Final Fantasy 7 initially got a mobile version last year when it was made available on iOS. You can grab it in the Google Play store for ?12.99, although there appear to be a few launch niggles if the reviews are anything to go by. The post Final Fantasy 7 Remake Development is Going Smoothly, News Coming Soon appeared first on SegmentNext.
The Final Fantasy 7 Remake will feature fully-voiced characters, and may have an open-world. In a recent interview in Dengeki PlayStation, as translated by Gematsu, director Tetsuya Nomura and producer Yoshinori Kitase talked about some of what they’re working on for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.
Voiced characters will definitely go a long way in help the team delve deeper characters’ stories.
The news came during today’s Nintendo Direct, and was accompanied by a wonderful illustration from original FF7 character designer (and Remake director) Tetsuya Nomura, which you can check out below. 3ds, Amiibo, Article, Fighter, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 7, nintendo, nintendo direct, Super Smash Bros., Super Smash Bros. Final Fantasy 7 Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase, director Tetsuya Nomura, and scenario writer Kazushige Nojima have revealed a few extra details on their plans for the PlayStation 4 title. In an interview with Famitsu, via Siliconera, the trio expanded on Kitase’s blog post from last week, stating plans for the title include burrowing further into the story of AVALANCHE members Biggs, Jessie and Wedge.
Players will also be able to explore around all areas of Midgar, and Cloud’s hallucination scenes will be more cogent this time out. They’ve yet to decide on whether there will be a guard, and they can’t say just yet how many volumes will be included in the multi-part release.
Final Fantasy 7 is too big for a single modern video game, so Square Enix is – making it even bigger? Well, in a new blog post, producer Yoshinori Kitase suggested Square Enix might not be satisfied with just (just!) recreating the original.
Final Fantasy 7 Remake presents a new version of Cloud Strife, and he doesn’t look very well. Since Final Fantasy 7 Remake is being directed by Tetsuya Nomura, the original character designer for the beloved RPG, it’s hard not to look at this latest version of Cloud as the most definitive to date.
Can we talk about our feelings at the end of that trailer when we finally go face to face with Cloud? Final Fantasy 7 Remake is coming to PS4 as a multi-part series of some kind, hopefully kicking off next year.
In the video above, Arekkz gives you a look at another Just Cause 3 Easter Egg, featuring Cloud’s Buster Sword stuck in the side of a mountain in the Montana region.
After getting a load of the first Final Fantasy 7 Remake gameplay trailer, we had questions.
In a press release regarding the Final Fantasy 7 remake gameplay trailer released at PlayStation Experience this weekend, Square Enix revealed a surprising bit of news.
A new video for the Final Fantasy 7 remake was shown during the PlayStation Experience keynote. The video was introduced by Nomura-san and Kitase-san who also announced the PC version of the game was available from today on PS4. The Final Fantasy trophies have been leaked out and below you can see the complete list for the next upcoming game of Square Enix for the PS4. Right at the end of today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, the platform holder showed a new Super Smash Bros. The trailer has not yet been released but we’ll have it up for you ASAP, along with more details as they come to light. 3ds, Article, Fighter, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 7, nintendo, rpg, Super Smash Bros., Super Smash Bros. Composed by the Materia Collective, over 200 musicians contributed to its creation of musical tributes. Materia: Final Fantasy 7 Remixed is available through iTunes and Loudr and will run you $15. The Final Fantasy 7 remake will have a modern combat system, but Square Enix has no idea what form it will take – yet.
According to Gematsu, it is already available on the New Zealand App Store for $19.99 NZD, or around $13 in US dollars. For those who aren’t interested in the mobile version, the game will arrive on PlayStation 4 this winter and a remake is also in the works. The developer is Singapore-based PD Design Studio, which took their inspiration from such titles as Dragons and Dungeons: Chronicles of Mystara, Streets of Rage and others. At present, the plan is to release it as a one level demo but it’s possible it could be extended in the future. Upon release, the demo will allow you to play as Cloud or Tifa with Barret as fire support. PD Design Studio said this is entirely a fan project and there are no plans to try and profit on it. Meanwhile, Square Enix is working on its Final Fantasy 7 remake which was announced at E3 2015.
Final Fantasy publisher Square Enix doesn’t seem that attached to its in-house development tools. Final Fantasy has been closely linked with Square Enix’s Luminous Engine almost since the tech was first announced. Ever since the Final Fantasy 7 remake was announced at E3 2015, we’ve had questions about how Square Enix intends to update it for modern audiences.
In multiple interviews director Tetsuya Nomura said no, it won’t just be a graphical update, because yes, he does intend to make changes to the gameplay system.
The most recent update on this topic comes courtesy of Official PlayStation Magazine UK, via Gematsu, and offers some reassurance. We’re expecting to hear much more about the Final Fantasy 7 remake, including its official title, later this year.
It is believed that the use of low-resolution screenshots to identify and describe the subject in question on the Final Fantasy Wiki, when no free use alternative exists due to the image being copyrighted, hosted on servers in the United States by Wikia, qualifies as fair use under United States copyright law. Cloud Strife is the main protagonist from Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII and its spin-off material of the Final Fantasy series and is a newcomer for Super Smash Bros. Cloud is able to move quickly on the ground, though in the air he moves more slowly and falls quickly. Most of Cloud's special moves are taken from the Limit Breaks he can obtain in Final Fantasy VII.
The protagonist of FINAL FANTASY VII, Cloud wields the enormous Buster Sword, a memento from his comrad Zack. Filling the Limit Gauge allows Cloud to perform a Limit Break, supercharging his next special move.
The following dialogue applies also to Mewtwo, Roy, Lucas, Ryu, Corrin, and Bayonetta, who are also downloadable fighters. Cloud is the only Final Fantasy character appearing in a Nintendo crossover to be a named character rather than a generic class or creature (such as Black Mage or Moogle).

Despite having almost all of his home series appearances dubbed in English (and a few earlier appearances dubbed in additional languages), Cloud only speaks Japanese in Super Smash Bros. Early concepts for Final Fantasy VII, however, were created with the intention of developing a SNES title before production was delayed in favor of other projects and later restarted for Sony's PlayStation console.
Cloud is one of two characters whose weapon changes depending on the costume, wielding the Buster Sword in his default Final Fantasy VII outfit and the Fusion Swords in his Advent Children variations.
5-Volt • 9-Volt • 18-Volt • Ana's Crew • Arewo Shitain-hakase • Ashley • Bridget the Baker • Captain Syrup • Carpaccio • Count Cannoli • Dr. Alena • Angelo • Barbara • Bayonetta • Bianca • Bomberman • Captain Falcon • Carver • Cloud Strife • Colonel Roy Campbell • Corrin • Doctor Eggman • Dr. Ali Mustafa • Alligator Dundee • Alyssa Milano • Andrew (Mario Kart 8) • Andrew (Play Nintendo) • Angelica • Anthony Scapelli • Aunt Luigeena • Aunt Maria • Barnacle and Long John • Blanka • Bones • Brian Bonsall • Brutius Maximus Grouchimus • Butterfingers • Bud • Bud and Missy's mother • Captain Abidab • Captain Clump • Chief Quimby • Cher • Chun-Li • Co M.C. 3D Land • Arena Ferox • Balloon Fight • Battlefield • Boxing Ring • Brinstar • Corneria • Distant Planet • Dream Land • Dream Land (64) (DLC) • Duck Hunt (DLC) • Final Destination • Find Mii • Flat Zone 2 • Gaur Plain • Gerudo Valley • Golden Plains • Green Hill Zone • Hyrule Castle (64) (DLC) • Jungle Japes • Living Room • Magicant • Midgar (DLC) • Mushroomy Kingdom • Mute City • Pac-Maze • Paper Mario • Peach's Castle (64) (DLC) • PictoChat 2 • Prism Tower • Rainbow Road • Reset Bomb Forest • Spirit Train • Super Mario Maker (DLC) • Suzaku Castle (DLC) • Tomodachi Life • Tortimer Island • Umbra Clock Tower (DLC) • Unova Pokemon League • WarioWare, Inc. Assist Trophy • Back Shield • Banana Peel • Barrel • Beam Sword • Beehive • Beetle • Blast Box • Bob-omb • Bombchu • Boomerang • Boss Galaga • Bullet Bill • Bumper • Bunny Hood • Capsule • CD • Cucco • Crate • Daybreak • Deku Nut • Dragoon • Drill • Fairy Bottle • Fire Bar • Fire Flower • Food • Franklin Badge • Freezie • Golden Hammer • Grass • Green Shell • Gust Bellows • Hammer • Heart Container • Hocotate Bomb • Home-Run Bat • Hothead • Killer Eye • Lightning • Lip's Stick • Master Ball • Maxim Tomato • Metal Box • Motion-Sensor Bomb • Mr. A variety of Jobs aren't the only thing you can look forward to diving into in the upcoming action-RPG Final Fantasy Explorers. According to the announcement, other "Legend Character" transformations will be available, and each will have their own appropriate background music themes.
Born August 19 in Nibelheim, Cloud is now a 21 year old mercenary who was once a member of the elite Shinra fighting force group known as SOLDIER.
You won’t get experience points or level up as you play, as you do in most Final Fantasy games. Combat is real-time, with all actions dominated by the use of Action Points (AP), which serve as both your stamina and mana. Skills build up Resonance, an energy level that steadily climbs and unlocks temporary, powerful buffs called Crystal Shifts. A separate meter lets you go into Trance mode, a more powerful state that enhances your stats, heals you, and enables special super-attacks that can devastate the surrounding area. The lands are filled with classic Final Fantasy enemies like imps, malboros, and iron giants.
The world of Final Fantasy Explorers initially seems larger than Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, but it’s actually significantly smaller in scope. As in any good hunting game, you can join with fellow hunters to go after challenging targets. You can easily sink over 20 hours into the game just to beat the flimsy story, which accounts for less than half of the available missions. Final Fantasy Explorers is a fun, easy monster-hunting game that follows the conventions of the genre without plumbing the full depth of it. Such situations make us wonder if something has gone wrong, however, rest assured that isn’t the case with Final Fantasy 7. This unique move is charged by dealing or receiving damage, or with the standard Down Special.
His DLC includes a Midgar stage, with cool summon monster effects – even in the 3DS version. You remember how Square Enix revealed it was going to be a multi-part release because the team would otherwise have to cut some content? It’d be nice to think that means Square Enix will have answers to all our new questions in four months time. The new trailer features the first CG scenes as well as gameplay footage,” the publisher wrote.
Are we looking at an episodic release, with save files carrying across between chunks of story?
Stay tuned for clarification in the next few days, as every games writer in the west is currently hammering Square Enix PR’s phone. In this week’s Famitsu, colleague and project producer Yoshinori Kitase said the team is starting to get a lock on how the game will look but is still playing around with combat prototypes. It can also be played via local co-op if there is a controller handy to play alongside the keyboard. If you head over to the official website you can find out how the controls work and be sure to bookmark the page so you can play the demo when it’s ready.
The franchise has always been Square’s graphical flag bearer, and the Agni demo series is set in a Final Fantasy universe, although not tied to a particular game. Kingdom Hearts 3 began on Luminous but switched over to Unreal 4, and Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn was built on a game-specific engine. Most notably, he said battles won’t feature characters standing in place waiting their turns. Any other uses of this image, on Final Fantasy Wiki or elsewhere, may be copyright infringement.
He wields the Buster Sword, a giant sword given to him by his deceased friend Zack Fair that gives his attacks power and range, though they generally start more slowly.
However, like with the other DLC characters, he lacks any custom special variations of his special moves. He also has alternate costumes using his Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children design, which includes the Fusion Swords in place of the Buster Sword.
Once a SOLDIER of Shinra, he now fights as a mercenary against the corporation he originally served.
During this morning's livestream Square Enix further discussed the Trance feature that will let players transform into characters from other FF games, including Final Fantasy VII's Cloud. His physical attacks are strong and he will serve as a good front row person as long as you don't equip to much Materia on him. These pictures are copyrighted by Sqaure and others and are the property of their copyrighters and creators. You’re an explorer (hunter) who has to undertake quests that mostly involve running around the same areas killing big monsters.
These charge you with special abilities such as enhanced elemental attacks, improved armor, or higher critical hit rates for a short period of time.
You can craft your ideal class and load it with your favorite skills, but it becomes a fairly repetitive process of using those skills at the right time and under the right circumstances.
Rather than a series of different regions, each with its own selection of zones, Final Fantasy Explorers has a single land mass. After that, you can keep going to fight even harder bosses and get better equipment for another 60 hours past that. I have contributed in writing for various renowned websites and also run multiple comic pages on the digital realm. According to Tetsuya Nomura, Final Fantasy 7 remake development is going smoothly and news will be shared soon. It activates automatically when the gauge is maxed out, boosting Cloud’s stats and changing his attacks into Limit Break moves. We might also see some explanation or tidying up of a few of the more mysterious moments of the original, which many fans theorise are left over from cut or abandoned content.

A Square Enix Japan game not taking 4,000 years to finish would certainly be something of a shock, hurh hurh.
The full Tumblr post is embedded below, with images of Cloud’s painfully defined arms. Is this talk of “unique experience”s suggesting a different approach to gameplay in each part?
His side special is Cross Slash, in which Cloud swings his sword in the shape of a Japanese character to damage opponents.
Two of his Advent Children costumes have a sleeve covering his Geostigma-infected arm, while the others leave his arm bare, revealing the ribbon he wears in memory of Aerith Gainsborough. With a huge swing of his sword, Cloud summons a whirlwind that inflicts only 1% damage, but boasts brutal launch power.
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I usually equip the best Materia on him throughout the game since he his in your party 95% of the time and the Materia will grow faster. It’s actually a hunting game in the same vein as the Monster Hunter series, with a focus on killing big enemies, collecting materials, and crafting equipment.
The way to that crystal involves undergoing dozens of quests to kill monsters and repeatedly defeating powerful eidolons, classic summoned monsters from the Final Fantasy series.
You start as a jack-of-all-trades Freelancer, but can unlock over a dozen additional Final Fantasy jobs, such as Dragoon, Paladin, and Black Mage, each with its own abilities and equipment limitations. You can recharge AP by walking around normally, or by using regular weapon attacks on enemies. Crystal Shifts can also trigger environmental changes to the zone that unlock new routes, or they can summon special rare enemies to fight. You unlock magicite types by progressing through the game and trapping eidolons (summoned monsters) in crystals. There are no classes or skills, only the strength of your gear and your ability as a player to use it. It’s much less engaging than combat in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, in which each weapon has a unique feel and extensive combo trees and mechanics. This area is significantly larger than a given Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate hunting region, but once you unlock all zones you’ve effectively unlocked the entire world. 80 hours sounds like a lot for most video games, but the hunting genre is a bit weird that way; you can easily drop 300 hours in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and still not hunt every single beast or craft every single weapon.
I have keen interest and command over English language and also comprehend the art of luring the attention of the readers through my well-crafted write ups. When Cloud attacks or is attacked, his Limit Gauge fills up, and when it is full Cloud is covered by a blue aura that boosts his stats, and for one use only powers up one of his special moves when one of them is used.
His up special is Climhazzard, in which Cloud swings his sword to propel himself directly up into the air. When you get the Rune Blade for Cloud, I keep it on him up until the last parts of the game since it has double Materia growth and is also pretty powerful.
And as such, it’s a pretty fun romp filled with Final Fantasy references that series fans will appreciate.
It’s purely a monster-hunting game with loads and loads of Final Fantasy references thrown in. You can then load eight skills to the X, A, B, and Y buttons, paired with the L and R triggers. Managing your AP use is just as important as monitoring your health; when your AP are drained, your offensive and defensive options in battle are drastically limited.
Eidolon magicite simply makes your character stronger, then enables a summon attack using the eidolon. This means that Final Fantasy Explorers is more accessible, but Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is more engaging and complex. In the case of Final Fantasy Explorers, these monsters are the eidolons metnioned above, and they mostly consist of the series’ classic summoned creatures, such as Shiva, Ifrit, and Bahamut. If you don’t want to rely on others, you can recruit monsters to fight alongside you. Again, this makes Final Fantasy Explorers more accessible to newcomers to the genre, though longtime Monster Hunter fans will find the content thin. I enjoyed it, but both mechanically and content-wise it’s a pale imitation of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, spiced up with some familiar faces and concepts from Final Fantasy. When the Limit Gauge is filled, Cloud's down special becomes Finishing Touch, a whirlwind that deals little damage but high knockback.
Also, when I get the ribbon, I put it on Cloud because he has the best spells and I don't want him falling asleep or any other abnormal status changes that affect his magic casting to stop him. There might be chocobos and cactuars all over the place, but at its heart this is purely a Monster Hunter game with a few Final Fantasy twists thrown in. A Black Mage might load up with every elemental attack spell available, while a Paladin might split his abilities between white-magic spells for healing and buffing and sword attacks for offense. You also have to contend with Final Fantasy status effects like Silence, Confuse, and Blind, responding to them with the right items and spells so you can keep fighting. You can also get character magicite of classic Final Fantasy figures like Cloud, Terra, and Cecil. Weapons and skills in Final Fantasy Explorers are much simpler in implementation, but you can mix and match them much more freely through the job system. These larger, more complicated boss fights require careful management of resources and paying attention to various cues to avoid devastating area-of-effect attacks. These include Final Fantasy classic creatures like chocobos, cactuars, and tonberries, all of which have their own unique skills and get more powerful as you hunt with them. Using Trance with a character magicite equipped cosmetically turns you into the character for a short period of time, and it lets you use a powerful limit-break attack like Cloud’s Omnislash.
Trapping eidolons to make magicite is very similar to trapping boss monsters in Monster Hunter; you need to weaken them, then trigger the Encase Crystal Surge instead of defeating them. Wily • Edison • Einstein • Elvin Parsley • Elvira • Elvis Presley • Erik, Baleog and Olaf • Ernie Hudson • Fire God • Flab Boys • Friendly Floyd • Gondolier • Gramma Toadstool • Grandma Mario • Grandma Mia • Grandpapa • Ellie Mae • Harry Blackstone Jr. Gorbachev • Milli Vanilli • Misaki • Miss Endless • Miss Persimmon O'Hara • Missy • Mervin the Magician • Mighty Plumber • Mona • Mouth of the River • Mr.
President • Mugga • Netty • Nicole Eggert • Nicole, Pia and Balu • Norman • Oogtar • Pam Matteson • Patty (The Super Mario Bros.
Super Show!) • Patty (Saturday Supercade) • Patty's Parents • Pietro • Prince Mushroomkhamen • Prince Pompadour • Queen Mushroomkhamen • Queen Rotunda • Rob Stone • Romano • Romano and Joliet's Fathers • Rowdy Roddy Piper • Roxanne • Salvador Drainado • Sam Shalam • Santa Claus • Secret Agent N • Sergeant Kooperman • Sgt.

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