You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Dell 1TB Portable External Hard Drive makes it easy to transfer, store and share your pictures, movies, music and other important files.
The only real advantage to the extra speed is transferring data off your tablet and onto your computer. Next up is power, and by that I mean the amperage that can be delivered via the port to charge your device.
A sleek design and light weight make this drive easy to carry, and because it’s powered by your PC's USB 3.0 connectivity, you don't need to carry an extra power cord. Another thing about this product is it is manufactured by the Seagate so you can make trust on it.

However, since your tablet is likely to be connected to your wireless network, it may be just as easy to wirelessly transfer your data as it would be to hook it up using wires. My computer, Vera (Firefly fans will get the reference), has a whole bunch of USB ports on board. Data rates that you’ll probably never use and charging times that you could have had by using a 1-amp wall charger.
Most music is stored off-device in the cloud — the Note 3 even comes with 50GB of Dropbox storage. Add that and the necessity of a special port together and you get one big ball of inconvenience. Well, USB 3.0, thanks to your inclusion in the Galaxy Note 3, my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle.

Connect it to compatible devices, including laptops, televisions and Blue-ray boxes, and easily enjoy your entertainment when and where you want to. Movies are generally delivered by Netflix, Hulu+, Amazon, YouTube, or some other streaming or delivery service, and its done directly to the device for DRM reasons rather than from your computer to your tablet over USB.
Plug-and-play technology requires no software, so moving your data is as easy as dragging and dropping files.
Data backup is easy, and you can also help improve your PC's performance by keeping large files on this external hard drive.

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