsoft account.
Microsoft makes it easy to add your OneDrive folder or an Office 365 SharePoint location as a shortcut in the Open or Save As screens in Office. However, there's no option there to add other cloud storage providers, such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Next time you go to save a file, you can choose that pinned folder rather than having to wade through your computer directory to your Dropbox folder. The web-based versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint do support using Dropbox as a Save location.
Once connected, you can click on the Open from Dropbox link to open Office files or save files to Dropbox from Office Online. I can't save files on dropbox, thus I would like add One Drive folder so that I would able to save changes made to the files. Emma stone hair color: her hairstyle timeline, Emma stone’s hair transformation timeline a fresh faced emma stone with auburn brown hair and bangs in 2006.
I wanted to connect to Google Analytics, create a quick dashboard, upload to PowerBI site, and perform some Natural Query Language insights. I don't think you can go wrong by learning PowerBI as I see it as the future for Microsoft BI.
Since its introduction, Microsoft has tweaked, upgraded and evolved SkyDrive into a service that can truly compete with level footing against Dropbox, Google Drive and more.
While SkyDrive will still be available if you set up a local account, you will get much more out of it if you utilize a Microsoft Account.
Documents and Pictures are set up to those folders on your computer whereas Public is what others choose to share with you.
This includes heading back to the main page for SkyDrive, as well as recent documents you have synced and your public folders. This includes what you have synced on your computer as well as what you have created in SkyDrive as well. If you are already using SkyDrive or want to give the cloud a try, this is the way to go in Windows 8.
Once you create one and utilize it in Windows 8, you can use SkyDrive even more seamlessly through your new operating system. The content is copyrighted to TechNorms and may not be reproduced on other websites without written permission. I hope Chromecast for windows phone do not available on windowsphone store the chromecast sdk is only support for ios and android only but if you use windows phone, you.
However, a separate source insists that Microsoft might decide to release it on this year's GDC, or Game Developers Conference, which will be held in San Francisco, California from March 2 to 6. Plus, further speculations from avid Microsoft users state that the Surface Pro 4 is actually going to be released in different sizes. Conversely, the rumor mill says that the device will also come out in 12-inch and 14-inch models.

According to PC Pro, it might be released later than that, which may be from July to October this year. Moreover, its mini eight-inch version is rumored to have an Intel Atom 64-bit chip and an eight-inch to 10-inch display.
Its fanless operation gives it a cooler running temperature, which is believed to be a very big improvement from its predecessor, the Surface Pro 3. Additionally, the Surface Pro 4 is expected to be out in the market with a price tag of $899, while its mini version will be sold at $599. At the moment, it appears that those users who connect to a Microsoft Exchange server have no issues with syncing - though web access to that account might be required. To do that, I'm going to suggest you sync your Outlook contacts and calendar with a GMail account. While Google does make a program for doing just that, it's only for those folks who already pay for Google Apps.
But after that small amount of effort is done, your PlayBook and Outlook contacts and calendars will be in lockstep, with just a little help from GMail. For Office 2013, there are third-party workarounds, like this batch file and this PowerShell script, but they don't work with Office 2016, unfortunately.
Save an Office file to Dropbox or the Dropbox sub-folder you want to use as your default for Office files by going to File > Save As and then browsing to that folder.
Hover over the folder until you see the pushpin icon and click it to pin that folder to your Save As menu. It's not a perfect connectivity solution, but until there's another workaround for Office 2016 or Dropbox gets better integration with Office on the desktop, this is the simplest solution. Click on the Open from Dropbox new link and then sign in with your Dropbox username and password. If you have recently upgraded or bought a computer with Windows 8, taking advantage of your Microsoft Account and SkyDrive can be a great way to get involved in the cloud. Whether you use another cloud service or were already a convert to SkyDrive, this makes SkyDrive one of the most powerful ways to sync your files, folders and share with others through the cloud when using Windows 8.
This could be an edge for Microsoft since releasing multiple sizes for a single device allows the company to cater to various market demographics. One of the biggest questions we're seeing from you is how do you sync Microsoft Outlook contacts and calendar entries with the PlayBook?
It's easy to integrate Dropbox with Office Online, but you'll need a workaround to connect your Dropbox folder to Office 2016. You do have to authorize the application to access your gMail account, so you'll first have to sign in to Google before downloading the tool.
I doubt it will be too long before you're reading our guide about how BlackBerry Desktop Software will do all of this for you.

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