The Cloud V Terra is designed to be incredibly portable – it is among the most compact battery powered portables available on the market. To maintain the vaporizer, it is recommended to clean the chamber and the mouthpiece after every use.┬áTo clean the chamber, deactivate the vaporizer by locking it.
To clean the mouthpiece, you may use the cleaning brush to clean out the particles on the filter.
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PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS AN AROMATHERAPY VAPORIZER AND SHOULD BE USED WITH AROMATHERAPY PURPOSES ONLY. Cloud V Terra has an advanced heating chamber in which there is no direct contact of the heating coils with the dry materials, thus the dry materials only heat by convection. Advanced Heating Chamber: the heating chamber is designed in a way that the dry materials do not get into direct contact with the heating coil in order to avoid direct combustion and instead, convectional currents are used.
Single button activation: it uses one button for activation, deactivation and setting vaping temperature on the device.
Wall plug: the wall plug enables one to connect the charging vaporizer to a wall socket via the USB cable.

An advanced heating chamber with 2 optimized temperatures settings vaporize dry blends efficiently and evenly. It has simple one button activation with two precise temperature settings designed to only vaporize materials and never burn. This stylishly designed vaporizer has a LCD Display that allows you adjust the temperature from 300F to 435F. Once unpackaged, it is recommended to charge your Diamond for at least 4 hours before the first use.
Make sure the vaporizer has not been used for at least 15 minutes and is completely cooled off. This feature ensure that there is no combustion of the dry materials and only the essential components in them are vaporized, giving a smooth cloudy vapour. Upon setting the temperature, it is always advised to let the vaporizer heat for about 45 seconds first.
It works well with most waxy oils and uses a high-grade coil that improves the heating capacity by about a third when compared to other wax pen vaporizers. Once fully charged, remove the mouthpiece and using a packing tool to gently fill the chamber with your fully dry herbs. This will prevent clogging and allow you enjoy vaporizing with the Cloud Diamond every use.

The Cloud V has a stable voltage battery that precisely calculates appropriate voltage for superb vapor output.
Place the mouthpiece back onto the chamber, press the button 3 times consecutively to activate the vaporizer.
It is pressed five times in order to light up the device, after which one can switch to the temperature that suits them best.
The battery life on the Cloud V last about 24-48 hours depending on usage and comes with a lifetime warranty. The Cloud V is one of the smallest portable battery powered vaporizers on the market and with it’s sleek design it can be easily pocketed for use on the go.
The light will blink green and once it becomes solid green – the temperature is set to desired one.
With great airflow and optimum functionality, we are absolutely sure you will love this vaporizer.

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