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I've been wanting a true digital sketchbook ever since I first discovered you could (poorly) draw circles on the Newton. Even if you've never had an art background, the iPad Pro and Pencil make it pretty easy to start sketching — and better, continue sketching.
I've gotten quite a few requests from people on how to get started drawing with their iPad and Pencil, so this week, I'm doing a sketch series on the iPad Pro. If you want to use your iPad Pro to make some digital artwork, these are the best of the best.
Apple's default Notes app is limited in both tools, canvas textures, and color picking, but it's a nice starter app for anyone looking to have a little fun with their Pencil without picking out a paid application. Paper is my favorite sketching app on the iPad Pro: It's not a one-size-fits-all-projects program, but it's the first thing I use to draft out anything, whether I'm taking notes or doodling during a TV show.
While I love Paper for fleshing out ideas, Procreate is the master and commander of actually making those ideas reality. Procreate can export truly large images as PSD, JPG, PNG, or in the Procreate file format, where you can then send or share them with your friends, clients, or web pals. I'll be honest: Until Autodesk's Graphic showed up on the scene, I hadn't worked with vector illustration since the death of Macromedia FreeHand in the early 2000s.
But Graphic makes vector art fun for me again, and it does so in a completely approachable way.
Kdan's Animation Desk Cloud is the company's iPad Pro successor to Animation Desk, and it strips the clunky skeuomorphic interface while keeping a bevy of tools for animating pros. When I was in high school, I had a pretty standard "keep myself from falling asleep in class" routine: I'd doodle vast webs of intercrossed dark lines, then slowly color them in.
Pigment takes my high-school doodling to an extreme, offering thousands of pages of intricately-drawn shapes for you to color in — whether you're listening to a lecture, or just want something to do with your hands while watching TV. If you've drawn digitally before the iPad Pro, you've probably used a Wacom tablet at least once in your life: The tablet and pen let you draw naturally within apps like Photoshop, either by using a plastic tablet or drawing directly on the screen with the company's more expensive Cintiq line. Astropad essentially lets you turn your iPad Pro and Pencil into a Wacom Cintiq — with or without wires.
Yet another Android security scare, yet more MacBook rumors, and yet even more Windows 10 builds.
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Aboriginal Art Lesson Plan – Dot Art is inspired by the indigenous peoples of Australia.
This Aboriginal Art Lesson Plan adapts the traditional and iconic aboriginal Dot Art to teach modern young students to appreciate another culture, while learning about symbolism and abstract design. The students are not expected to represent the symbols used by the Australian Aboriginal people in their art but to appreciate how they are used and the power of their communication. Draw one or two simple symbols that represent their animal, drawing outward from the center.
Using a paint brush, paint the design and the spirit animal using two warm complementary colors such as red and yellow, orange and yellow or brown and red. Students should present their finished painting to the class in a round table discussion group. A successful painting should have a pattern that uses the whole composition with lines going off the edge of the page, an explanation of their symbols, the appropriate use of warm earth colors and Dot Art techniques.
This Aboriginal Dot Art Lesson Plan can be expanded into a language art project where students use a narrative plan to write and present their own spirit animal legend. Is there another more meaningful way of teaching about place and country that is authentic and seeks the advice of Indigenous communities?

As a teacher who was mandated to teach about the aboriginals of Canada I can definitely tell you there is more then one way to teach about aboriginal people. Open up photoshop and create a new canvas with the sizes 1500 x 720px and fill it with Black #000000.
Now that you have your black filled shape covering your R unhide the Creative copy layer above it and then right click the layer and select Create Clipping Mask (CTRL + ALT + G). Now that your Creative word is totaly sliced up and moved around its time to bring in our second word.
Now go to your Texture layer and select it by just clicking on it and then select the Add Vector Mask button on your layers pallett, its right next the the FX button at the bottom.
I know that the piece doesn’t look very attractive at the moment, but we will change that. We currently feature thousands of free vectors, photos, brushes, gradients, fonts and we have much more to come. Almost two decades later, I got my wish: The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil are just about the nicest tools for digital sketching I've ever tried. One of my first friends in comics told me that the only way you gained drawing skill was by doing it over and over and over and over again; the iPad Pro is a pretty great tool with which to do that.
We're going to talk Pencil technique, the best way to start learning to draw digitally, how to save and export your artwork and sketches, and how to use the iPad Pro as a drawing tablet with your Mac.
Notes's digital pencil tool is one of the best in any app, and the drawing lag is next-to-nothing. Paper has a wonderful assortment of tools for starting a pencil, ink, or watercolor sketch, and works beautifully when paired with the Apple Pencil. Illustrator makes me want to throw things at my computer, and since my art hobby was just that — a hobby — I left it well enough alone. You can draw vector lines directly with the Apple Pencil or place nodes by hand, or combine both. But the animation folks I trust put Kdan's Animation Desk at the top of their list, and it's not hard to see why. Like Graphic, there's a huge opportunity for Kdan — or another company — to improve upon the app's foundation and add key tools, but if you want to animate something by hand on your iPad, this is the app to do it with.
It was usually good for an hour of entertainment, and provided my brain just enough stimulation to remain awake while listening to lectures. The app is free to download and view, but you'll need a monthly in-app subscription to actually sketch on the patterns.
A wired connection to your Mac results in almost no lag, and a supremely comfortable sketching experience, but going wireless is also fantastic: I have a couch set up across from my iMac and standing desk, and with Astropad, I can sketch in Photoshop on my retina iMac from 4 feet away. Dot Art is a form of art usually done in acrylic paint to represent native tales of creation.
Discuss the colors and the symbols that represent elements of the stories using the symbol guide handout sheet. In this Art Lesson Plan the students are asked to personalize the style of the Aboriginal people.
Their animal can be chosen from a list of native spirit animals or from their own imaginations.
They should be able to explain why they choose their animal and what their symbols represent. A painting that goes above and beyond expectations would be a painting that has directional lines and symmetry.
I made it simple for everyone today and created a Photoshop Tutorial to smash your creative block. You shouldn’t see a change just yet, but grab your move tool (V) and move the Creative copy Layer down a bit, you will see it influences the feel of the R. Using the Same techniques as earlier let’s shift and delete and play around with the EATIVE text.

In no way does azcoverletter.gdn claim ownership or responsibility for such items, and you should seek legal consent for any use of such materials from its owner.
Better still, Paper can sort all these doodles in separate digital sketchbooks, and you can even share certain drawings to the public Paper feed, or to Adobe's Creative Cloud or OneNote. Most of the other animation apps available on the App Store are too limited for budding artists — unless you want to make clip-art dance — and the few that do offer traditional animation tools have user interfaces that predate iOS 7, or aren't optimized for the iPad. If you want to use your iPad on-the-go but also integrate it into your desktop drawing workflow, Astropad is an incredible resource to have in your app library.
To represent themselves and their ideas with their own symbols and perhaps their own myths as a language arts assignment. A fun way for student to get inspired is to have them take an online test to find their spirit animal.
The circular shapes symbolize the sun and the moon and the deer’s connection with nature.
Other curriculum areas: The influences of the environment such as how available wildlife and vegetation dictated living structures, clothing and story telling. I will be teaching you how to use the simple tools of photoshop to your advantage and create a striking text effect. Firstly get yourself a nice concrete texture, I used one out of my 24 High-Res Concrete Textures available here on Creativeoverflow.
If 3D modeling is a skill you'd like to learn, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better app for it on the iPad. It won’t take you to long to finish and you will learn that it is pretty easy to create this effect.
We will be breaking apart the text with simple methods and bring across a message to everyone. Make sure your Creative layer is selected, now use your pen tool and draw a line around the middle part of the C, then when you have closed your path make sure you right click and hit Make Selection, Make sure you choose 0 Radius when the box comes up – just hit OK. Now create a Sharp Triangle Shape over the R and then fill it with Black #000000, be sure that you filled the layer in the New Layer you created below the Creative Copy Layer. I will give you some time now to run through the letters, I will show you the progress of my letters below. I placed the concrete texture above all my other layers and then set the Blending Mode to Darken.
The stories and images represented in the Dot Art style were made in a way to retain the secrets within the legends. This effect could be used on a variety of design projects including, promotional calendars.
Their is nothing fancy about cutting up the word block in this tutorial, play around and use your imagination. Now, this might take some concentration, you have to Hold down CTRL + SHIFT and click each individual Layer’s Tiny Window. You could also make use of a Business Printing Company to get your designs printed in the end. By using the Move Tool (V) you are able to move the half C around and position it as you like. Select the parts and cut and paste them and move them around to create a sliced feel of the word.

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