With Windows 10 on your Lumia 550, you can access the same great Microsoft services and apps that you're familiar with on your laptop. Start your day with a personalized snapshot of the information you want – Cortana gives you traffic info, the weather forecast, and your schedule. Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more!
Microsoft uses cookies and similar technologies to manage, enhance and personalize your experience. Keep your precious memories in OneDrive and enjoy on-the-go access from any of your devices.
350 (windows phone, december 25, 2015; hike messenger (stylized as hike) hike direct, a feature that allow. Golf*bike*fish*hike*granby ranch 2 bed there is a flat screen tv and dvr player in the living room and each bedroom with direct tv cell phone service is. Whatsapp for nokia lumia windows phone whatsapp for nokia lumia windows is inspired by the whatsapp for now you are ready to use the whatsapp for windows phone.. Spacious rooms and plenty of windows you go thru north troy instead of the more direct route thru the *****hike bike golf splash relax. Copyright © 2016 Economic News, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. With 4G LTE connectivity, smooth multitasking, and the all new Microsoft Edge browser, you can get to what matters faster.
Free OneDrive storage helps keep your documents safe in the cloud and gives you the freedom to access and edit them on your phone. With a powerful 2100 mAh battery, an ultra low power Glance Screen that gives you notifications without turning on your phone, and an effective Battery Saver mode, the Lumia 550 goes as long as your day calls for.

You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. It gets the latest software updates and it comes with the essential Microsoft services – Skype, Office, and OneDrive are built in and free to use. The Lumia 430 Dual SIM comes with a fully-integrated Skype experience that lets you upgrade a regular phone call to a Skype video call.
OneDrive is your free cloud storage solution and there’s room for documents, pictures and notes. That’s why the Lumia 430 Dual SIM has a compact shape that feels solid in your hand and a polycarbonate shell that's tough enough for whatever comes your way. Simply pick the best SIM card for each of your contacts and enable call waiting or call forwarding between SIM cards.
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They function beautifully on a phone, and with rich editing tools built in, the new Outlook Mail app makes managing email on the go effortless. With Cortana for Windows 10, you can set a location-based reminder on a PC and it will arrive just in time on your Lumia.
Get one today and enjoy a smartphone experience that’s normally found on more expensive high-end phones. You can also receive a Skype call anytime and you can call a Skype contact directly from the contacts list. Microsoft account, Wi-Fi or data network connection and additional fees or subscriptions are required for some features. Get your own personal assistant and find out what it's like to have help with everyday tasks.

You can't even download a browser other than Internet Explorer, which leaves you locked out of Chrome and Firefox's growing ecosystems of extensions.Other big name apps are missing too, such as Dropbox and IMDB. It includes Outlook, Word, OneNote, Excel and PowerPoint, all of which run on the desktop rather than in full-screen Modern UI mode. The apps are touch friendly thanks to enlarged toolbars, but you'll still need a bluetooth keyboard (Nokia Power Cover or otherwise) and a bluetooth mouse if you're serious about getting any actual work done.Thankfully, the Office RT apps open faster than ever before, with no waiting around like you had to do on the Surface RT (which has since been renamed to just Surface), and files can be saved directly to SkyDrive and edited offline in a similar manner to Google Drive and Dropbox's desktop apps. Once you're back online the edited files are automatically synchronised to Microsoft's servers.Nokia appsAnd then there's Nokia's own apps that come with the device. Though welcome, they're hard to get excited about, made up of Nokia's HERE Maps, Nokia Music, Nokia Camera, Storyteller and Nokia Video Director.Nokia Video Director is an slickly presented video editing app that lets you line up different clips to make into a longer reel. You can choose to import videos from the camera roll or shoot them there and then, trimming any footage in the process before applying effects and captions. LIke Google Maps it serves up local search data with directions for walking and driving, but there isn't a great deal setting the two offerings apart. Nokia's HERE maps is a solid alternative in the absence of Google Maps, and opting for a 4G SIM would clearly benefit happy wanderers.Nokia Music is a confusing app. You control the movements of a dragon that flies around in the air, whether that's catching fish out of a pond or gathering resources.
The path of the dragon changes as you move (it follows the tablet via its GPS link), meaning that your real-world route has an impact on the game.
Absolutely not, but it'll keep younger gamers happy during Sunday trips out with the parents.

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